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Vimeo - Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl
TTE Council Preview (Telecommunications)
Benj 9.1.2's post on Vine - C'est quoi ce bordel 😂😂😭😭😂#frenchvine #cestlavie - Benj 9.1.2's post on Vine
Hunter smith's post on Vine - Got a little excited - Hunter smithh's post on Vine
Tonio life's post on Vine - Papa tu fais quoi si je sort avec un noir ??? #Blague #Toniolife #Kaaris - Tonio life's post on Vine
Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)
James's post on Vine - James's post on Vine - James's post on Vine
EU Humanitarian Aid's post on Vine - Our colleague @sobd shows his appreciation for selfless work of humanitarians. Share yours in @IMC UK #GlobalThankYou! - EU Humanitarian Aid's post on Vine
Jack Harris's post on Vine - Sanchez rinses Ginter #AFCvBVB - Jack Harris's post on Vine
Verhofstadt pleads for parliamentary inquiry into tax evasion
President Fosters Hope with Strong Start (NATO and Afghanistan)
18styles's post on Vine - LIAM - yeahstyles's post on Vine
Tom Salbeth's post on Vine - Un mystère de mon enfance résolu : la tour Reyers a bien été construite par des humains - Tom Salbeth's post on Vine
BLVCKGAWDESS's post on Vine - Pushed her ass in the pool - BLVCKGAWDESS's post on Vine
TIOLI's post on Vine - Coutinho "warming up" - TIOLI's post on Vine
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Concours #PetitPapaTopAchat 

1667 € à gagner avec le #Lot1 !

Pour participer, RT + Follow @TopAchat :-)
RT @EuroParlPress   
Result of Vote for the censure of @JunckerEU Commission
Puisque le Gvt refuse de nous donner accès aux fiches du SPF Finances, nous sommes allés les chercher nous-mêmes !
05.12 #Conférence sur le commerce des #armes et l’#UE, à #Bruxelles: @ActionPaix @Vredesactie
I am Dark Link
Yet another sighting of @pullreview Theyre back on Earth in London #betech
The beautiful connection between Upper Town and Lower Town 🍂 #Brussels #VisitBrussels #WeLoveBrussels #Belgium
Et le 31 décembre...
.@Canadas now on Twitter, eh!
Chouette article avec @ramonsuarez et le @betacowork dans Union&Actions de @UCMMouvement  :-)
#FIFAranking We remain 4th! We blijven 4e! Nous restons 4e ! #tousensemble
Dark Link 💀
"Atoma, belge avant tout". Fournisseur de la Cour... On est loin de limage de cahier fossoyeur de la Belgique #begov
my whole life is a lie
Notre Premier Ministre... papa pour la seconde fois... fin mars ! Félicitations @CharlesMichel @RadioContact
@dylansprouse like my hat fashion
Qd jai ouvert le manuel de mon pote en Stmg jai trouvé ça 😐. Jpensais cétait une légende cquon disait sur vous
Quelle prestation de toute léquipe.. We Are Anderlecht et grand merci aux supporters.
Moran opening up the Intergroup this morning on equines and the Eurogroup equine project @Act4AnimalsEU
High powered panel explains many benefits of #CETA for Bel and Lux. @AmbCanBeLux @QuebecEuropeBe @Trade_EU @Canada2EU
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RT @DigitalAgendaEU: "EU is moving toward the #IoT platform & this is where the European dream moves to the next stage" @JeremyRifkin


RT @AmericanEUDude: #ThankfulFor all my fellow Americans out there in the #EU. Good luck getting that turkey into a puny European oven! ????????


Van Rompuy says goodbye. European Voice editorial: "charisma is not the only source of legitimacy in EU politics"


RT @EPinUK: The European Parliament rejects the #censure motion against the @EU_Commission by a large majority. #EPlenary.


RT @LOOKWESTie: Our future entrepreneurs congrats Mercy College #Sligo RT @BraceYourselfTY: European Champions thank you so much to everyone who helped us


RT @EduLorenGarcia: Result #motionofcensure to @JunckerEU in the European Parliament: · 461 Against 101 In Favour 88 Abstentions


RT @FedericaMog: The video of my opening remarks on the Palestinian statehood today in the European Parliament


"European Legislator Urging the Breakup of Google Has Ties to a Law Firm" by DANNY HAKIM via NYT


Daily News 27 / 11 / 2014: European Commission - Daily News Daily News 27 / 11 / 2014 Brussels, 27 November 20...


Now let's talk about #crowdfunding with @olivergajda and the European crowdf. Network at #EBNTechCamp cc @EUBIC"

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Result of Vote for the censure of @JunckerEU Commission 101/461/088