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Vine by 1Dxclusive Clips - Harry made the crowd pretend they were on a rollercoaster and he just ....... 😂❤️ "OR IS IT?"
Vine by X Games - ICYMI: Robbie Maddison surfed Teahupoʻo, Tahiti … on a MOTORCYCLE »
Vine by Alex Ellinghausen - Madam Speaker Bronwyn Bishop's 400 Standing Order 94(a) ejections
Vine by OTRA Updates - SOS HARRY IN A FLOWER CROWN #OTRAPittsburgh {cc: otrat2015ww}
Vine by 5sos Voice Overs - Calum hit puberty last week and they had a "puberty party" why do I Stan this band? #rowysochicago #ROWYSO #ROWYSOTour #5secondsofsummer
Vine by Nate Guildea - Christian Benteke's first LFC goal
Vine by ABC News - Neil deGrasse Tyson says he has no trouble with people believing anything they like, but legislation must be backed by science.
NIALL AT THE END HAHSHSH-basic horan - Vine by OTRA Clips - NIALL AT THE END HAHSHSH-basic horan
Vine by seductive styles - FireproooOoOoOOff
Vine by abbe - "Stand up goddammit it's a rock show" #rowysochicago
Vine by Jason Om - Tonight #Lateline The war dance #aboriginal #indigenous #AdamGoodes
Vine by 5sos solos - me: *is awkwardly watching*
Vine by OTRA Updates - Harry...wyd😂 #OTRAPittsburgh {cc: otrat2015ww}
Vine by ABC News - Neil deGrasse Tyson says the “Sputnik goal”, the next moon landing moment he would like to see, is for humanity to colonise space.
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In the seats today at Chicago, last two nights were wicked, bring on the next !😁
Us when @5SOS finally drops the #SHESKINDAHOTMUSICVIDEO tomorrow
UK.. weve made a Shes Kinda Hot EP for you guys. Get the CD here
What the shit is this
“@5SOS: the official video for Shes Kinda Hot is coming really soon. SO EXCITED !”
Dear @australian . This is NOT Adam #Goodes.
I sometimes think Australias greatest ever meme came well before the advent of social media (via @jocelynseip)
/// 9pm BST / 4pm EST / 1pm PST / 6am AEST”
DC presents Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream,” giving the world a chance to witness history being made as Maddo rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti.  From his helmet to motocross boots, Maddo was dressed for FMX when he took his dirt bike into the unchartered saltwater terrain of the Pacific Ocean in French Polynesia. 

For nearly two years Robbie has been focused on making surfing on his motorbike a reality.  His efforts paid off in Tahiti, where he rode the world famous waves at Teahupoo and Papara.

For more visit: 

Music available at:
Michael screaming at the end is me whenever someone talks about 5SOS in public
“@HiOrHeyRecords: The official @5SOS #ShesKindaHot video coming SO soon guys! Whos ready?!”
Your #action1D films and pics are awesome. Take a look at some amazing stuff by the 1D Family!
How did Mohammad die in our care? @PeterDutton_MP and @SercoGlobal Australia needs answers
When shawn has new tour dates
Check out my issue of truck weekly coming soon
Were giving away a TRIP OVERSEAS TO SEE THESE BABES!!!! 

8:15 tom well tell you WHERE! 

LAST NIGHT WAS INSANE here in Chicago, lets do it again tonight 👌❤️
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RT @Joe_Hildebrand: I'm all for scientific modelling. Chicks look hot in lab coats. #qanda

Sydney , Australia

RT @CSIROnews: If you're not watching #qanda you're missing the best of #womeninscience. Go Beth! Proud you're representing us. ^CS

Sydney, Australia

RT @MariamVeiszadeh: When people invoke race to describe a negative, criminal act then race needs to invoked to describe a positive act. #QandA

Sydney, Australia

RT @bairdjulia: Beth Fulton is one of the best examples of why we need more women in science. She oozes authority and competence #qanda

Sydney, Australia

RT @Joe_Hildebrand: Anyone who thinks that aliens don't already walk among us clearly hasn't worked in a newsroom. #qanda

Sydney, Australia

RT @BradScott_Green: #qanda I hope the aliens don't land in Australia and say "take me to your leader". How embarrassing...

Sydney Australia

RT @SarahKlistorner: If you loved @eafulton on #qanda watch this great video about her work from @CSIROnews

Sydney, Australia

RT @QandA: .@neiltyson offers a 9pt cosmic mathematical response to the Adam Goodes arguments #QandA


RT @QandA: "You'll know if we're visited" @neiltyson says unless aliens land at Comicon, then nobody would notice #QandA


@AditusMax Sorry to break the bad news: In Australia all our major political parties & govt support the #AGW scam. @GalileoMovement #qanda

Sydney, Australia