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The Premier stands by his comments in the House of Assembly made last Thursday. #nlpoli
Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady denies approving Ed Martin's severance. #nlpoli
I just heard a man say w'e have something' and another asked me to step back behind the caution cord. @VOCMNEWS
The Boulevard - lots of machinery working - watch for flag folks #nltraffic @590VOCM
Group digs for evidence in Dana Bradley murder.RCMP say new DNA evidence clears suspect connected to buried car.
Vine by Sox Lunch - This Steven Wright knuckleball is unhittable
True Dedication - they're rowing in the rain at Quidi Vidi Lake this morning #nltraffic @590VOCM
Excavators digging just behind Tuffs Rd, Witless Bay. @VOCMNEWS
@VOCMNEWS RCMP investigation found that there is nothing of evidentiary value to Dana Bradley investigation here.
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Happening now: Patrol *just* caught his little fella trying to break into an east end home in St Johns! #nlmoose
Here is Ed Martins statement. #nlpoli
Got @Yellowbellybrew bottles piling up? Bring em on home! See our bottle return policy:
Heres the full statement from Ed Martin, effectively accusing the premier of lying to the public.
Join us downstairs in @The_UnderBelly tonight for Mmm...Mondays! M-themed drink specials & fantastic food.
Playing tonight at OReillys: Bill Kelly (7-10pm), Mark Manning & Aaron Collis (10:30)! #NLmusic
Unable to find mommy; and too small for the back of the truck, this babe is riding shotgun (well not quite) #nlmoose
UPDATED: Ed Martin says Dwight Ball approved severance pay #nlpoli
Ceremony in recognition of First World War anniversary 10am Thurs. June 2, Bowring Park:
My 6 yr old finally finished his portrait of @JohnStamos (his choice) 4 art class. "Mom, can you tweet it to him?"
Here ya go Newfoundland ... #nlpoli
The best from home & across the pond with me every Saturday on @590VOCM! #IrishNL #joinme
Premier Dwight Ball says he will only provide his side of story on Ed Martin to the auditor general. #nlpoli
Its National #TourismWeek! Celebrate the best our city, province & country have to offer, all week & all year! #YYT
We have new eBooks in our eLibrary! Check it out here:
Looking to get Screeched-in, or Screech-in a friend? Honorary Newfoundlanders made here!
A whale spotted in the Narrows by some of our staff on the way up Signal Hill #yyt
Ladies and Gentleman, may I present to you the Newfoundland an Labrador house of assembly. #nlpoli
Drop in for dinner & a pint, stick around for Bill Kelly 7-10, Mark Manning & Aaron Collis 10:30! #NLmusic
1/3 A Pre-season Reel Downtown taking place on June 27th. Reel Dowontown Special Edition: Trail of the Caribou. RT
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RT @PaulASAP: @MikeConnors 10X longer/more complex than need be. Main wd: Pause. That's good (for now). they stopped fracking in NB for a reason! #nlpoli

St. John's, NL

RT @MikeConnors: Here is the fracking panel's main recommendation. #nlpoli

St. John's, NL

RT @BigJMcC: .@GerryRogersMHA As we say, labour has 1 party, the #NDP. Business? They have the other 2. #WealthyElites #nlpoli #nspoli #canlab @NLNDP

St. John's, Newfoundland

View the progress of Bills currently before the HOA: #NLLeg #nlpoli

St. John's, NL

RT @TelegramJames: btw, today in the Telegram, @Wangersky concludes that Dwight Ball is out-Dunderdaling Dunderdale. #nlpoli

St. John's, Newfoundland

RT @BradCabana: @Andrew_Parsons1 did your deputy minister or your father inform you of the circumstances surrounding the Martin severance? #nlpoli

St. John's, NL, Canada

RT @saltcod: How we all feel about #nlpoli these days

St. John's, Newfoundland

RT @JohnMichaelNL: People attack those who don't care about politics or vote. But I envy that ignorance. The simplicity of not caring sounds beautiful. #nlpoli

St. John's, NL

RT @TelegramJames: btw, today in the Telegram, @Wangersky concludes that Dwight Ball is out-Dunderdaling Dunderdale. #nlpoli

St. John's, NL

And also a lot of known problems #fracking #nlpoli #cdnpoli

St. John's NL