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Earle's post on Vine - Fuck her right in the pussy at school - Earle's post on Vine
Halloween scare
Daniel Rager's post on Vine - Kobe!! - Daniel Rager's post on Vine
Stephen Colbert - Ottawa Shooting - Sings National Antherm "O Canada" - 10/29/2014
Jian Ghomeshi Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Ashley Burke's post on Vine - [VIDEO] Surveillance camera captured vandal hurling rock through glass door at #OTT mosque #cbcott #ottnews - Ashley Burke's post on Vine
Michael Jackson - Thriller
Scream A Little Dream, Episode One
Vincent Marcus's post on Vine - When the Beat Drops: Baby Edition 👶 - Vincent Marcus's post on Vine
Ottawa REDBLACKS's post on Vine - Our players salute you, #RNation! - Ottawa REDBLACKS's post on Vine
Život je snadný, když zavřete oči / Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed
‘To hell with Bruce Willis': Stephen Colbert toasts ‘magnificent’ sergeant-at-arms Kevin Vickers
Schmoozing for a good cause
Best Of Family Guy's post on Vine - When girls think they look good leave it to peter too bring them down 😂 - Best Of Family Guy's post on Vine
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Too funny! Tom Mulcair is dressed up as an #AngryBird for Halloween! #NDP #cdnpoli
Happy Halloween!
"@ScorpioBert: qt qt" Love this ❤ They always have the best family costumes! #cuteness
This guys going as Dion Phaneuf for Halloween
Faut dire, @ThomasMulcair en Angry Bird = en plein dans le mille!
More photos of Halloween at Stornoway with @ThomasMulcair #AngryBird
Man threw rocks, smashed windows & door at #OTT mosque at 4:30 am. Ottawa police investigating #cbcott #ottnews
Class of 2014. #ottawas councillors-elect, together for their first group photo shoot. #ottnews #ottpoli
How many RT can we get for this @OttawaPolice officer sporting a #pinkMANicure with @thetenspot #Ottawa #OttNews
Todays moment of #Quaker #peace is the best #Halloween costume ever:
After a week of ugly news I want to change the channel and give you my special smile.
Mulcair wore an Angry Birds costume for Halloween. Not many other politicians in Canada would do that. #cdnpoli
CBC executive just sent this out to all employees re: Jian Ghomeshi
Amaze. #doge. #Halloween
This could be the greatest Halloween outfit ever!
@AOR509 This is also really cool
Hey @thequeenofhats Please tell me you saw Ruth Baby Ginsberg today?
The new iconic Canadiana is different from the old iconic Canadiana.
"I cant hear anything!" this Farm Boy employee shouted at me. "I have 57 more minutes in this damn banana."
Happy Halloween from the Consulate General of Canada in Minneapolis! #CanadaStrong
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RT @GaryM: 7 facts Stephen Harper doesn't want you to know about his family tax plan via @pressprogress #cdnpoli

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

RT @CBCPolitics: Dean Del Mastro's parliamentary future to be decided by MPs #cdnpoli #hw

Ottawa, Canada

RT @Bergg69: "Dean’s done & Harper’s eye for talent is as keen as ever" #cdnpoli #toronto #calgary #edmonton #regina

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Roundup post: Del Mastro found guilty #cdnpoli

Ottawa, ON

RT @Allisomething: I don't know about that @ThomasMulcair. He's just so angry. And so bird-like. #cdnpoli

Ottawa, Canada

RT @trapdinawrpool: We may need more prisons: Creekside: Harper's Perps with Perks #12 #cdnpoli


Can Dean Del Mastro call Nigel Wright to get a cheque to legitimize his money scheme? #cdnpoli #cc

Ottawa, Canada

RT @PatOndabak: Julian Fantino and Dean Del Mastro in happier times. Now Dean's a convicted criminal #cdnpoli

ottawa Canada

RT @stephenlautens: @Pam_Palmater @goingprorogue "The PMO" #cdnpoli

ottawa Canada

RT @RickAnderson: So, the left is complaining about tax reductions. Slow news day in #cdnpoli

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