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RT @Brocklesnitch: next time imagine if we got women to talk about something other than sex and gender #qanda


RT @TomCBallard: People who attend the World Congress of Families strike me as the worst parents ever #qanda

Wollongong, NSW

RT @DavidStratton9: Waiting for Tony Abbott's surprise guest appearance on all-female #qanda where he presents every panelist with an ironing board.


From #qanda to #embarrasingbodies - time to get my @DoctorChristian fix! ;)


RT @TomCBallard: I don't know what these chicks want, I've got a photo of me with a tiger on my Tindr profile sooooooooooo? #qanda

Sydney. Wollongong.

Everything @JaneCaro said tonight made me love her that little bit more than I already did #qanda


"Be yourself, don't seek approval" - @JaneCaro aka god #qanda


"Be yourself" is literally the least helpful piece of advice ever #qanda

Wollongong, Australia

Sex work is a necessary evil #qanda


RT @ABCnewsIntern: Oh, yeah, a female US President would totally not be a warmonger. (Cough, Hillary, cough.) #qanda

wollongong NSW Australia