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#FreeMirQuasemAli He was not in Chittagong in Nov, 1971, he is innocent. #Bangladesh @RT_com @JPN_PMO @MofaQatar_EN
best reality tv moment ever
Man who cutting onions?? 😥😥
Passe perfeito de André Horta para o primeiro golo do Benfica 👌 #slblive
Wah jsuis mort, guettez ils apprennent quoi aux enfants 😫😫
Um minuto de silêncio para o homem que rebola melhor que eu
Vine by MLB - The look we all know.
If this isn't my husbands reaction one day, i've done it wrong
Vine by Just Basketball - Something that should have been a goal.... But it wasent comment a friend who would do that
"What would you do if you got cheated on?"
This was unexpected like a mf'er lmao
i may not know Her name, but I do know... She is here .
Remember when Niall fell ahah ?? Did you get it on camera #KCAMexico #OneDirection
Vine by Full Court Prez - DeMarcus Cousins: the third Splash Bro?
KP CM admits PTI has failed 2 bring Tabdeeli. Imran Khan shud focus on KP instead of relying on Dherna politics
Clip 2: An act of bravado by Indian Forces in #Kashmir. In our locality.
Ruivo - "I hate u, I love u"
Vine by Anna Clendening - No place I'd rather be ❤️
RT if you're ready for the new mixtape to drop! 🤘🏾🏴® ...🙄
SRK @iamsrk 's expressions when he looks at Indian flag #Pride #ChakDeIndia
this 4 year old made a make up tutorial and it's the best thing I've ever seen 😂
When u though Liam left 1d but then he tweets about the 6 years anniversery #LiamRememberOf1D
Isto dá muitas voltas mas quem marca são os suspeitos do costume.
THERE'S A HUG! What a win for @itsBayleyWWE and @SashaBanksWWE... #WWEBattleground
We're sure you'll be playing this video on a loop! #4DaysToDishoom @Varun_dvn @TheJohnAbraham @Asli_Jacqueline
How do you jump out of a pool...
Celebrate air & space at @EAA AirVenture with @NASAAero! Learn more: #OSH16
📍St George's Park
Onek kotha boltese. He can't stop talking to you @Anushka_roy_ #HappyAnushkaDay
Ronaldo and his son :)
@Anushka_roy_ here my maknae!!!Unnie saranghaes u!! Ummah!!#Happyanushkamaknaeday
Taehyung too @Anushka_roy_ #HappyAnushkaDay
snoop dogg narrating nature should be a netflix series
SEO : Welcome to Search verizon #SEO (via Twitter
YouTube : We can totally see our house from here! (via Twitter …
Ptddrrr jsuis mort, ils se font passer pour de faux flics 😂😂
Michael impersonating Niall is the best thing ever I can't stop laughing #KCAMexico #OneDirection
2 Days To Kala Chashma 😎
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Raise your voice. #FreeMirQuasemAli @UN @foreignoffice @StateDept @UKinBangladesh @USAmbBangladesh @JPN_PMO @Reuters
People especially youth around the world demand #FreeMirQuasemAli @SaadetPartisi @Ikhwanweb @JIPOfficial @yusraghkh
Raise your voice against farcical trial. @Ikhwanweb @EnnahdhaParty @yusraghkh @SMGhannoushi
#FreeMirQuasemAli Raise your voice against farcical trial in #Bangladesh. @harun_yahya @ABIM_24 @parstodaybangla
The death sentence of #FreeMirQuasemAli where scheming killers became winner and Justice became looser.
Where the conviction has no basis, upholding death sentences a travesty of Justice @hrw @UN @AFP
#FreeMirQuasemAli #Bangladesh #StopJudicialKilling @alqaradawy @iumsonline @YasirQadhi @adnan_oktar @omarsuleiman504
Being successful businessman & a revolutionary change maker are his only offense! @MofaQatar_EN
#StopFarcicalTrial #StopJudicialKilling #FreeMirQuasemAli #Bangladesh @alqaradawy @JIPOfficial @worldbulletin

Raise your voice against farcical trial.@AGAZIZ1 @AJArabic @Akparti @drbetulsayan @MFATurkey @hrw
Buliding Bridge of Frindship With Saudi Arabia & #Bangladesh. @KSAMOFA @M_Naif_Alsaud @MOFAUAE
History will do justice one day @pressfreedom @iumsonline @AbeShinzo @NajibRazak @SBYudhoyono
The epitome of rediculness and utter injustice. #FreeMirQuasemAli #Bangladesh @hrw @UNHumanRights @StateDept @TIME
#FreeMirQuasemAli #StopFarcicalTrial #StopJudicialKilling @RT_Erdogan @Ahmet_Davutoglu @amr_darrag @EnnahdhaParty
Witness Probir Talukdar was born in 1977 but witnessed him killing people in 1971! #FreeMirQuasemAli @AJEnglish @AP
History will certainly justify the verdictDefense Lawyer to the perverse death sentence #FreeMirQuasemAli @CNN
Protest in #Dhaka demanding release of @mirquasem, a victim of sheer injustice. #FreeMirQuasemAli @AJENews @CNN @AFP
Your world view should be expanse, not an enclosure...however good you look in a box.
Imperialists want to kill him Coz hes the founder of a patriotic organization like @info_shibir. #FreeMirQuasemAli
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#chachulove #cousin #nephew #park #armystadium #peshawar @ Peshawar, Pakistan


RT @Usman_Jolaha: A proud moment for Pakistanis! Czech Republic wants training of troops by Pakistan Army: ISPR


ESPNcricinfo: RT ESPNscorecard: WICKET: Pakistan 167/7 (50.2 ov, target: 565) v England As…

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pakistan 2nd Innings آج بھی ہماری کرکٹ ٹیم اپنی صفوں میں اتحاد و یگانگت اور خشوع وخضوع پیدا کرلے تو دنیا کی کوئی ٹیم اسے نہیں ہرا سکتی ۔


England 589/8d & 173/1d Pakistan 198 & 181/7 (53.0 ov) Pakistan require another 384 runs with 3 wickets remaining


RT @AbsaKomal: Amazing win for Pakistan at Lords great captaincy by Misbah,& Yasir was simply explosiveee & ofcorse many congrats Mickey Arthur 👍 #ENGvPAK


RT @Alpha_Brains: Adviser to PM responds to Sushma Swaraj's statement that 'Kashmir can never become a part of Pakistan'


RT @geopakistantv: Light rain & drizzle expected in various cities of Pakistan. How is the weather in your area? #PakistanWeather


NewsDesk: England eye victory as Pakistan lose seven: MANCHESTER: More than half of Pakistan's line-up was ba...


RT @MahirZeynalov: Pakistan seems angry that Erdogan is trying to shut down Gulen schools there. @ImranKhanPTI takes a stance