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If this isn't my husbands reaction one day, i've done it wrong
y'all get baby fever from pictures of infants, but this is what REALLY makes me want to be a dad.
a lil harmonizing with @JonahMarais to i meant it. :-))
O jeito que a Lauren fala "Camz please" 💔 FOR OUR GIRLS #MTVHottest Fifth Harmony
New video: Trip to Maine-
All these 100 layers videos got me like..
i may not know Her name, but I do know... She is here .
تكمله القصه موجوده بسنابي الحين لاتطوفكم 👋🏼🔥
he gave her a puppy for an anniversary gift 😭😍🐶
Attack on democracy Video of the first blast... #KabulBlast #KabulProtest #enlighteningMovement #KabulBleeds #AFG
@gloriagaynor bringing out the diva in me last night 💃🏽❤️ xjadex
Por que ainda não vi vários vines com esse vídeo? USEM O MATERIAL, PESSOAL VAI SAPATONAS #MTVHottest Fifth Harmony
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Imaginary solidarity from the world with #Afghanistan; we had to photoshop our flag in famous monuments.
On this dusty Kabul hill, the bodies are arriving 1 by 1 to be buried - shoulder to shoulder, just as they marched.
Regardez ici qui visite votre profil twitter:
Found ma gurl!!! @EW
omg Im in love
Part 2 this is insane
Growing up my grandfather Amoni would always say how us kids take everything for granted in America. His father Atonio passed away when he was 15 years old and instantly he had to grow up because he was was now the father figure to all 9 of his siblings. I felt the pain he endured as he told me all about his life on this tiny little island called Tonga in a village called Haateiho but to be standing on the soil he once called home I felt so deeply humbled. As I walked around the house I tried to imagine myself in his shoes? tears poured down my eyes as I looked around and thought how did all 9 of you survive? and at that very moment the only answer I could think of was, there is a living God, He must have heard their countless prayers.  I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to come to Tonga to see first hand where my roots are, learn of my culture, and appreciate my heritage. My grandfather Amoni says no matter where you are in life "Dinah never forget where you come from"
Adventure is out there ✨
oh my god
My cousin is having a baby and this was how they announced that they are having a boy 💕👶🏽😍
9 dead in #Munich horrific. But 80 dead in #Kabul. Maybe #EiffelTower should be in #Afghanistan colors not German
australia. we’re coming with @5sos. see ya soon.
Lauren looks at all of her band mates with so much love Im crying
#Paktika residents and officials donated thousands of units of blood to #KabulBlast victims.
I wanna be this happy
ارجو الانتباه÷ آية الغارتكفر الصاحب الثاني الذي هو مع الرسول(ص) 
وسؤالي اين ذهب الجمال(عبدالله بن أريقط بن بكر) .؟
[PICTURE] Eliza with Alycia and Lindsey last night (via elizajaneface on instagram)
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#ANSF capture main ISIS strongholds in eastern Afghanistan @KotDistrict of #Nangarhar. Photo: @Ziar Khan Yad

Kabul Afghanistan

RT @AJENews: Afghanistan: Surge in civilian, children death tolls

Kabul Afghanistan

Afghanistan defended 9 in the last over as the match tied between Afghanistan & Indian disabled cricket team in #Kabul @ACBofficials @ICC

Kabul Afghanistan

It is time to pray Maghrib 6:02 at Jalalabad in Afghanistan


Interview of Ambassador @ShaidaAbdali on India Pakistan and Afghanistan relations

Washington D.C. & Kabul

RT @ACBofficials: "West Indies to host Afghanistan." @ShafiqStanikzai and @NasimullahD


RT @PhilippineLan: En Afghanistan, la détresse muette des petits esclaves sexuels. Bouleversant récit d'@AnujChopra


RT @KawoonKhamoosh: 1min silence by @UN in Afghanistan for victims of Kabul attacks during release of UNAMA civilians casualties report


RT @NajibTahmas: Believe me for any failures in Afghanistan people are accusing John Kerry NUG.


RT @ACBofficials: "Afghanistan to host Ireland in first nine game series." @NasimullahD



Video highlights of todays UNAMA #CivCas press conference #Kabul #Afghanistan
Afghan boy is writing a strong message to terrorists that our sacrifices will continue to bring peace in AFG. #Kabul
Picture of the Day: #Kabul Kids Herding Livestock Photo by @resh7d