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Vine by The Funny Vine - When u miss ur stop
Vine by Simply Spurs - #EUReferendum
Black People So Fucking Scary 😂😂😂😂
A Leave voter: "I thought remain would win. I didn't think my vote would mean anything. I'm quite worried now."
Vine by Sandeep Saddal - Boris came in like a Wrecking ball! #Boris #borisjohnson #football #soccer #England #germany #lol #fail #win #mileycyrus #wreckingball
Novo vídeo de Justin Bieber na Purpose Tour em Cincinnati, Ohio. (24/06) #VeranoMTV2016 Justin Bieber
The UK's decision is even better with the titanic song...
Filme da saída do Reino Unido da UE já nos cinemas 💚💛❤
Този клип е само за туйт
It was always planned. This clip from the 80s British sitcom Yes Minister explains the intent of #Brexit
Fifth Harmony performing Squeeze (via @KCS5H) #727TourChile الشرهه علينا نبي نوكلچ 😂😂😂 بعد ساعات من عرض حلقة سيلفي عن الفكر الإرهابي تظهر فاجعة غدر داعشيين بوالديهم. #داعشيين_يقتلون_والديهم
Watch this guy play Techno with just pots, pans, and buckets. This is talent شكل بعض الناس اذا صحصحوا عقب الفطور 😂
De ti me cansé \\ I'm tired of you #sola
who made this i cant even believe-
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After a few weeks in the studio bus safe to say.. we are VERY close to album #2 #SG2
멋쟁이들 #어깨는 #저구름너머 #뒷편에 #아직도 #always
"What is the EU?" is the second top UK question on the EU since the #EURefResults were officially announced
Thank You Sofia !!!  Beautiful ! Bri
smokes too much, drinks too much, talks to much, thinks too much. @DamonBaker and I killin our lungs and livers.
Something new! simbata3 simbata3 simbata3 simbata3 simbata3 simbata3 simbata3
Something new!
This comment from a reader of the FT puts it better than I ever could.
Something new! simbata3 simbata3 simbata3 simbata3 simbata3 simbata3
Mama made me thick
Something new! simbata3
Something new! simbata3 simbata3
Ive quickly designed a logo for our new country: #ScotLond
#Brexit #CameronResigns #EUreferendum #LooneyTunes
RT 4 the love of Cheesecake & random stranger in the photo
RT IF YOU WANNA DATE! 😛💗 check itttt
The Seven Stages of Brexit #EURefResults
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#1Dreamboy2FF Eleanor and perrie are in this game


#1Dreamboy2FF Niall to me to Nandos


#1Dreamboy2FF been 2 years since i played the first gam e

Sofia, Bulgaria

#1Dreamboy2FF zayn or harry?


#1Dreamboy2FF liam or zayn?


#1Dreamboy2FF my first date with Niall


#1Dreamboy2FF zayn or liam?


#1Dreamboy2FF this is alot better than first 1dreamboy


#1Dreamboy2FF zayn or louis?

The Capital

#1Dreamboy2FF zayn or louis?

The Capital

#1Dreamboy2FF Liam gave me a teddy bear

The Capital

#1Dreamboy2FF Liam gave me a teddy bear

The Capital


멋쟁이들 #어깨는 #저구름너머 #뒷편에 #아직도 #always