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RT @JayOnrait: Just waking up in Vegas next to some hotties. Did I miss anything? #Tradecentre

Peterborough, Ontario

20 bucks says Jeff O'Neil suckers Pierre McGuire in the face by the end up the day! #TradeCentre

Peterborough, Ontario

Was Ron Wilson just doing Drunk Uncle on #TradeCentre ?

Peterborough, Ontario

RT @TorontoArgos: BREAKING: Reports indicate the #Argos are on the verge of acquiring "June" in exchange for "March." #TradeCentre #IsItJuneYet #CFL

Peterborough ON

Things that actually make a concussion worse? Listening to Glenn Healy yuck it up with the boys #TradeCentre

Peterborough, ON

@simmonssteve vs. 2 llamas cage match in @TSN_Sports parking lot; liven #TradeCentre up for noon please...

Peterborough, Ontario

@TSNHockey the cabbie segments are just awkward #TradeCentre #fail

Peterborough ON

RT @DarynJones: Today my thoughts are with the brave men and women on #TradeCentre dissecting the merits of a 5th round pick in 2017 for 10 hours. Godspeed.

Peterborough ON

RT @frod_nella: buddy needs to sing a song about Pierre McGuire #TradeCentre

peterborough ontario

RT @Cabbie: #celebritytrade Aaron Ward for Ariana Grande, straight up. #TradeCentre

Peterborough, Ontario