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Had to GIF this INSANE Lightning Strike in Chicago last night. Pole = Obliterated
Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention
The best video of a small bird having fun on an airport moving walkway, that you will see all day
If makeup artist were rappers LMFAO!! "I cut these hoes off i call that a cut crease" 🔥😂😭💀 #MakeUp
me when my second album drops
The speech that almost didn't happen
When a Jamaican woman falls in love with a Ghanaian man💍💍
Melania rn
"The speech that almost didn't happen" (with the appropriate soundtrack, video @J_Derm via @WillHarahan)
Vine by POLITICO - .@SarahKSilverman responds to the Bernie-or-bust members of the crowd
Vine by Patrick Dempsey Edits - PATRICK DANCING TODAY 😂😍
#DemConvention is taking people's #BernieSanders signs. #DemsInPhilly are being silenced by the convention.
Vine by Cody Deans - Prey
EXCLUSIVE: I spoke to Max Pacioretty about the big trade. #GCamp
Some say I wasn't ready... Disregard what "they" say.
That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana was one of the best things to ever happen during my childhood
Vine by MLS - Slick stuff from Impact de Montreal. #MLS
👀 #SmoothSeason
Vine by FC Barcelona - Messi is back 👑⚽️ #VineFCB
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@juliecornewell #World #Music is #Poetry 24/7 for you!
#Latino #Music! Cafe Quijano - La Taberna Del Buda #Hispanic
@DadNCharge On #Amazon Prime? Catch #Family #Classic MY HOMETOWN! with your kids! #Parenting
@MrsNoblejas Teachers! Ask students to write me a short poem on my poems, I will write back!
Ils poursuivaient pas un site satirique pour protéger leur image de marque, eux ?
A Twitter story in four parts
The moon passed between @NASA climate observatory and the earth. Almost unbelievable that this is a real photo
#French #Music! Serge Lama - Lenfant Dun Autre is next!
Découvrez qui visite votre profil Twitter ici:
Montréal is named as one of the #Top10 Best Global Cities for Working in Tech! #ContactMTL
Met in college, graduated with our BA, got engaged, did long distance, now married. A lot can change in 4 years.
Salut Hernán!
Re-bienvenue avec #IMFC
Welcome back home @HBernardello5
RT for a chance to win todays featured #HUT item!
Rio cocaine dealers now using the Olympic logo, plus the warning "dont use near children," which is very thoughtful
Michelle Obama qui parle de Hillary Clinton, comme un exemple pour ses propres filles. Férocement efficace. #dnc
This campaign is to highlight the atrocities carried out by Indian forces whove complete immunity under the AFSPA
Un projet pilote pour réaménager les ruelles du centre-ville #polmtl
Pleased to announce the launch of our new music division at @DoyenGlobal & welcome @Real_Liam_Payne to our family.
The classic view of Montreal from the top of Mont Royal. Picture by @arnaud_mols #montreal #quebec #canada
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@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma #imfc Mon joueur préféré : Piatti ! Constance, engagement et maestria 💙

Montréal, Québec

@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma Nacho Piatti 👌🏼

Montréal, Québec

@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma #IMFC my Favorite player is Ignacio Nacho Piatti ⚽️👍🏻😎

R-S de Montréal ,Québec,Canada

@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma: @ebushel1 is hands down a saint and Francesco Totti is an Italian Prince #IMFC


@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma #IMFC Nacho Piatti. Un maître comme milieu offensif et un grand technicien.


@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma Nacho!! #IMFC 🔵⚪⚫

Montreal, Canada

@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma it's got to be Drigba, WAR Impact !!!

Montreal, Canada

AS Roma, @officialasroma is now trending in #Montreal

Montreal, Canada

@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma Didier Drogba est mon joueur favoris :) #IMFC


@impactmontreal @OfficialASRoma My favourite player is... @LaurentCiman23 👌⚽

Montréal, Québec