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The first Indigenous woman to be elected to the lower house is sung into her seat #indigenous #history
The adventure continues. Stranger Things 2 is coming 2017.
we don鈥檛 want this tour to end x
NA PT 5 // Stay tuned
This is my favorite thing on the internet right now
Everyone running to floor after being directed to do so by Ashton 馃槀 #SLFLSpokane || @allthat_ivegot
Please listen to new Liberal MP Tim Wilson talk about his fiancee Ryan 馃槬馃槬馃槬
I hope to see more of those dance moves @Arsenal soon... 馃憡馃拑馃槄 @MustafiOfficial @mertesacker #GermanGunners
i've shared this video over 5 times and i'm not apologizing
It's cassowary season, and lots of chicks are learning the road rules right now in #FNQ. Pls take care on the roads
Vine by Manchester United - Hull 0 #MUFC 1
The adventure continues. Stranger Things 2 is coming 2017.
馃敊馃敍馃敐 When you wake up in the morning and realize you're playing for @Arsenal! 馃挭馃徏馃榾 #AFC #GunnerShkodran
Vine by Mark Di Stefano - Pyne calls Bowen "scum"
Me: *watching* What the hell is the point of th- OH MY GOD
Finally it's time to announce I've signed for @Arsenal! Can't wait to play for this great club! 鈿金煍粹毆 #GunnerShkodran
George Christensen blocked me on Twitter :( But he can't block me in the Parliament ;)
#SLFLSpokane Ashton jest kr贸lem, przysi臋gam. Wygra艂 wszystko, wygra艂 najlepszych fan贸w 馃挊
248 games. 25 tries. 14 seasons. 2 clubs. 1 premiership. 鈥 @denehalatau Be there on Sunday to #FarewellDene!
With love, KUA Syd wishes you, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY MALAYSIA! #SehatiSejiwa #MerdekaVaganza
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It would take all the propofol in Neverland to medicate me enough to let this guy do my colonoscopy.  #HippyDippyDoc
I like you Henry, you alright
Empty area cricket.
Canada signed the wrong line on the Japanese WWII surrender document and now it looks like shit, thanks Canada
Ken Wyatt, the first Indigenous male MP in the House of Reps, embraces Linda Burney, the first Indigenous female
Photography is banned in #SenateQT so Ive drawn this handy guide of the reactions to the first q about 18C. Enjoy!
i wrote a poem
.@LindaBurneyMP on 18C.
Parliament needs to change the law here. 9 MPs should face court of law #nswpol
3 years ago.
I believe in your galaxy, ARMY! 
- Namjoon
Heres Labor and the Liberals banding together to vote down a Royal Commission into immigration detention.
15k signatures!
as a population percentage thats.. oh..
but for an australia petition its pretty.. oh..
at last, the telegraph have come up with a good name for this column
MPs get $273 A NIGHT to sleep in Canberra
Jobless get $263.80 A WEEK for everything!
What are they reducing?
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We can鈥檛 fight tax scams on our own: Turnbull government #auspol

Sydney, Australia

#Auspol Profs tell students 鈥渘o debate鈥 on climate. Unbelievers should 鈥淒rop out鈥: Welcome to High... #CarbonTAX


How about no plebiscite, amend the marriage act, and put the $160m into addressing homelessness #auspol


鈥楤anished鈥 Mike Gallacher set to balance power in NSW upper house #auspol

Sydney, Australia

@crankyallAnimal @corybernardi #auspol

Sydney Australia

RT @MGoldschlager: The boyz look like bowling pins. Hinch knocked over by a gutter ball. #auspol

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Queensland ALP showdown threatens unions鈥 power #auspol

Sydney, Australia

RT @JSiackhasone: Can't pass a budget and getting desperate. PM talks rubbish about budget being the greatest moral challenge #auspol

Sydney, New South Wales

RT @manindotblack: @stickymeringue Yep. #Nauru #naurufiles #auspol #Manus #BringThemHere

Sydney, New South Wales

RT @AnimalsAus: 6 reasons the Minister 4 Agriculture shouldn鈥檛 be the Minister 4 Animal Welfare: #auspol

Sydney, Australia


Rachel: ONE date with Richie... TWO dates with Richie... #TheBachelorAU
The adventure continues. Stranger Things 2 is coming 2017.
The adventure continues. @Stranger_Things 2 is coming 2017.