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RT @DaveNorgate: Tony Abbott I hope you are listening to @AndrewLeighMHR. That's how a leader should sound... inspiring, uplifting #qanda

Newcastle NSW

RT @ALeighMP: Thanks to the audience and my @QandA co-panellists for a really enjoyable conversation tonight. #auspol #QandA

Newcastle. NSW

RT @Drew_Bowie: If you didn't see #QandA tonight, You missed Professor Pomona Sprout describe Tony Abbott: "He's a tit!" Twenty points to Hufflepuff.

Newcastle, Australia

RT @RebeccaHurst19: One word for Tony Abbott: " decent" provokes much laughter on #qanda

Newcastle. NSW

Published on #QandA I'm a celebrity now! #newyfame

Newcastle, Australia

RT @TheKouk: I bet Tony Abbott puts down the toilet lid too. A great man #qanda

Newcastle, Australia

RT @georgiedent: It was brazenly sexist. #IStandWithGillianTriggs #qanda

Newcastle, Australia

RT @jaeleaskehan: Early years of life are critical for social & emotional development. Early childhood education must be & IS more than child-minding #qanda

Newcastle, Australia

Scott Morrision is ill equipped to advise on childcare, after his track record on Locked up Children on Nauru #qanda

Newcastle, Australia

RT @JohnSafran: #I'llWritheWithYou as #qanda clunkily discusses multicultural issues.

Newcastle, Australia.