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Justin Bieber's post on Vine - Justin Bieber's post on Vine - Justin Bieber's post on Vine
Justin Bieber's post on Vine - Such a genuine laugh - Justin Bieber's post on Vine
Eulogy for Gough Whitlam
Olly Collis's post on Vine - Triple H Has Got a Chair.. #rkovines #rkooutofnowhere #rkoouttanowhere #wwe #tripleh #wrestling #RKOvine #outofnowhere #outtanowhere - Olly Collis's post on Vine
Today Tonight - Telethon Adventurers walk the Great Wall of China
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WE HAVE A FREAKIN BOOK and i look like a shark and theres cats, its awesome lol - ash
Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has died at age 98
If Microsoft made a smart watch….
Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has released a statement following the passing of #GoughWhitlam #auspol
The government pays tribute to Whitlam. #auspol #RoastTV
Mitch Robinson is calmly escorted out of Carlton.
A hearty round of applause for Starbucks, please.
An outtake of some of the government reforms under #gough
look whos popped into the studio!! #CONNIEFRANNIE
I ask:
If you wish to honour the man,
Honour his deeds.
Statement from Gough Whitlams family. #TenNews 5pm
GUYS. #WelcomeToNewYork will be up on iTunes any minute now. This is not a drill!! GO GO GO 
Photo credit: sixtiequeen on tumblr
Former prime minister Gough Whitlam has died at the age of 98.
When the death of a giant reminds us just how small Australian politics has gotten.
"@BizarreNewsTM: Evan Peters was arrested this morning for carrying 2 kilograms of Marijuana." FINNA GET TURNT
Ebola Fact:
The chair of a House of Lords committee looking at drones was "horrified" when she recently discovered Google Maps
Its back...
Gough Whitlam obituary: A statesman of stature, distinction and brilliance.
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RT @abc730: "He was softer in private than you would see in public. But the key thing is, he made a difference." Paul Keating on Gough Whitlam. #abc730

Perth, Western Australia

RT @axmcc: Vincent Lingiari's grandson plans to give Gough Whitlam's family a handful of red desert sand

Perth, Western Australia

I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA played a crucial role in Whitlam's cough coup d'etat cough dismissal

Perth, Western Australia

We don't mourn Gough Whitlam, we mourn ourselves - via @smh #auspol

Perth, Western Australia

Vale Gough Whitlam: a legend in our lifetime

Perth, Western Australia

RT @emma_hines: The absolutely life-changing things Australians can thank Gough Whitlam for, may he rest in peace.

Perth Australia

RT @KieraGorden: The usually loud & boisterous Joe Hockey was silent 2day when he should've been thanking Whitlam 4 his free education

Perth, Western Australia

This ABC doco on Whitlam makes me love Straya. "I knew it was important because Laurie Oakes was running & Mungo left half a glass of wine."

Perth, Western Australia


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