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Vine by ArrunJ - #LFC
Diversity & Inclusion – Love Has No Labels
LIVE Press Conference Soweto Derby - Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates
Vine by World Star Funny - Lady and the Tramp in real life
- Vine by Wesley Share
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WTF! "@Tsebo: she gonna get a sugar-daddy real quick "@Scarbond: Meanwhile by the Phase 2 traffic lights"
LMAOOOO “@MduThaParty: # “@malonza_007: twitpic your foam bath””
Meaning lol RT "@Kris_Bareki: I Wouldnt Put Past him RT @botshabelokt: dd the brother share all this on air?"
Whats going on here? RT @bmatsheka: Haai! "@BathobaBW: This is surely a first in The BW /"
Ko kae @DeepMayer: Country Called Botswana City Called Gaborone: New Statue in somewhere Phakalane!!"
Motho o o maaka"@DeepMayer: Hey this Country called Botswana thou .... @ Gaborone phase 2 Robots @charlycharles87"
Okay, lemme throw in my opinion! :D The idea or concept was good, the only problem was the execution or delivery! :|"
U gotta love this country..RT @DeepMayer: Gaborone Vibe
LMFAOOOOOOO RT @DresHouse1: 3.
Yep but its scarce "@Festy_Fest: A mme e santse e le teng? "@tidimalomagosi: My grans fav tea "@temmolai: Oldies.:"
#TBT zaka ya wayza
bless king. appreciate it big homie "@MisNinjaThatil: Tag this nigga RT @Scarbond: #BW #2015 #WeMakeMusic"
"@Cuffedprince: Boiis cousin? RT @epysamson: *saves* "@_FaithGas: :p""yes:))
as the story unfolds.more @BathobaBW
OOOOH.  "@lellemo: Model promoting company called FIX A BATH by phase2 traffic light, this got people talking."
These ladies are breathing life into Botswanas safaris!
#BPL - Olivier Giroud and Alexis Sanchez gave Arsenal a 2-1 win at QPR to keep them in third place. #SSFootball
@Ugobee thank you so much for the gift!!! 😀
2. 😂
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Country Called Botswana City Called Gaborone: New Statue in somewhere Phakalane!! *i died* @charlycharles87

Botswana: Over 800 lose jobs at #DML⁰ ボツワナ:#Boseto 銅鉱山が閉山 800名以上が失職

Gaborone, Botswana

@ElleLeeuw eseng ba ba dilutilweng ke botswana bo rraagwe Nathan..kwaaaaaa


its 1:30AM in Botswana. No worries, I'm always up for @nbcsvu AND @NBCChicagoPD every Wednesday. @SophiaBush @derekhaas @JonSeda @marinasqu