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RT @miriamcosic: WTF does the the PM mean by "budget repair"? How about just getting a budget passed? They really do think we're idiots #ausecon #ausvotes

Tighes Hill, Newcastle

RT @GedKACTU: Get the facts on the firefighters issue. Disgraceful that the Libs planned this fiasco back in April #ausvotes

Tighes Hill, Newcastle

RT @unionsaustralia: Generous welfare? Liberals have announced $$ to be taken off pensioners, the disabled and veterans. #NPC #ausvotes

Newcastle Australia

.@vanbadham on the deliberate process of disempowerment and fostering of inequity under the LNP. #ausvotes

Newcastle, Australia

RT @clutterbells: The latest The Colin Campbell Daily! Thanks to @Lisabiartch @RichardTuffin @Lain_Bee #ausvotes #auspol

Newcastle, Australia

RT @ReclaimAnglesea: Bugger all is the simple answer to this question. I hope voters have it in the forefront of their minds!😡 #ausvotes

Newcastle NSW

RT @djmer1: Yes, get these facts clear before you vote #auspol #ausvotes #4corners #qanda

Newcastle NSW Australia

RT @AusElectoralCom: Nearly 2.2m votes cast at pre-poll centres so far. Compares to just under 1.5m for the same period last federal election. #ausvotes

Newcastle, NSW

RT @osbornep: Refreshing to see a bit of creative political advertising. #ausvotes @actudave

Newcastle, NSW

The latest Bee Recognised Social Media Daily! #ausvotes #smm

Newcastle, Australia.