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In marobela before nijel's

GC maboneng

Nijel you that bad??.."@SibsMacd: Check Rudisha LOL"

St Petersburg,Russia

hahaha"@khalid_BW: Ke tshaba Nijel "@Chaha_Nthoi: tsipa tsipa""

Shoshong Bechuanaland

Congratulations Nijel Amos .... Botswana is proud !!! ????


They'll hoist that beautiful sky-blue, black & white flag in Scotland and they'll play "Fatshe Leno La Rona"... Thank you Nijel Amos!

Gaborone West

One name, Nijel Amos Or is it Zorro? Doesn't matter, the boy keeps making us proud. Big up on the victory!


Damn bro... He nearly stumbled but used that to propel himself... Nijel Amos is a beast!

Gaborone West

Yessasassa Nijel Amos done it







LOL RT @Naledi_Meikie: * "@malonza_007: turn around for what!!!! -mandoza LMAOOO"
Sibs my hero RT @SibsMacd: [pic] @Mmabatho0: Aowa mara Botswana tracksuits are ugly @SibsMacd speak to Khama hle ????."
RT @SibsMacd: Check Rudisha LOL






RT @SibsMacd: Check Rudisha LOL
RT @therealbotsadi: Twitpic "DeAimo: Co RT @therealbotsadi: Sips"