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When ur at thanksgiving dinner but ur moms doubting ur basketball skills
#Ticats @speedybanks87 has been named @CFLs Most Outstanding Special Teams Player of the Year.
RT if youre having a turkey dinner tonight...or if you want a chance to win a #HUT Mega Pack!
Thanks @mixedmedia154, great gifts for my California buddy
No Green Bay Packer will wear No. 4 ever again.
Relive the best moments from @speedybanks87’s special 2015 season for the #Ticats 

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.@AugustaHousePub is bumping and filled with soooo many @fusehamilton supporters! #HamOnt #Support!

14 C at the end of November: DayStarter weather. #HamOnt

Hamilton, Ontario

#ThePush screenings at @Hamilton_ghouse My review: #HamOnt

Hamilton ON

#HamOnt home invasion at Hess and Hunter

Hamilton, Ontario

It's Friday, #HamOnt! Share a little love by creating some #FF shout outs! Who do you know that others should follow?

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Picking up the pieces of an Ancaster icon #HamOnt

44 Frid St., Hamilton, Canada

Flamborough residents meet with @HamiltonPolice chief over crime concerns #HamOnt

44 Frid St., Hamilton, Canada

Interview with the great Wynton Marsalis Jingle Bells and jazz via @thespec #HamOnt

Hamilton, Ontario

How this teen killed during police chase she wasn't involved in saved five lives #HamOnt

44 Frid St., Hamilton, Canada

Six arrested in @HamiltonPolice drug bust worth $1 million #HamOnt

44 Frid St., Hamilton, Canada

City needs better rules for handling surveillance video, city manager says: submitted by kimweed ... #hamont

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He led the Marauders with 36.5 tackles in 2015, and now, LB Jake Heathcote is a #CIS Second Team All-Canadian.
After breaking a Mac single-season record with 11 TD catches, Danny Vandervoort is a #CIS First Team All-Canadian.
Football: Vandervoort and Heathcote named #CIS All-Canadians: