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뮤지컬 데스노트 뮤직비디오 공개!
The Game Begins_김준수

@성남아트센터 오페라하우스, 6월 20일 개막!
Found dog, near paisley road (country) very shy. Please contact if you have any information or know the owner. Has been around the area for about 4 days.
Does this dog look familiar? Has been in Paisley road area for 4 days. Very shy. #guelph
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@BlondeNerd Hey it looks like someone is playing goal for the 1959 Montreal Canadiens...

Guelph Ontario. Canada

RT @SensChirp: Don't want to complain about officiating but I will- Montreal's goal should not have counted. And they stole one from Ottawa. That's tough.


RT @JustinTrudeau: Merci @careyprice_31!!!! Well-fought, Sens. Bravo Montréal! #GoHabsGo #StanleyCup


RT @CP24: The Montreal Canadiens have advanced to the second round of the NHL playoffs after defeating the Ottawa Senators 2-0 on Sunday.


Ottawa deserved better, too bad Montreal boasts the best goalie in the world between the pipes. @CP0031

Guelph, Ontario

RT @JustinTrudeau: Merci @careyprice_31!!!! Well-fought, Sens. Bravo Montréal! #GoHabsGo #StanleyCup

Cambridge / Guelph

Hate montreal so much


@jettlennox see you in Montreal???

Guelph, Ontario

RT @SportsCentre: Montreal Canadiens advance to the 2nd round after 2-0 win in Game 6.


God I hate Montreal

Guelph Canada