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Senator Jacqui Lambie struggles to explain sharia law
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Thankyou for having us @iHeartRadio :)
This is Jacqui Lambies statement in full. It makes for astonishing reading.
What a guy
what are they doing
me if i ever go to jail
[PHOTO] Liftoff!! Falcon 9 lifts off from LC-40 at Cape Canaveral carrying Dragon to resupply the space station.
Fucking autocad...
HI VEGAS. @iHeartRadio festival today 😁😁
Melbourne, you look absolutely incredible today #PeoplesClimate
Zayno in El Paso
RT @aljwhite: One of the best Guardian letters Ive ever read
Biggest Ronaldinho fan ever..
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RT @TheMurdochTimes: John #Howard would see that as a success MT @Worimi_ Aboriginal incarceration rates increased by 40% since 2007 NT Intervention #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

RT @shane25873: To show his dominance Tony goes in to the handshake with Chinese President Xi, with the two handed handshake! #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

RT @GailHislopALP: People I met tell me about impact of waiting lists that Newman government caused #nomoreLNPhealthspin #qldpol #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

RT @TheMurdochTimes: "It's so lifelike. Those wax sculptors are just brilliant." via @shane25873 #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

RT @goforgold80s: Abbott 'poppin' caps' at climate scientists #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

No Abbott I will not stand by you while you vilify, dog-whistle and bullshit your way to a boost in the polls. #auspol


RT @chickybird949: John W Howard on #sundaynight "I get very angry when Australian leaders fail to display cultural self belief in Australia" touché #auspol

brisbane au

@StanSteam2 March! march‼ march‼‼ Doesn't anyone have sex anymore? #Auspol ... in Melbin' ?

Brisbane Australia

RT @arfanoor: #Muslim women now advising eachother to avoid going out alone. Well done Australia, we've made it to the dark ages. #AshamedFeminist #auspol


RT @WorldOfMarkyD: Ahh..Paul J Keating!!! oh can you imagine him taking on Abbott in #QT now? would tear Tony to shread piece by piece in 2mins!!! #sn7 #AusPol

Brisbane, Australia





YouTube - Senator Jacqui Lambie struggles to explain sharia law




A heart of gold and a true lifesaver. #DrJohnSwinnen #60Mins #Gaza


YouTube - Senator Jacqui Lambie struggles to explain sharia law


NBL CEO @FraserNBL announces that there WILL be a team in Brisbane next season!
RT @AusBballnews: Well done to @big_joe101 and his team of volunteers on putting together an excellent #NBLBlitz @NBL @OzBallPnR
Brisbane, thank you.
RT @9NewsBrisbane: Public transport fares to be reduced for the first time in Queensland’s history. @JessMillward9 reports in #9NewsAt6
“@9NewsBrisbane: COMING UP: The controversial new plan to charge surfers to ride Gold Coast waves. #9News” #qldpol
Car also hit BBQ gas bottle after running over a 36 y.o. woman in #RedbankPlains. #9Newscomau @9NewsBrisbane
Commuters travelling between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane CBD will save nearly $297 per year. #9News
Tonights weather live from the Powerhouse with RAPcity! Dancing up a storm til 9pm @9NewsBrisbane
The verdict on G20 security in Cairns @9NewsBrisbane at 6