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5 Seconds of Summer - 5SOS Retirees Go Rogue (Target Prank Pt. 2)
Donut Challenge with Cat! ❄ Vlogmas 18, 2014
merry Christmas from the goths :) - Vine by XxbrokenbentxX - merry Christmas from the goths :)
Easiest way to get a girl #SeeYouAtEightBabe - Vine by Nash Grier - Easiest way to get a girl #SeeYouAtEightBabe
Harry saying 'Vi ano' & 'vi amo' - Italian special recorded in Rome, Italy pt.I - Vine by Gbboybs - Harry saying 'Vi ano' & 'vi amo' - Italian special recorded in Rome, Italy pt.I
Dto's post on Vine - Vine by Dto - aye WTF
Sports n' Stuff's post on Vine - Vine by Sports n' Stuff - Pogba w/ an amazing curve! [Remember to follow NC_GRAFFIX on Instagram!]
Kaz Robio -Vérité (Exclu Guillotine music)
TT Highlight Tape - Vine by john doe - TT Highlight Tape
Amber and chyna ???????????? - Vine by nelly_mill - Amber and chyna 👏💃😍
Raymonde Le Lepvrier fait des bétises
The Heart Wants What It Wants - Selena Gomez (Cover) -Lia Farrington ft. Mateus Asato
Ezrt BE & Graph | #RK2 Dual Response | @KittyxHD
Tanner Patrick's post on Vine - Vine by Tanner Patrick - I want you oo ooo 😏
Brian BlackA$$ (BVCMD)'s post on Vine - Vine by Brian BlackA$$ (BVCMD) - When your Ex randomly texts you "I miss you 😞😞😣😣😭😭💔💔" (Credit: AspectZavi) 😂😂😂😂 #boyifyoudontget #SuckMyAss #YouMissMeWithTheBullshit
Please. Stop Using Git. - Matthew McCullough
Axolot #8 : Fake !
【Happy Birthday Umi!】Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul - Opening【Wiinter】
Penguins - BBC
#BlackLivesMatter Co-Creator On The New Civil Rights Movement
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Ziehier: de Slimste Putain ter Wereld. Proficiat @AdilElArbi! #dsmtw
Ik zie maar één logische verklaring waarom Doel openblijft.
Zeg niet langer @AdilElArbi - vanaf nu is hij De Slimste Mens ter Wereld. Proficiat Adil!!! #dsmtw
In de kelder is er nog plaats
Michael na Twitterze
Concours #PetitPapaTopAchat 

Cest parti pour le #lot17 à 1458 € !

Pour participer, RT + Follow @TopAchat :-)
Hey its ash... Im celebrating in this outfit over the festive season
Everyone on Instagram right now
Google gives insights to the four major religions.
Saying goodbye to Nicolas Kerleroux, departing Head of the Press Office. Merci pour ces 5 magnifiques années!
Hmmmm opeens Belgisch-Marokkaanse nu he?
me doing my eyeliner
Het leven is toch oneerlijk
ROFL RT @Efil121: #Gharwapsi is almost impossible in the last case
@brownbrumby @bhak_sala RT:
Nog eens speciaal voor @AdilElArbi: zijn versie van Hans & Grietje. #dsmtw
Belgian accounting firm just asked to send them a copy of my "higher education degree" to prove I can run a company…
#TBT 7 year old Kimberly
Ktrek het mij niet meer aan
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wanneer gij een buis hebt voor een examen da gij zehma gekilled had