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Beach volleyball in #AliceSprings in a giant shed? You bet!!! Finals going on at the #ASMG2014 @friendly_games
Daryl & Dawn make their mark #AliceSprings @AliceSpringsTC #ASMG2014 @friendly_games @NTSportRec
#AliceSprings Masters Games AFL9s at Albrecht Oval #ASMG2014 @AFLCentralAust @AFLNT @friendly_games @NTSportRec
RT @ASpringsAirport: Our GM Dave teamed up with Les of Gove Airport at the @friendly_games to take home medals, and a few injuries! #asmg
#Alicebirding - come for the Oriental Plovers; stay for the Inland Dotterels! @rjwaring @AusOutbackNT @DesertlifeAus
RT @AusOutbackNT: Secret waterhole at Finke Gorge NP, near #AliceSprings. Pic: @paularnoldphotography (IG) #NTaustralia
This is Guzzie, he’s a bit wonky! Pic: @PyndanCamel #AliceSprings #NTaustralia ????????
RT @Birds_Central: @AusOutbackNT ...and they each have their own unique fingerprint... on their bellies. No two the same! #wildoz
RT @AusOutbackNT: "Meet the man behind Australia’s most exciting adventure" via @Escape_team #NTaustralia