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So ......... Are we Greece yet? #Insiders #Auspol

The Black Garden - Melbourne

RT @forthleft: Here's the dodgy Queensland copper inarticulately mouthing the fascisms of Abbott. #insiders One of Dutton's mates? http://t.co/s9PVkGPt8I


RT @Billablog: The judge rejected his evidence. That's the buried lead. #insiders


.@InsidersABC Good show! I'm feeling like we're on top of all the main issues these days. #Insiders #Auspol

Melbourne, Australia

They've paid people smugglers to smuggle people, lied to parliament, if ALP did this media would be screaming #insiders


RT @ElmerRudd: I can see a Border Force Float at the next Mardi Gras #insiders


RT @ByronStol: Tampa was the turning point, when Beazley capitulated to Howard #insiders

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

RT @AgnessMack: David Marr: 70% Aus support #SSM, 70% LNP oppose. Who do these pple represent? Same pple don't like ABC, don't like wind turbines. #insiders


RT @processwork: "Abbott wanted to be PM. since 16 yearrs old." He still behaves like he's 16 years old. Ruining Australia.#Insiders


#insiders A much better show this morning due to the fact there are no extreme RW ideologues on. Have they boycotted? Hope so.

People are kind. Sunday morning at @Adelaide_FC. Incredible. @FOXSportsNews @FOXFootyLive http://t.co/XNowdX1IYg
Ill have the latest from Adelaide coming up at 9amEST on @FOXSportsNews http://t.co/EKP9fCBOzq