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Fixing shit
#throwback my cool dog with Luke 😎 - mike? Yeah mike
They are so adorable! <3
Cant guarantee this guys gonna remain sober for much longer this evening 😇
RT @raist_: Koemandan Southamptonın transfer politikasına gönderme #EPL #Legend
Man Im loving this champagne on a Sunday. What a race. Second one tastes just as sweet!
2. Theres been some discussion of the racial casting of the forthcoming movie Exodus: Gods and Kings:
This is what I live for
Travelling in London on the Underground just got so much better!

Couldnt help but tweet this!
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie........#boom #melbourne #BigBash #stars
Whoever told Qantas that cherry-picking chars from password was good design needs a solid punch in the balls. #ux
Age photographer  @Joe_Armao_  snaps hungry Seal feasting in the Yarra #Melbourne #Yarra  #seal #wildlifephotography
Me and @cristiano gettin ready for the season
5 Arrested in Math Lab Bust.
// M E L B O U R N E //
Rt for a follow! 😘
Breaking News: Dejan Lovren has completed his medical &amp; is now an #LFC player! Welcome to Anfield #LovrenLFC
Head out for the sunshine #melbourne #Melbwinter
لوڤرين: "لقد وقعت للتو مع أحد أكبر الأندية في العالم، نادي #ليفربول العظيم!"

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Melbourne, Australia

RT @TaodeHaas: So what did Barnaby offer as a solution re animal cruelty again? I must have missed it #Qanda

Melbourne, Australia

RT @Specweld: #qanda any one that voted for lib and didn't think they were going to cut really need to get a life,they had 2 that's why we voted for them

Melbourne, Australia

RT @dr_krystal: I'd love to see a science themed #qanda live from the Australian Synchroton during National Science Week - @qanda @ausynch @Aus_ScienceWeek

Melbourne, Australia

RT @JulianBurnside: RT Abbott so keen on sticking it to enemies he'll make Barnaby Min Science in next reshuffle #qanda Appalling thought


RT @SenateSabotaged: Ewww Settle down Butler to the female author on #QANDA will that make their little "Clip of show"? #THEIRabc Probably not because he's ALP

Melbourne, Australia

RT @SenateSabotaged: "All your figures were RUBBISH !! " Spot on @Barnaby_Joyce Mark Butler gets smashed on #Qanda Well Done !! #auspol

Melbourne, Australia

RT @itsmarkbishop: Abbott refuses to address excesses as Slipper fumes #auspol #qanda #PeterSlipper #TonyAbbott #corruption #ICAC

Melbourne Vic

RT @richardcranston: Joe Hockey tells @TheNationTV3 there's no economic crisis in Aus & avoids mention of the "budget emergency" - #qanda



RT @masterchefau: RT if you want LAURA to WIN #MasterChefAU




Has Poirot solved the mystery of the missing budget emergency? #qanda