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Hah! Henry's reaction to the news of Rodgers leaving pool. - Vine by Chris Towers - Hah! Henry's reaction to the news of Rodgers leaving pool.
Vine by drake & posh - - Vine by drake & posh
Vine by Ummmmmlor - It's been a few days since they have been able to hang out and snuggle.
parties today - Vine by just jamie - parties today
Vine by Vines HTE Sports - - Vine by Vines HTE Sports
Özil mate.... - Vine by Orangeiceman10 - Özil mate....
Alexis Sanchez playing piano, everyone. - Vine by @mellorfootball - Alexis Sanchez playing piano, everyone.
There is no need to be upset - Vine by bsm - There is no need to be upset
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They Back At It🔥😈
.@BChiarot7 🚨
#NHLJets close out the pre-season with a 3-2 win over Calgary!
The first ever KALYESELFIE!
First ever ChaserCon 2015 in Regina, Saskatchewan!
@Gurmeetramrahim #Crossed200CrMSG2 G🍅🍅D M🌺rning.

To you pita Ji
In Newfoundland, a woman called to complain of noisy kids. This is how the police responded.
Good vibes Sunday! Maraming salamat. 🙏🏻
#Crossed200CrMSG2 brings joy for fans in Himachal. Social message in the movie is attracting every age group.
endless rts
Retweeted GURMEET RAM RAHIM (@Gurmeetramrahim):

#Crossed200CrMSG2 God bless you all
Final performance is today at 2pm. #EdwardII #WpgTheatre #WpgCult #Winnipeg
@Gurmeetramrahim #Crossed200CrMSG2 Wah…wah… Guru ji.
Gurgaons fans ne MSG2 
movie k liye kya craze dikhaya
@Gurmeetramrahim #Crossed200CrMSG2  

Wooowwww Here also 
Kochi (Karela ) HouseFull.
@Gurmeetramrahim The happiness of  #Crossed200CrMSG2 make all the fans of Mukandpur & Apra on Cloud Nine
@Arsenal: "Full-time: #AFCvMUFC" #1 in United Kingdom
SERMON ON THE SUBJECT OF New World Order 2015 FORETOLD, RIGHT HERE AFTER LYRICS- Words and Music By Fred Riedel Kim Riedel Rory Riedel- Please Read-  Matthew24- Matthew28- John8:44- Luke21- 1Peter5:8- Revelation- LYRICS- World leaders plan to cause a disaster, this September23, to bring in a new world order, for satan their Lord, satan deceives his puppets to believe that theyll reign with him, satan knows hell suffer in hell, and hes taking them with him. Jesus said, False Prophets will do great signs, please put your faith in me, For i have overcome the World. satan was always a murderer and the father of lies, be sober and vigilant, hes out to destroy you, cast your cares on Jesus, put your trust in Him, Jesus will never forsake us, when this age comes to an end, Jesus said Be ready, you know not when I come, watch and pray and lookup, Your redemption, your redemption draws near, watch and pray, watch and pray, Oh watch and pray, lookup Oh Lookup, for your redemption, your redemption draws near.------------ Thought Id explain the reason for this song, Maybe youve heard on the internet or different news medias, I know i just found out, that apparently World leaders, secret societies, and Hollywood have been foretelling a crisis for Sept 23 2015 , in movies and songs for years,some news media have said maybe theyll cause it to look like an asteroid, by nuking something, and suddenly news media is talking about aliens tampering with u.s.a.nuclear arsenal, check it out on google. At any rate satan and these secret societies, want a crisis to hit so they can bring in a new world order, and their planning it for sept. 23. one thing i want to clear up, just because world leaders, secret societies, and satan planning this doesnt mean its going to happen, just because they want it to,The only way this Sept 23 Disaster their foretelling can Happen If its in Gods plan, His timetable, then and only then may it happen, Not because they want it to,  secret societies, world leaders, satan, Hollywood, Media, Governments illuminati, eight billionaires may think they control the world, to be honest they control nothing, and satan knows they dont, satan knows God is in control, satans deceiving them, the only way God may allow this disaster to happen sept 23 Its only because God in his sovereignty and holiness , allows it for his glory to be revealed. satan is a defeated foe, Jesus defeated him on the cross of calvary,  satan knows his time is short and hes deceiving people to believe they will reign with him in a new world order, satan counterfeits Gods plan with his own wicked one, Yes there will come a man of lawlessness(the antichrist) who after some crisis, crash of cash, will restore society, but then half way through the seven year tribulation period, the antichrist will show his true colors and demand, people to worship him, and impose the mark on people so they can work or eat, if they take the mark they will be damned foever for rejecting Christ, if they refuse the mark they will be killed, but again folks this is in Gods timetable He is the only one who knows the date and time not world leaders, secret societies, satan, angels, or even Jesus, so when they plan something to happen God has final say, Gods kingdom. will come, satan, antichrist, falseprophet, and all his followers will all be thrown in lake of fire, God is in complete control, if we have been washed in the blood of Christ, we have nothing to worry about, Jesus has defeated satan on His cross, and will defeat satan when he marches against Christ with his armies, and true saints will live forever with our Father, And our King and Lord Jesus Christ, and all in Gods Time table, So we say Come Quickly Lord Jesus.Amen!  You and I Have been Born sinners, and are separated from God, And we Need a Savior, Romans10:9 says, That if you confess with your mouth, Jesus is Lord,and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead,you will be saved, 10- for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved, PLEASE SAY THIS PRAYER FROM YOUR HEART, Jesus please forgive my sins, Thankyou for taking my place on the Cross, That my sin deserved, and rising from the dead for me, I Receive your forgiveness, and repent, turn from my sins,Thankyou that through your shed blood, I Am Now reconciled to God the Father, Through Your Sacrifice, In Your Precious Name, Jesus AMEN
The old man in the back 😂RT @GhostwritaMusic: RT @CeeCeeLaBella: RT @ScialExperiment: man abusing woman in public
Conquering new territories,MSG2 is releasing in France 2day.Beguiled Fans celebrating thru RoadShow #Crossed200CrMSG2
Let me fill you in - In Roland MB right now. 13 yr old Richard Lukes from Winnipeg just grew a 1283.4 lb #pumpkin!
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The big night is finally here. See you tonight #Winnipeg.

Winnipeg, MB

I'm so sick of having my car broken into!! Why do people think that's OK to do this shit?! @cityofwinnipeg #winnipeg

Winnipeg, Canada

Marion and Archibald 2:22 pm Rail crossing blockage #traffic #winnipeg. New functions coming soon.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Slow down with your winter jackets. #winnipeg

Winnipeg, Canada

RT @LiberalPartyMB: Real Change Now Rally Livestream #watchnow #winnipeg #mbpoli


RT @MeganNash: .@eaglelakeowls last night in #Winnipeg

Winnipeg MB

2pm #Winnipeg: Cloudy 11.9C - - Wind: SSE 18km/h - Bar: 102.3 kPa v - Hum: 70% #Weather

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Bayle & Antixx - Renegade (Raw Mix) #Renegade #Renegades #Bayle #Antixx #Winnipeg #Manitoba #Canada #HipHop #Rap


Shaftesbury and Sterling Lyon 1:47 pm Rail crossing blockage #traffic #winnipeg. New functions coming soon.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

TALENTCOR recherche un #Dispatcher à #Winnipeg, postulez dès maintenant! #emploi

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
Full-time: #AFCvMUFC
GOAL! @MesutOzil1088! 2-0 (7) #AFCvMUFC
If @Arsenal beat #ManUnited today well GIVE AWAY an official #Arsenal Home Jersey! Just follow us and RT to enter!