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2016 #NBACanadaSeries: @Raptors vs. @Warriors in Vancouver (Oct. 1) and @Raptors vs. @nuggets in Calgary (Oct. 3)
After 9hrs driving we might have taken a wrong turn...😜 @PGA_JohnDaly @ShawClassic #roadtrip #canada #beautiful
Muslims show this woman what they think about her rights. Western feminists will pretend this didn't happen.
Vine by Beyoncé - Queen of interrupting interviews
This is probably what Jason Garrett meant to say during his news conference about Tony Romo.
My hardworking mom was not robbed by "White Right wingers." My dead friends were not shot by "White Right wingers"
Slow-mo lightening over #YYC super cool!! @weathernetwork @CTVCalgary @CBCCalgary @GlobalCalgary @calgaryherald
This is how a bat swims
"Kylie Jenner has no talent" okay explain this
Kanye was making the crowd stand up for Rihanna, I love him
Mood for the rest of 2016
You like that?! @BlueJays take down the Orioles, 5-1! #OurMoment
From their shop to your #yyc 'hood, @BeeKingdomGlass is back with The Saturnian! Watch for a 40' twin at #Beakerhead
NationalSecurity threat Gilbert Chagoury cudnt get in2 USA but was able to PAY4PLAY with Hillary Clinton !! #Hannity
Live look at Tebow's MLB workout 😂😂😂
when Drake and Rihanna kissed 😭😂
getty images stock video "beautiful young woman counting" is my favorite movie of all time
Another night in #yyc. ⚡️ #abstorm #yycstorm #calgary
Yes you are!
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Im loving the light show right now. #lightning #yyc #yycweather #skyline
Fact: In 50 years of development, 0.7% of the #Oilsands land area has been mined, and all land must be reclaimed.
Zipped over to the @mountroyal4u campus for some shots of the electrical storm! #ABStorm #YYC
Dont forget to pick up your Pride shirt from @campbrandgoods before this weekend. $10 goes to Camp FYrefly.
NDP said their job-killing carbon tax would create "social license" for pipelines.Instead we get violent disruptions
Hey @nenshi my friends dog is missing! Can I get a RT? Please! @PetRecoveryYYC hes timid but sweet!
Ker-Chow!! But that sky this evening! Wow, what a cool storm! #StormHour #Potd
Klaszus: Go stick your toe in the Bow - our main river is for people #yyc
Chayce Anthony Krause is #wanted Canada-wide for attempted murder. #yyc
When my friend sees costume racks labelled "Boys" and "Girls" at Value Village.

Just. Bloody. Brilliant.
Despite what youll see on the news today #EnergyEast supporters outnumbered professional protestors 3:1 in Montreal
International Avenue BRZ offers popup retail space for aspiring entrepreneurs #yyc
"It’s going to be fun matching up with Toronto in Calgary for the first game of the preseason” - @nuggets @BeMore27
Just ran across this poster from the @YYCsexualhealth. Couldnt be prouder to support this outstanding organization
Volunteers needed! Playground build @icacalgary Sept 9/10. Great team bldg opp! Food by @wopizza @Spolumbos @BiteYYC
Free First Thursday Night is this Thursday, Sept 1. Admission is free from 5-9pm thx to @ServusCU #yyc #yycarts
Haze tomorrow - smoke from fires in the US.  Map shows smoke forecast for 3:00 pm Tues.    #yyc
Thanks #Canada! The 2016  Census response rate was 98.4%
The Fall Recreation Program guide is out! Register for a program of your choice today:
Under a month until illuminate is out guys 😊
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Hey best friends @duranduran welcome to Calgary been awhile since we met 30+ yrs ago anyhow could you play your hits tonight k thanks! #yyc

Calgary, Alberta

Win Tickets to the @ShawClassic golf tournament AND benefit @KidsHelpPhone! #yyc #yycevents

Calgary, Alberta

Canada Post and the postal union reach a tentative deal #yyc

Calgary, Alberta

| Deeper 🙃 Meanings | #lake #wilderness #mountains #clouds #sky #water #island #video #landscape #banff #yyc

Calgary, Alberta

Anypeoples in #yyc want to sell axes and straight razors and soap for a living? I hear staff parties are amazing!

Adventuring about Calgary.

I liked Brian Jeans FB video abut creating new jobs. What’s not to like? #wro #ableg #yyc

Calgary, Alberta

RT @stephdokin: Have a #startup looking for exposure? Fill out the #Launch Party 2016 Startup Application! @startupcalgary #YYC

Calgary, AB, Canada

Canada's Labour Minister says #CanadaPost and its Union have reached a tentative agreement averting a labour dispute #yyc #ab

Calgary, AB

BREAKING - Canada Labour Minister says @canadapostcorp and @cupw reach tentative agreement averting prospect of any labour dispute #yyc


RT @news_ian: BREAKING - Canada Labour Minister says @canadapostcorp and @cupw reach tentative agreement averting prospect of any labour dispute #yyc