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Vine by 1D is love 1D is life - the boy that taught them how to whip said "zayn isn't here" & harry told him "don't remind us!" & "that's the last time i whip & nae nae"
Vine by Daniel James - Bolt Dickhead Wanker
Vine by Tabby's editss - WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY
Vine by best of louis & harry - "Rub my nips, I don't eat mayonnaise"😂
Vine by cherry bieber - just look at him
Vine by 1d edits yo - i had to
5SOS' reaction to winning an ARIA - Vine by 5SOS UPDATES! - 5SOS' reaction to winning an ARIA
Ellen Amelia Burke's post on Vine - Vine by Ellen Amelia Burke - SLAYER DOG
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Theres something about the anti-Adam Goodes crowd... I cant quite put my finger on it.
“@zaynmalik:” IM SO FUCKIN HAPPY FOR U! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💗
The Club will wear its indigenous guernsey in Sunday’s match.

More - #BeLoudBeFair
Venn diagram of why you bood Adam Goodes
Most requested song in Detroit is a song full of guitars 😎💕 congrats 5sos for changing the radio. @987ampradio @5SOS
"Im looking for Walter Palmer."
At 9PM Stan Grant talks w #AdamGoodes, after Stans @GuardianAus piece on how #Goodes feels
Stan Grants incredible @adamroy37 piece: "We didnt choose this" #AdamGoodes #Goodes
In my excitement for the cricket, flicked @hamishblake a text!

Sometimes were not on the same page.

“@yogurtmichael: shes kinda hot #ROWYSOWinnipeg”
Front page would have been nice but still something
This Italian Greyhound is lost in Fitzroy. We made him a bed but he hides you approach him. Know him? He’ll freeze!
We are united in the belief that everybody deserves to be respected.

Is anyone in Fitzroy missing an Italian Greyhound? On the rooftop car park of 221 Kerr St - wearing a red t-shirt
Congrats, @MitchJohnson398! #Mitch300 #Ashes
@SENNews @EssendonFC  skipper Jobe Watson kicking back on Day 2 at Edgbaston. Never to cold for a coldy.
The entire school performing the Haka during the arrival of Mr. Tamatea in the hearse. This was a very emotional and powerful performance. We are extremely proud of our boys performance and we know that Mr Tamatea would be too.

For those watching in other parts of the world, this is our school Haka. This is the translation:
Be prepared take hold
Reach out
We of Palmerston North Boys High School stand steadfast
Within our Domain
Standing firm
Standing proud 
Standing with respect
To uphold
To uplift
To uplift 
To uphold
The prestige of our school
Our aims are to seek knowledge
And reach our goals and aspirations
Seek the horizon of aspirations 
And draw near to it 
Those aspirations that are near, take them
And it be known, yes, let it be known 
Let your adrenalin abound high above
It is done!!!
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Quick look at the scorecard and David Warner is 76 from 57 balls with a strike rate of 133.33! #Ashes


Channel 9 not showing the play dot tumblr dot com #Ashes


We legit have 3 reliable batsmen right now. 3. #Ashes

Melbourne, Australia

RT @coreynorris9: Australia last got rolled inside 2 days back in 1890. Is a 125 year record about to broken? #ashes #horrorshow

Melbourne, Australia

Stop fishing at it Nevill, go hard or dont go at all! #Ashes


Can't help but think that Nevill would be greatly assisted by putting the customary "e" on the end of his name. Very distracting #Ashes


Probably time to think about a night-watchman. Does Lyon have the pads on? #Ashes


Steven Finn currently has the seventh-highest strike rate in Test history (min 20 matches, 2000 balls bowled): #Ashes


Australia last got rolled inside 2 days back in 1890. Is a 125 year record about to broken? #ashes #horrorshow


RT @Jesse_Hogan: I said it for Lyth, only fair to also say it for Voges. So, so unrecognisable from him in Shield last season. #ashes

Melbourne, Australia
Stan Grants incredible @adamroy37 piece: "We didnt choose this" #AdamGoodes #Goodes
This is Awesome ❤️❤️ @adamroy37 #IStandWithAdam #IStandWithGoodes
All professional athletes deserve respect on the field. @GetUp @adamroy37 #SayNoToRacism #Respect #AdamGoodes