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Suspicion, Infighting Cloud Afghan Peace Talks

Kabul, Afghanistan

U.S. Troops Suspended After Afghan Hospital Bombing - WSJ

Kabul, Afghanistan

@GuardianGDP As opposed to the last 10 years, where a load of DFID cash has been spend in support of Afghan and Iraq wars?


As usual sharp and to the point. Go read @MujMash's Afghan Leaders Try to Halt Exodus, but Pleas Ring Hollow


Campbell does not mention firing from #MSF hospital, contrary to what some Afghan officials have been claiming #Kunduz

your woman in kabul

Gen Campbell: US air crew saw no hostile activity from Kunduz @MSF hospital, relied primarily on info from Afghan partners. #Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

Meet the Badass Afghan Politician Who Ran Against Her Husband and Won - Mic

Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan hospital said to be misidentified before being bombed #AFG

Kabul Afghanistan

I'm looking for recommendations for books/articles on Irans involvement in the Afghan Mujahideen groups during/after soviet invasion...#Afg

London - Kabul


How do you feel if someone beats your sister or daughter? Speak up 2 end violence against women #16days #EndVAW #AFG
















#RulaGhani on #Islam and #EVAW : Islam teaches us to end violence against women but we must also practice it.