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Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL)
Globe and Mail footage captures shooting in Parliament building
O Canada at Penguins-Flyers
Pittsburgh sings "O Canada" in support of Ottawa
Ottawa Shooting: What we know right now
blaise dennis's post on Vine - when you miss bae & you're trying not to be soft about it - blaise dennis's post on Vine
Brian Bowman For Mayor Election Day
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Rex Murphy: Ottawa Shooting
Raw: Canadian Soldier Shot at War Memorial
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Madchild - "The Jackel" Official Music Video
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Nathan Cirillo, soldier / war memorial guard, photod Sunday in Ottawa. Cirillo was shot dead Wed. (v @megunder)
Rest in Peace Nathan Cirillo, the solider who sacrificed his life to protect and serve our country. He was only 24.
RT @CreeClayton: From @scottbix on Twitter: "U.S. cable news vs. Canadian public news"
RT @Syncrodata: Top Shared Pic 10/22/14 in #Canada  "Rest In Peace Cpl Nathan Cirillo" via @strombo & @davidcommon #Ottawa #Hamilton
RT @Thundergrizzly: This is who we are as Canadians!  Be proud. CF right back at the war memorial following the shooting
Pittsburgh showing solidarity with Canada
Footage from The Globes @josh_wingrove captures exchange of gun fire in Parliament building
2nd Top Shared Pic "#MyCanada,Passing woman valiantly tries to save #Hamilton Reservist #Ottawa" thx to @dexterdyne
Shot from inside caucus room after shooting @ctvottawa #ottawashooting.
Photo of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, gunman in shootings in Ottawa
Today we are #CANADA.STRONG #HeadsUp #Together
Was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau a part of ISIS? #tcot #tlot #tgdn #ottawashooting
Touching moment in Pittsburgh. Crowd sings "O Canada" before Penguins-Flyers game to honor soldier killed in Ottawa.
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Hey guys, I just imagined @BrianBowmanWpg in his kitchen, arms stretched with a gigantic 'holy shit' grin yelling, "I'm the Mayor!" #wpg14

Winnipeg, Manitoba

RT @coubroughCBC: And that's a wrap. Congratulations @RickChrest @BrianBowmanWpg and all of the new leaders across #Manitoba #cbcmb #bdn14 #wpg14

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

RT @myrgyn: Oh Yeah, Good Riddance Sam. please stay in the states. #wpg14 #Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB

RT @alturnbull_: "I'm surprised to see young voters" -Poll Clerk Surprised?!? RT if you voted today. Let's show everyone it's our Winnipeg too! #wpg14

Winnipeg, Manitoba

#ElmEK needs a @NorthEndVotes type organization. #Winnipeg #Wpg14

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

RT @metrowinnipeg: Update: Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Brian Bowman flip-flop, incumbents unseated: #wpg14

winnipeg, mb

RT @ChrisDca: Brian Bowman now leading Judy W-L by 3,399 votes in unofficial results. #wpg14

winnipeg, mb

RT @TamaraOnGlobal: With Bowman taking a bigger lead @Judy_WL supporter tells me "I don't want to leave here in tears" #wpg14

winnipeg, mb

RT @680CJOB: Brian Bowman's lead keeps expanding as Judy Wasylycia-Leis lags by 38,000 votes #WPG14

winnipeg, mb

RT @Henderson204: Congrats to @Bowman4Wpg. We were lucky this election to have 3 great candidates w/ @DrRobbieO and @Judy_WL as well. #wpg14

winnipeg, mb


RT @bkives: Property manager Jeff Rabb apparently doesnt read the Free Press very often.
RT @_jessbu: Their first-ever hug, courtesy of #wpg14 @bkives + @mawwelch


THANK YOU WINNIPEG! Positive change has come to City Hall. Look forward to serving the city for the next 4yrs #wpg14
RT @ianmcc: @Bowman4Wpg @BrianBowmanWpg #wpg14
RT @DennisWardNews: A very happy crowd with latest poll numbers for @Bowman4Wpg #wpg14
RT @Bowman4Wpg: Thank you @DrRobbieO for a great campaign, a true champion for the Winnipeg. Thank you for your kind words. #wpg14
RT @hollyalexandruk: @TaliaGlobalNews speaking with winnipegs new mayor @Bowman4Wpg