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Germany scraps University tuition fees. "We dont want higher education based on wealth of parents."” #auspol @cpyne

Newcastle Australia

Problem is, when Maurice Newman yells at clouds, Abbott sends super hornets to shoot them down. #auspol

Newcastle, Australia

RT @Sikamikanico: Freedom and privacy in Australia died today, but LOOK OVER THERE BURQAS! #auspol

Newcastle, NSW, Australia

RT @NeelKolhatkar: Tony Abbott has seriously just become a parody of himself. #auspol

Newcastle, Australia

RT @Hippopeteamus: Holy crap. Maurice Newman has called for the BOM to be investigated for manipulating climate data. #auspol

Newcastle, Australia

Although already established, after today we can all rest easy in the knowledge that our Prime Minister has no authority to lead us #auspol

Newcastle City, NSW

"@MariamVeiszadeh: Burqa Debate 1. Correct term is niqab #auspol" Muslims happy to use term and brand 'Burkini' to sell $$$. NOT a 'Niqini'

Newcastle, NSW

RT @Yes2Renewables: '@VictorianLabor flags state-based renewable target if Fed folds', write @Renew_Economy: #Auspol #SpringSt

Dudley, NSW

RT @Kon__K: "I wish it wasn't worn". Abbott on the Burqa. I wish you weren't our PM but I'll have to wait 27 months for that. #auspol

newcastle, nsw, australia

RT @smh: Tony Abbott's cave-in to divisive policy of backbenchers a failure of leadership, writes Peter Hartcher #auspol

newcastle, nsw, australia