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Hey #Qld, meet your new Chief Entrepreneur - Mark Sowerby. #advanceqld #startupstate
There is honestly no point in doing anything but this guy's job.
G🌺🌺d M🍅rning every1,Hat peeche.... is d right answer.Meanwhile,Catch some glimpses of yesterday ’s action #TRLDay3
Magnificent win in first day matches. Very well played!! Next teams are ready to roar in #TRLday2. Blessings
오랜만에 #JIMIN #꾸워 #호비
Good morning from #Brisbane. Today's weather: rain and chance of a thunderstorm. We blame #Thor's presence
Well hello to you too Sir Anthony Hopkins @7NewsQueensland #ThorRagnarok
Vine by QUT Media - #Mudskipping: see it in full 3D glory at #QUTcreatex Aug 28, #brisbane. #QUT
OH. MY. GOD. GUYS! #Pixelart Disney Princesses and their #Pokemon ! I'm losing it! Artist: Bruno Moraes
Who made this, i just want to talk.
I'm happy to see #Thor's visit to Brisbane's children hospital went better than his last admission @chrishemsworth
🎶 Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor? 👫 All the feels ❤ #SecretLoveSong Perrie <3
"When The Sky Clears" #MTSTPBlog ⛅️⛅️☀️
Welcome to Mark Sowerby - QLD's first Chief Entrepreneur!
Seorang yg brpangkat Dato tp sngat2 humble & funny "O tengok camera,saye tngok u,hensem sgt brdiri sana" 😂 #DLCW
Hugh Jackman slams Australia over its treatment of Aboriginal people on Canadian National TV. Thank you #Wolverine!
Heavy delays expected s'bound on Bruce Hwy, nth of Brisbane, after 3 car crash. Vision via @chopperdaveqld @abcnews
The best blanket is made of cloud! Warmest #Brisbane August night ever - 19.4˚C. SE obs:
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Met the real superheroes of the world at Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital. A huge shout out to these brave kids!
A listener sent us a complaint about our "giggling female" presenters. Heres our response. #YesAllWomen
This comment is a perfect microcosm of everything wrong with what Australia has become (Re:
@Gurmeetramrahim Wow!! #TRLday2 Enjoy
thnx guru ji n @MSGAllTrading for our good Health, with new grocery products
ANNOUNCED: QLDs first Chief Entrepreneur. Our new advocate for the #startupstate
Just let this sink in. Men with guns forcing a women to undress, with the weight of the law behind them.
RT @qldscience: Meet QUT’s Dr Sally Staton is a Young Tall Poppy Science Award winner. @TallpoppiesAIPS #YTPSAWARDS
Wednesdays @couriermail back page: @marcothejourno with the tree-lopper looking to get the wood on @Tim_Cahill
Not surprised there’s heavy rain with thunder+ lightning with this guy in town. #Thor #brisbane
Mark Dreyfus on #NBN:
- cost blowout from 29 to 56 billion
- speed dropped to 60th in world
- not in every household
Relax, Kick Back & B Positive! @beatsbydreUK @AmazonKindle @KidsBloomsbury @MarsGlobal #kitten #cute #love #animals
Dear Santa, writing to you early lest you forget me ☺️💋@AgaKruszynka005 @rayliotta
.@CarringtonKL giving a guest lecture on youth, gender & justice for @QUT justice students. @qutlaw @CrimeJusticeQUT
뒤돌아보니 잠자는 꾹
over here? just all smiles really
Legendary indigenous supporters @DeanFoley03 @troycasey85 talking about Aus first @IndigenousSW1
Unforgettable meeting all the children at Lady Cilento Childrens Hospital. Theyre the real heroes. 📸 @twhiddleston
Thank you Brisbane for letting us disrupt the traffic for our little film #ThorRagnarok in your beautiful city!!!
The bridge has broken #auspol
This suit is too big. This suit is too small. When will it be OK for women to wear what they want? #burkini
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RT @Qldaah: Nauru bans Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young from visiting refugees #auspol


RT @paddo_ron: Which politician will admit they already decided how many Western lives will be sacrificed4the Muslim vote? #auspol

Brisbane City, Brisbane

RT @M_Ludlow: BREAKING - "States face billions in native title compensation claims" after court decision. #auspol #ausbiz


RT @BasimaFaysal: If a man murders Jews, while yelling "Praise Hitler!", do the police say "This is not about Nazism"? #Auspol

Brisbane City, Brisbane

RT @PetefromHayNSW: Give this woman justice, she was killed by someone yelling an #Islamic slogan, that's terrorism #auspol @SkyNewsAust

Brisbane City, Brisbane

RT @QLDLabor: Don't be ridiculous, @TurnbullMalcolm. We don't need a divisive & expensive plebiscite to tell us it's time #auspol

Brisbane Australia

RT @simpsubhswf: Didn't seem to matter to your lot 2010_2013. But then nothing but obstruction mattered back then. #NPC #auspol


RT @vanbadham: Labor MP to renew cross-party push for a more humane asylum seeker policy #auspol

Brisbane, Queensland

Only reason Hetrosexuals support this is due 2 political correctness & would harm their career if not #auspol


RT @FakerWayne: Someone is obviously playing games here! @ABCthedrum <- desperate lefties trying to hide the truth! #auspol

Brisbane, Queensland