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One Direction - Steal My Girl
Can't You Hear Me Knocking - The Rolling Stones check out the Adelaide Oval
Ryan Scott's post on Vine - This is what Josh Childress is up to these days... - Ryan Scott's post on Vine
Ryan Mobilia's post on Vine - Wow. Josh Childress got his monies worth there. #nbl15 #nblpervsyd - Ryan Mobilia's post on Vine
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"@Calum5SOS: just been to the beach with this fella" Calum is so fckin cute hays
Beach footy and funny hair
Lets not forget my brother, please RT to let the world know he is still in prison
Reunion night @PAFC 10 years young #2014 #premiers
Dont think Channel 9 researchers have heard of Zach / Between two ferns #facepalm
10 years.
The Queen matched her First Tweet outfit to the colour of the twitterbird. NEEEERD #queenwatch
There are more experts on CNN right now talking about Ebola in America than people with ebola in America.
you have cool tattoos sir
Congratulations to our cartoonist Lindsay Foyle, who is a Walkley award finalist. Here is his nominated cartoon
Going to war 💀 @5SOS
Heres a pic of Ted Cruzs Deputy Chief Of Staffs ridiculous Ebola tweet, which he already deleted
isnt this man DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!  
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#ReleaseTheText: TPP is ‘bad news for consumers’ @AndrewRobbmp #auspol

Adelaide, Australia

RT @Shakeel_A: @GetUp @ShaughanA @billshortenmp sadly I think given a less hostile parliament and more time, Gillard would've been that leader #auspol

Adelaide SA. Australia

RT @EduMediaAU: #auspol $24.7 million to transform NAPLAN to online testing

Adelaide, South Australia

RT @forthleft: Tony Abbott was the best the #LNP could manage... #BaiseMoi . #auspol

Adelaide SA. Australia

RT @MarkSkulley: @AndrewRobbMP Minister, why not release the full text of the #TPP before it is signed ? Let voters/citizens see what it says? #auspol

Adelaide South Australia

RT @Talaolp: #Auspol #LuisNeto #LNP #Abbott #AbbottsAgenda is really IPA Agenda

Adelaide South Australia

Do yourself a favor and have a listen to @billshortenmp #Auspol

Adelaide, South Australia

RT @Biggy1883: It`s our ALP and we want it back #auspol Turn Left Turn Left turn Left @AlboMP @billshortenmp

Adelaide SA. Australia

Bill Shorten actually standing up for #marriageequality at the ACL #natconf14?: #auspol


RT @Grace_Dlabik: Stand up for what u feel is right& make it be heard! I feel really bad about our treatment of refugees/ asylum seekers #walktogether #auspol