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What can happen if Bangladeshi Govt. Legalize Gay Marriage!!??
 This is a just for fun video and NO disrespect any Community or group.

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Under #SheikhHasinas leadership, #Bangladesh is now lower middle income country, not a low income one anymore
#Bangladesh PM SheikhHasina on special efforts for girls #education
#Facebook #business  #marketing Can Become a #Money Making #Machine  with very little #investment & #knowledge? #GM.
.@ImMashrafe and @faf1307 unveils T20I, ODI & Test Series trophy today at SBNCS. T20I series starts tomorrow. #BANvSA
"Extraordinary progress: USA congratulates #Bangladesh on becoming lower-mid income country
Film : Besh Korechi Prem Korechi
Starring : Jeet Madnani, Koel Mullick & others
Presenter : Shrikant Mohta & Nispal Singh
Produced by : Shree Venkatesh Films & Surinder Films
Direction: Raja Chanda
Screenplay & Dialogue : N.K Salil
D.O.P : Sailesh Awasti
Music : Jeet Gannguli
Singer : Arijit Singh
Lyrics- Prasen
Edit : Md.Kalam
Choreographer : Baba Yadav

SMS BESH2 to 54646 for Callertunes
Film releasing 17th July
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 #business #worldwide #MLM
Back home on July 15th!
Song - Him Him Batash
Album - HypnotizeD
Tune, music & composition - TISHMA
Lyrics - Zahid Babul
Iftar outing with my buddies! :)  to learn the full details and then Contact Keith with at 520-261-3455
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.@BCBtigers practised today at SBNCS. T20I Series stats from tomorrow against @OfficialCSA. #BANVSA
"@YoureSuchAnArab: لازم الريال يتعوض؛ نعزمه ع غبقة شي. #هوشة_ستي_سنتر"
@Edaaary @mshami_78
Oby dziś Leo cieszył się podobnie. [@MessiStats]
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RT @albd1971: #Women taking centre stage in #development issues in #Bangladesh and transforming their surroundings for the better

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RT @albd1971: #Bangladesh PM SheikhHasina on special efforts for girls #education

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RT @albd1971: Under #SheikhHasina's leadership, #Bangladesh is now lower middle income country, not a low income one anymore

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RT @albd1971: #Bangladesh is one country that has made big gains in #MDGs: @BBCNews. Watch the report by @MishalHusainBBC

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#Felani’s self-confessed killer acquitted again #IndoBangla #bangladesh #India #Border

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আমতলীতে ইফতার মাহফিল অনুষ্ঠিত #BDNews #Bangladesh

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