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Vine by Dalton Bennett - Scrum pleasantries. The show hasn't even started but things are off to a great start #debates
My heart is happy, this is fave video on the internet right now
When Donald Trump says he has a "winning temperament." #debatenight
TRUMP: "I have a much better temperament than Hilary." We cross live to the fact checker... #debatenight
This man risks his life to bring joy to Syrian kids. They call him the toy smuggler of Aleppo.
Trump can't win tonight's debate by lying to the American people.
HILLARY GOT BARS! #Debatenight
Vine by Super Deluxe - You've got to hand it to Trump (by Vic Berger IV)
debate recap
When Kylie started telling Brooke everything #SurvivorAU
The woman Trump called “Miss Piggy” has a name: Alicia. #debatenight
Marlins dugout after Dee Gordon's HR. Surreal.
eu amo tanto videos de dança com cabeça de manequim q eu poderia assistir eles pro resto da minha vida
.@HillaryClinton has been interrupted 40 times so far during tonight's presidential debate. #DebateNight
.@iamjohnoliver HILARIOUSLY breaks down the MAJOR difference between #HRC and #Trump for undecided voters. EXPLICIT.
Here's the Clinton reaction GIF you're all looking for #debatenight
Never forget how passionately Harry performed "I will survive" a day after elounor breakup
Fact check:
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#factional fiction spoken like its fact #debate
trump camp deleting tweets in real-time
||| 29.9.16 |||
||| 29.9.16 |||
||| 29.9.16 |||
#Startup lessons from one of Silicon Valleys top young entrepreneurs.
Fact checking tonights #debate? Call out the #factional! fiction thats stated like fact!
hillary: looks into the camera like shes on the office
Last night in Mexico City ! Blessed to have fans like we do there ! See you next time ❤️
Penny Wong responds to a q on how she can argue Pauline Hanson peddles prejudice and fear. #qanda
RT this if youre proud to be standing with Hillary tonight. #debatenight
SpaceX propulsion just achieved first firing of the Raptor interplanetary transport engine
Recap of tonights debate.
donald trump: I didnt say that 

the internet:
Lets do this. #DebateNight
I have found the 400 pound computer hacker.
#trumps team is deleting tweets in real-time #debatenight #debates #Debates2016 #ImWithHer
Please talk to me and my son again
Let me summarize this night for you so far. #debates
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Saw #WillAndGrace trending, thought one of you had died. Whew! #VoteHoney = BRILLIANT! Thanks! @DebraMessing @EricMcCormack @MeganOMullally

Sydney, New South Wales

I have missed the Fab Four so, so much: #VoteHoney @SeanHayes @MeganOMullally @DebraMessing @EricMcCormack

Sydney, Australia

#votehoney is now trending in #Sydney

Sydney, Australia

Thank you @MeganOMullally @DebraMessing @SeanHayes @EricMcCormack #VoteHoney

Sydney, New South Wales

RT @ericaneveau: Talking about the #WrongDick LOL #MakeAmericaBueno. I want this on DVD @DebraMessing #VoteHoney

Sydney, Australia

The cast of 'Will and Grace' reunited for an election-themed scene and it's so good I want to cry #votehoney |

Sydney, NSW.

RT @Slydog23: This is the scene we didn't know we needed. Thanks @debramessing. #votehoney via @EW


I can't deal with this reunion! ❤️👏🏼😀 It's so funny, feels and looks so natural but it's so very important! Bravo #WillAndGrace #VoteHoney

Sydney, Australia

RT @EW: This new #WillandGrace #VoteHoney scene is 9 minutes of pure comedic GENIUS:

Sydney, Australia

I have watched this 3 times already... and I'm meant to be working! 😂😭👏🏼 #WillAndGrace #VoteHoney

Sydney, Australia




#factional fiction spoken like its fact #debate
Fact checking tonights #debate? Call out the #factional! fiction thats stated like fact!


#factional fiction spoken like its fact #debate


#factional fiction spoken like its fact #debate
Fact checking tonights #debate? Call out the #factional! fiction thats stated like fact!