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Grand Theft Auto 5 най-накрая излезе за PC и въпреки че не ми върви много добре реших да ви я покажа защото е страхотна игра!
Добри новини за българските земеделци! Днес ЕК одобри 27 млрд. евро за десет страни членки.
Президентът Росен Плевнелиев е в #Tirana за участие в Срещата на върха на #seecp Процеса за сътрудничество в ЮИЕ
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Taken from the album Jme - Blam!

Ha! Im Jme, My names tattood on the grime scene,
People dont know how to test me, Been doing this from 2003
Im a Bigboy Producer, Sick MC, I can even sing in key,
Im A GEEEEENIUS, but unfortunately
You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME
You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME
You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME
You will never be like JME, You will never be li...

Born in Hackney, Raised in Tottenham, Lived in Palmers, Never had a job Im
Not unemployed? Im a sole trader, Dont get annoyed coz im still a baider,
Ive changed from back in the days dont buss shots at cats like tomb raider
Still a street fighter but nowadays Ill Low punch low kick tatsu Vega!
I went Welbourne, I went St Pauls, I went Winchmore then I went Greenwich
And I still sold more tunes than u fools that used to Spit more so I dont get it
Your tunes are dead like Tyranosaurus, Truthfully Your lyrics just bore us
More time when your tunes on the radio Im waiting for the chorus
I make grime music with ease, Im tryna make grime spred like disease
Im doing well, Im not guna stop til my name rings bells like Dizzees 
You wont see me with RayBans, billabong shorts and flip flops,
I dont wear converse I write a big verse so you wont see me fullstop! ..........SAFE!
I aint bus 1 gunshot in my life, But Im still standing here,
You wish you was in these Nike Airs, Youre there licking of shots in the air,
Youve got a silencer and you squeeze, Yeh But really none of that matters 
1 minute silence for ur enemies and 1 minute silence for ur bank balance ...WOOO!
Common Sense needs to be renamed coz nowadays its rare
When i was young my mum used to say "jamie use whats in between your ears"
So I did, and now Im here, But If I said the same to you brehs
Half of youd just smell things all day, And rest of you would just stare.
Ill never go mersh swear down I aint following nobody Im a shepherd
Im like the spots on a leopard, WhenImOnTheMic Riddim get Peppered
Truss Music over Wealth, I got deep lyrics as you can tell
If I work hard for the reload and I dont get a reload Ill reload it myself! .....SAFE!!!
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The only time youve got a TT is if u drink Typhoo & Tetley,
My flows so sick it will uppercut Kimbo slice, Jackie Chan & Jet Li,
You people are guna respect me... Bet I make you respect me,
This flows Deadly it will resurrect Bruce lee to be the famous Deadly!
The only day that I dont put in no work is the 30th of February,
Do not fuck with my money! it could be Ten bags or 10p!
I used to live off my overdraft but now my account is never empty,
All my supporters rep me & Half othem aint even met me
I wear snowboarding boots to festivals, You cant tell me bout style,
Youre drinking your lager out on the field... But ya name aint Karl
All shit you do Ive done but I aint touched alcohol for a while
I used to blaze, I turned 21 then I dropped the Munk out just like Jahmaal
I moved on and I Dropped smokey out just like Jamal 
Im the eighth wonder of the world so come see me not the Taj Mahal
You want that Beemer you want merc?
Money, cars, clothes, those are the perks, but to get there gotta put in that work.
To those who dont know me - Hello!
You think you control me - NO
Im one of the best artists in the world & I leave other MCs - Below
If you aint heard of me - Hello!
Keep up stop moving S-L-O-W
Boy Wanna Know what better know means
For you to find out & for me - To Know
If you know my face - Salute
Parlez-vous français? - Salut
Je mappelle J M E let me show you around this jungle like - Baloo
When you next see my face - Salut
If not heres some air - For YOU
If it kicks off then jump in first dont care if it hurts man put in that work!
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