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Annecto app. Networking made efficient.
Vine by ThatGuyMoose - 😂😂😂 I ain't messing with Tyron no more bruh #charliecharliechallenge #charliechallenge #charliecharlie
Vine by søphmøre slump - IM LAUGHING
YungDooDooDaddy's post on Vine - Vine by DARius - LEBRON JAMES
Vine by cjzero - LeBron X Fetty Wap - My Way
Vine by ScottySire - #charliecharliechallenge
Vine by Deshun. - Beyoncé shows up to the function like 😂😭 #beyonce #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat
Vine by chickencurry - JUSTIN GRINDING ON TJE fLOOR OMFH
Vine by Just Basketball - Double Tap if you thought this dunkcam was fire🔥😂
Vine by Paul Kim - that was legitness
Vine by GridironStuds - #OdellBeckham watch out. 2017 CB Marco Wilson done flipped out #gridironstuds
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He so serious 😂😂😂😂 #charliecharliechallenge"
I fell in love with Rome today #vatican #colosseum #ancientrome #beautiful #historyoverload #tiredfeet
Brébeuf/Marie-Anne, St-Urbain/des Pins MT @CyclistBartek: Mtl Police setting up ticket traps for cyclists.
PAREZCO MOGÓLICA RIENDOME SOLA #charliecharliechallenge
Bébé Victoria, enlevée à lhôpital de Trois-Riviéres, à la conf du @MinStevenBlaney.  Alerte Amber. #tvanouvelles
meus 😭👊
Ceci n’est pas acceptable pour une métropole ! #STM #polmtl #manquedefinancement
Wow! «Paris Plans to Reinvent the River Seine With Parks, a Promenade, and No Cars»
No cockroach was harmed in the making of this challenge. They all survived to tell the tale
Un pansement intelligent créé par une ado de 17 ans de Port-Cartier
Montreal plans to become a Smart City with free WiFi and open data |
Dès ce mercredi à 14 h ! Un incontournable !
ARTIST:  Paul Hardcastle 
Track #1:  19 (Inner Changes Remix)
Track #2:  19 (PTSD Remix)
CD/Album:  19 Remixes – 30th Anniversary 

My infatuation with the artist, and you have to agree, is that Paul Hardcastle’s music projects are always classy and released in style.  I could cite some of his past work, But specifically I’m referring to his decision to have new remixes of his song “19” that address the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on combat soldiers and then to release them on a special 30th Anniversary CD. Very classy, indeed!  In addition, his decision to give the sale proceeds from the CD to a charity [Talking2Minds] that helps those suffering with PTSD is not only a reflection of his abundant generosity…but it should also tell his fans and others how conscious and serious he is about the affliction of PTSD.

Some will debate that Paul Hardcastle has gone overboard with “19”.  I don’t think so.  As the song says, history does and has repeated itself.  When wars stop and soldiers are no longer suffering, it might be time to put “19” on the shelf.  But until then, no matter what you may think about his music or him, as an artist, we should be grateful to Paul Hardcastle for keeping the memory of the soldiers who died in those wars alive through his music.  We should be grateful to him for reminding us that there are still soldiers from the war(s) of Vietnam and Afghanistan/Iraq who are still fighting those wars “in their heads” who need our help.  Accordingly, the video begins with the first frame as “a message from PH” and the music blends in as the “19” story begins at the third frame.

DISCLAIMER ON PHOTOS:  With the exception of the first video frame, I DO NOT own any of the other pictures used in this video.  Those pictures belong respectively to either Paul Hardcastle or other Owners.

CD available on Amazon.Com [U.K.]:
CD available on iTunes:

For more information about the U.K. organization “TALKING2MINDS”:

For more information on Paul Hardcastle and his music, please visit the following website addresses:  

VIDEO COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: The Video is made for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended in the making of this video.  Despite the posting of the video, the artist always has entitlement to their music.  I will comply if the artist contacts me with a request to remove the video from the Channel. You can download the music on any authorized website such as, iTunes,, etc.   In fact, I purchased the song [Not a free download] because I support Music Makers and believe they should receive the credits & royalties they so rightly earned for their hard work in bringing pleasure into our lives.
Merci aux 1000 militants qui se sont déplacés pour assister à mon investiture comme candidat du #BlocQC!
#125MarieAnne en rappel dans 2 min à @telequebec avec @maripiermorin @jsgirard @martineouellet @Mehdi_Bousaidan etc
Héhé. "Le temps du plastique".
#Royalmount. On nous prend pour des cons.
Les meilleures décisions que prend le gouv. Couillard, cest quand il recule....
Québec : de plus en plus de journalistes entrent en politique, malaise! @PorterIsabelle
50 years ago today: #MuhammadAli stopped #Liston in round one.
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Communiqué > Gymnastique Québec - Une aura olympique entourera Gatineau


@ihachey Bravo pour votre excellent travail! Ça prend plus d'enquête au Québec : on voit qu'il y a de la magouille partout.


@sleemanbeer Will the new Sleeman Lift be available in Quebec?

Montreal, QC

RT @_Acfas: 10 questions pour le #scientifiqueenchef du Québec Rémi Quirion @iciradiocanada #Acfas #recherche

Montréal, Québec

Encore plus pathétique que les mensonges de Bugingo, ceux qui le défendent en bashant la journaliste. Le Québec toé...

Région de Montréal

Big news for family doctors in Quebec - Bill 20 will not become law.

Montreal, Qc

J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Héma-Québec, experte en produits biologiques d'origine humaine" à l'adresse


Congrès Quartier des affaires du Québec

Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Inondations : les grandes villes du Québec ne sont pas bien préparées

Montréal, QC

Controversial patient quotas won't be imposed on Quebec family doctors

Montreal, Quebec