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- Vine by Barstool Sports - Coley
Ted Cruz ends campaign by accidentally hitting, elbowing his wife in the face
Promptly after dropping out of the race, Ted Cruz elbowed his wife in the head. #freeHeidi
빨리 보고 싶네요 3일이나 남았네요 하유..네요
When they call my name at graduation:
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 WHO MADE THIS?!?! Ahahahahahaha SO WEIRD AND INCREDIBLE!
As you journey, "Listen To Your ❤️," because it knows. #MTSTPBlog ☀️🌸🙏🏾🎧
The Showman’s Daughter - behind the scenes in @GreaterYarmouth #ShareTheGreatTimes
#VIEWS Now Available
Ted Cruz accidentally punches, elbows his wife in the face after dropping out of the GOP race
"You ain't gotta be my lover for me to call you baby" @justinbieber #Company
oh man the gif from @wordsofsarah is far worse
It's 1 a.m. and that's Kyle Lowry. #WeTheNorth
New Post Malone x Justin Bieber music coming soon [@PigsAndPlanets]
Vine by Stoke City FC - How's your touch?! Well, actually... Mark Hughes and Mark Bowen haven't lost it! #SCFC #YouNeverLoseItSon
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Palmer says he gets a $17000 tax cut in #Budget2016 "Thank you Malcolm, thank you Scott Morrison" @abcnews #auspol
Beyoncé really didn't even have to sing, The crowd did it for her 😭😭😭😭
Departing @MelissaParkeMP goes in: "The... offshore detention system is a festering wound that is killing people"
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@Sailing_Series & MONTENAPOLEONE YACHT CLUB EVENT #eatdrinkloveitalian Official Partner of
Happy times
Hey @TurnbullMalcolm mate. Can you help me out because my dad said no on the house help thing.
#NationalConcertDay 🤘🏼 // Sounds Live Feels Live tix: @LiveNation
Turnbull says theres no help for young homebuyers in #budget2016 because they should just ask their parents to help
I wonder what hes going to do next.
Time off.
.@TydeLevi took this pic o me in Switzerland
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The Govs Your Budget tool doesnt give you the option of being interested in Education or Science. #Budget2016
Not a single new dollar for public transport in last nights Budget, no new major projects, and $1 billion of cuts.
PM Turnbulls message to Australians worried about housing affordability: Get your parents to "shell out" for you.
*almost* everyone clapping for ScoMo after #Budget2016. Two guys didnt

In case you missed it, ITS THESE TWO
Happy Star Wars Day NSW. May the Fourth be with you! #MayThe4thBeWithYou
Minister Dutton blames advocates, for refugees self-harming on Nauru
Who does Turnbull care about? Hint: probably not you or any other everyday worker.
FFS men why are you like this
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Job ads* popping up in response to the intern measures in the Budget
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High Court will do bugger all TO HOLD THE GOV TO ACCOUNT, sitting in their GRASS CASTLES #auspol via @smh

Sydney Australia

Sketch: Colourful Clive and the marvel that is his grey matter #auspol

Sydney, Australia

Jimmy Kimmel: Totally F**king Wrong on Climate Change: By James Delingpole, Breit... #CarbonTAX #Auspol


Budget 2016: Turnbull, Morrison to lock in 10-year tax cuts #auspol

Sydney, Australia

RT @LegacyOfJack: LNP bleated that 11.4% net debt under ALP was a "debt and defecit disaster" - LNP have now projected 19.7% debt by 2017. #amagenda #auspol

Sydney, NSW

RT @StanSteam2: Federal budget 'leaks' Matt Davidson cartoon via @theage #insiders #auspol #FederalBudget2016 #inequality

Sydney, NSW, Australia

RT @australian: Federal election 2016: Abbott backers to help McNamara, cut Scott free #auspol

Penrith, Sydney

RT @StanSteam2: $50 billion will guarantee jobs! Zanetti cartoon #insiders #auspol #SApol #submarines

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Budget 2016: Super shake-up to shift $3bn elsewhere #auspol

Sydney, Australia

RT @mdavidcartoons: Your Cut Out ’n’ Keep Budget Guide #auspol

Sydney, NSW, Australia
.@TydeLevi took this pic o me in Switzerland


@bugwannostra ???? VOTE LNP OUT ???? BEND OVER AUSTRALIA... ITS BAAAAACK! #2016unfairBUDGET #auspol
LNP housing plan. OMG #inditalks #indivotes #auspol
Can you imagine what the LNP will do if they win? This is a holdback budget - dont give em a chance #auspol #CFMEU