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Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (this will never be shown on mainstream media)
Andrew Labib's post on Vine - Absolute class...Erik Lamela WOW!! #THFC #COYS - Andrew Labib's post on Vine
Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers receives standing ovation
#E3Thursday - October 23rd
Paul Cargnello - Rebel Architectes (Official Video)
IBsoLOADED (BVC Bay Area)'s post on Vine - #frankocean #thinkinboutyou 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 #TeamEdit #TEAMSOUR - IBsoLOADED (BVC Bay Area)'s post on Vine
Ottawa Killings: Who Wins? Russell Brand The Trews (E174)
Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL)
Brady Phelps's post on Vine - Did Jahleel Addae just have a seizure? I'm not kidding. #SDvsDEN - Brady Phelps's post on Vine
Un 30 mai ici-bas (bande annonce)
The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit
Faut-il inviter les hommes à rejoindre le mouvement féministe? | TOPO | BazzoTV
24 SEVEN : October 16th to 22nd
Transfer News's post on Vine - Lamela with an absolute GOLAZOO - Transfer News's post on Vine
Rex Murphy: Ottawa Shooting
Steven Amstutz's post on Vine - RKO Randy Orton, Noah Massie, RKO VINES #rko #rkovines - Steven Amstutz's post on Vine
Sugar Sammy: À quoi sont bonnes les femmes québécoises?
24 SEVEN Exclusive: PM delivers remarks in the House of Commons addressing the attacks in Ottawa
Vimeo - The Office - Diwali Song
Vimeo - NORTHUMBRIA :: Bring Down The Sky [Coming November 2014]
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Dont care what anyone says, that just made me cry #OttawaShooting @MollyatTheSpec Cirillos dogs. Such a sad sight
There are more experts on CNN right now talking about Ebola in America than people with ebola in America.
Dogs are awesome. Also, this is one of the saddest pics you will see today.
I think we can go ahead and give the 2014 National Newspaper Award for editorial cartoons to @ch_cartoon.
Wellies series 3.
"@Calum5SOS: just been to the beach with this fella" Calum is so fckin cute hays
Beach footy and funny hair
A very powerful image by Bruce MacKinnon of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. Rest in Peace Nathan Cirillo.
Ottawa imams pay their respects to fallen soldier. @nathancirillo_
RT @lisang: Nathan Cirillo, soldier / war memorial guard, photod Sunday in Ottawa. Cirillo was shot dead Wed. (v @megunder)
Of course though - nobody can top Burnzies grill. #SJSharks
U.S. cable news vs. Canadian public news
The replies to this Tweet are kind of funny...
This tweet should not be ignored:
I will happily admit I never usually get political cartoons, but this one is really fantastic @CH_Cartoon -
"hows your semester going?"
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RT @Rcentres: La #Montérégie ne sera pas en mesure de supporter la réforme telle que proposée par le ministre Barrette #pl10 #polqc


RT @Rcentres: Il faut investir dans la réduction des inégalités: une lettre ouverte signée par 25 économistes #polqc #austérité


Bon papier du recteur Breton #UdeM en réplique à Francis Vailles @lapresse #polqc #universities #recherche

Montréal Qc Canada

RT @Cybersolidaires: Des zombies pour protester contre les délais à la Régie du #logement #polqc


En panne d'arguments sociologiques, @mbockcote fait dans la psychologisation à deux balles #polqc #Ottawa #polcan


RT @CathGaut: La simulation sur les #InégalitesSociales débute avec près d'une centaine de participants de partout à travers le Québec! #polqc @INM_voix

Montréal, Québec

RT @MarieRose42: Couillard siphonne le QC. Retour de la collusion, grèves quotidiennes, pertes d'emploi.voilà«l'effet libéral» #polqc


La #FEC s'oppose à l'abolition de l'épreuve uniforme de français au #Cégep #Éducation #Bolduc #PolQc


RT @MrioGrnier: A lire : Mohammed Zaari Jabiri Je suis un être pacifique #polcan #polqc #intégration #fusillade #ottawa


RT @Cybersolidaires: Des zombies pour protester contre les délais à la Régie du #logement #polqc

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