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@bwrentacar thanks for lending us the lambo for a few days your not getting it back and youll never catch me haha 😎
Great day at the Barcelona game! INCREDIBLE to meet the best footballer in the world! @leomessi ! What a guy!
Announcing the Jackman Furness Foundation for the Performing Arts. We hope itll make dreams come true! @Deborra_lee
BREAKING: Football fans react to the news that David Moyes has been sacked.
COMPARISON: David Moyes vs Sir Alex Ferguson - first 31 games in charge.
NEW YORK are you ready.
I think this remains the best photo ever taken at a competitive dog show
Thank you for your blessings.
Genius. Putin gag from @PrivateEyeNews
"Baby... I just got my lips done!!!" 😂😍😊😘 lookin good @WValderrama.... 😝❤️
I couldn’t agree more: Vaccines are one of the cheapest ways to save lives.  via @UNICEF
Thankful for Gods everlasting love.
All countries in the world that use the mmddyy date format @amazinmaps
1st aerial shot of new Syrian @refugees camp @Azraq #Jordan@due to open 30 April. Will have capacity for 130,000.
I FINALLY GOT SOME EPs lol :)  hi we are in NY, and are doin some radio stuff, then heading to the show xx
GIF: Drake vigorously lint rolls his pants during Raptors vs.... on Twitpic
"Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the cockpit of of a replica Joint Strike Fighter."
Manchester United have sacked manager David Moyes #mufc
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Dutton gives clear indication Medicare Locals could be cut in May budget #budget2014

Sydney, Australia

RT @Fluffula: Dutton Medicare is NOT free, we pay a specific tax for it #ABCnews24

Sydney, Australia

RT @axmcc: "People on incomes like mine, or a reporter on $300,000 or $400,000 a year" -Peter Dutton #pause HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Sydney Australia

#AusPol Medicare Locals a target, Dutton hints #ANN

Sydney, Australia

RT @M_Ludlow: @Jamie_Freed It's obvious been a while since Peter Dutton has had to look for a job in the private sector.

Sydney, Australia

RT @JamieTravers: Best line of the year so far goes to @JustinSmith954 "In the Tony Abbott bakery, Peter Dutton is the fruitcake" - Very Keating-esque #auspol

Sydney Australia

'dutton' is now trending in #Sydney

Sydney, Australia

RT @marcfennell: BAHAHAHAHA. Peter Dutton thinks journalists are on $400K a year.

Sydney, Australia

RT @marcfennell: BAHAHAHAHA. Peter Dutton thinks journalists are on $400K a year.

Sydney, Australia

RT @marcfennell: BAHAHAHAHA. Peter Dutton thinks journalists are on $400K a year.