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Justin Bieber's post on Vine - My dangles were unreal.. did u see that shot? I'm number 20. #dangles #20 #iceicebaby #uthoughtthiswasagame #imadethatpuckmybitch - Justin Bieber's post on Vine
Behind a Photo By Bryant | ft. Nash Grier
Alex Chaffer's post on Vine - GOAL! What a goal Marco REUS! - Alex Chaffer's post on Vine
Imran's post on Vine - @Cristiano LOOOL ''I SWEAR" - Imran's post on Vine
Lol Vines's post on Vine - This would be my child 😂 [👶 is okay] Save this vine with Vingrab app - Lol Vines's post on Vine
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Wellies series.
RT @makeleasmile: gente essas caras da Lea são impagáveis sauhsuhaushauhsuahs
Wellies series 2.
Confirmed: #LFC’s starting line-up and substitutes v @realmadrid
More: Ill stay till death - Imran Khan
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Its only #ImranKhan we #Trust - #PTI #Pakistan #GoNawazGo
FINAL: Liverpool 0-3 Real Madrid (Cristiano Ronaldo, 22’; Benzema, 29’ y 40’) #LIVvsRealMadrid #RMLive 5SOS PUBLICO OTRA COSA EN LA QUE ESTA ARGENTINA!! ♥
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Robbers raid top Pakistan charity, steal $400,000

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pakistan protest: Qadri supporters end Islamabad sit-in

Dhaka, Bangladesh

I liked a @YouTube video Daanah Pah Daanah HD, Akhtar Chanal Zahri & Komal Rizvi, Coke Studio Pakistan, Season


RT @shahzadtirmizi: #Younis Khan becomes Pakistan's 1st & overall 12th batsman to score 100 vs all other countries. #Cricket #PAKvAUS


Pakistan fans: blaming Misbah-ul-Haq since before he even made his debut.

Chittagong, Bangladesh

RT @CricketAus: Siddle finds the edge from Shafiq but it falls short of the cordon. Pakistan 4-199. LIVE: #PAKvAUS

dhaka bangladesh

RT @Cricketicc360: 1st Test Pakistan are 198/4 over 81.1 Younis khan ibw on 106. For Live Ball by Ball Updates, visit #PAKvAUS

dhaka bangladesh

Pakistan Tahirul Qadri supporters end Islamabad sit-in

Dhaka, Bangladesh


RT @iSupportPTI: Biggest fighter today in the whole world. Great Khan - we love you!! RT @fizaimran1999: @iSupportPTI
Khan Sahb was very relaxed and comfortable last night! His face paints a picture of self-belief and tawakkul. #PTI
Rt @AJShafquat: #TameerESchool @huma_maqsood @KPKUpdates @kamrankbangash #AzadiSquare @ImranKhanPTI”
RT @PTIofficial: Rt @AJShafquat: #TameerESchool @huma_maqsood @kamrankbangash @AtifKhanpti @KPKUpdates #AzadiSquare @ImranKhanPTI”


RT @PTIofficial: Gujrat Jalsa 24th October.
Rt @AJShafquat: #TameerESchool @huma_maqsood @KPKUpdates @kamrankbangash #AzadiSquare @ImranKhanPTI”
RT @PTIofficial: Rt @AJShafquat: #TameerESchool @huma_maqsood @kamrankbangash @AtifKhanpti @KPKUpdates #AzadiSquare @ImranKhanPTI”
RT @LiveARYPK: Rt If You Want Back @mubasherlucman #WeWantKharaSach #WeWantKharaSach #WeWantKharaSach #WeWantKharaSach
RT @NahmedCA: @mubasherlucman Filthy mentality of @AbidSherAli branding dharna people with PIGS. #ShameOnSharifs @ShkhRasheed








RT @ArifAlvi: Scene from our container RT @Hira786h7: @ArifAlvi Happy Diwali and best wishes to all Hindus :)