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Kylie Jenner went with Tyga to Europe, Where The Age Of Consent is ...
“Dating Naked” Star: I Never Saw Any Vagina!
Justin Bieber's post on Vine - My dangles were unreal.. did u see that shot? I'm number 20. #dangles #20 #iceicebaby #uthoughtthiswasagame #imadethatpuckmybitch - Justin Bieber's post on Vine
Texas hospital exec: 'We fell short' with Ebola...
Suspect makes 'bizarre' court appearance
Screaming danish 5SOS-fans #5sosderpcon
"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor
Vimeo - Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by
News Talk 4BC 1116's post on Vine - @jackietrad and @scottemerson Patrick Condren talking State Politics now - News Talk 4BC 1116's post on Vine
حفل عيد الأضحى لعام ١٤٣٥هـ
Columbia Buffet - Everything Small (is just a small version of something big)
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Meat-eaters: let’s SERIOUSLY enjoy a four’n’twenty pie, a good anti-fascist Australian treat (via @clementine_ford)
Found our live dvd today
¿Cuan perfecto puede ser Luke Hemmings si hasta comiendo se ve como un angel? No creo que sea real
Heres the letter from Fed MP Andrew Wilkie asking the International Criminal Court to investigate the Abbott Govt
Tweet of the week goes to @Winetosser for this excellent perspective! #AusPol 5SOS PUBLICO OTRA COSA EN LA QUE ESTA ARGENTINA!! ♥
Four N Twenty Aussie Meat Pies are now my hero.
Abbott/Pyne didnt think theyd be caught talking during Pliberseks entire Whitlam eulogy. Well, they were! #AusPol
Well, since we are posing and tweeting like were 12.  Here ya go.  I like to wear an #SPN  shirt for extra effect!
Andrew Wilkie has asked International Criminal Court to investigate the Abbott Govts #asylumseeker policy #auspol
Wellies series.
#612bluesky East Brisbane 5.38am @SpencerHowson
What we found in largest live export investigation in history = damning. Watch @Lateline 2NIGHT 10:30 #BanLiveExport
Wellies series 2.
Finally glimmer of hope that @ScottMorrisonMP will be brought before The Hague for his crimes against #asylum seekers
i am the new Wallabies coach, get up you lazy mongrels
I didnt believe the hype but my god theyre right, Renee Zellweger does look different. #lateline
#Hafeez didnt only fail to score but also wasted a review. "@FOXCricketLive " #PAKvAUS #Cricket
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#AUSPOL“ It seems an inhumane regime.” Uncaring about and indifferent too, ordinary people.


RT @NewsAustralia: As he did with Ashby, @CPyne denies having any contact with Barry Spurr. Pyne's first response always denial #auspol

Brisbane, QLD

RT @StanSteam2: Queensland..... The Events State! Leahy cartoon #auspol #qldpol #g20


RT @LaurenGianoli: The President and i are confident the Parliament is a safe environment -Speaker BBishop #OttawaShooting #CanadianParliament #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

Of course Scott Morrison has the medical nous to lead our Ebola response. This year he let a man die in detention from a cut foot #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

RT @LaurenGianoli: Speaker Bronwyn Bishop is going to make a statement to the House #Canada #Ottawa #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

I agree with the Internet: Renee Zellweger does look terrible #auspol

@_knedo ◄◄ Are men to blame for the plastic surgery obsession? @Telegraph SRSLY yah think #auspol

Brisbane Australia

RT @SandraEckersley: "Scott Morrison is out of control and his ego is getting in the way of his judgement". Unnamed Federal Cabinet member. #am #auspol

Brisbane, Australia

#auspol Gough's birth home could have been fixed up not demolished says builder Sav:

Brisbane, Australia
RT @MichaelJames_TV: Dont forget the BCEC car park is closed for G20 until the 21st of November. @612brisbane


Exclusive: Governments free plug for @AndrewRobbMPs family restaurant | @jamesmassola


RT @MichaelJames_TV: Dont forget the BCEC car park is closed for G20 until the 21st of November. @612brisbane