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my favorite jose fernandez moment
Fernandez was a delight on the field. This was one of my favorite moments from a couple years back:
Vine by WordeSmith - That tight D from Josh Norman! #httr
Jose Fernandez's Last Out in the Major Leagues. Very Awesome.
This remains my favorite Jose Fernandez GIF.
This just shows you how great of a person Jose Fernandez was. Rest easy Jose.
Love something in your life the way Jose Fernandez loved baseball... #RIP
LET"S WALK IT OFF!!! @Encadwin brings home #VotePillar and the @BlueJays win 4-3! #OurMoment
Brazilian obstacle course relay races are lit 😳🏃🏾
The game rested in @Encadwin’s hands. He came through. #OurMoment
- Vine by dankdani
we're back. #jujuonthatbeat
Vine by Barely In Bounds - Kicking net 1, Odell Beckham 0
his is probably the only campaign ad that I'll ever post because.... wow
I hope someday anything makes me this happy
누구형 아니랄까봐 #BTS #WINGS Comeback Trailer #BoyMeetsEvil #호비 #JIMIN
Marlins Manager Don Mattingly tearfully remembers the life and legacy of José Fernández.
Bigger than baseball. #RIPJose #brothers
José Fernández: A legacy of pure joy
Mood. #OurMoment
Prince George leaves Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau hanging in failed high-five
No. 16, forever in our hearts. Dee Gordon will never forget his friend, José Fernández.
José Fernández threw his final pitch with his family there to cheer him on.
Imagine Donald Trump sitting in the Situation Room making life or death decisions on behalf of the United States.
Vine by Dodgers - "Are they waving up here? Oh, that's terrific. Holy Mackerel."
José Fernández had an incomparable bond with his grandmother.
He did this in less than a minute, this is amazing man💯
Puppies meeting with other animals for the first time
We'll be having an Arnold Palmer for The King tonight.
He knew he messed up right away 😂😂😭😭
Happy birthday to our beloved Joey Moss! 🎂
TIED UP!!! #OurMoment
Vine by MLB - Vin Scully=Greatness.
Vine by Football Vines - "did you catch that?" #baseball #beastmode #yayo #follow for more #baseballplays #videoshop
Forever one of the best GIFs I've laid eyes on
Incredible halftime show at Derby v Blackburn yesterday 😂
Thank you, #VIN.
Vine by Dodgers - Thank you, #VIN.🎙
He didn't realise the selfie camera was on 😂😂😭
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Statement from the Miami Marlins organization:
We are stunned and devastated by the tragic news that Jose Fernandez, 24, has died in a boating accident.
2016, yall.
BREAKING: Marlins pitcher José Fernández has died in a boating accident. He was 24 years old. (via @Buster_ESPN)
Gone too soon. #RIPJoseFernandez
Dee Gordons post may be the best one yet.
We are deeply saddened by the death of Arnold Palmer, golfs greatest ambassador, at age 87.
Okay, this is actually scary #glo
A moment of silence before today’s game for José Fernández.
I dont have the words to describe the pain feel for the loss of my friend Jose. Goodbye, my friend.
Its not just a black thing.
We couldnt have asked for a warmer welcome to Canada from the people of Victoria! #RoyalVisitCanada 🇨🇦
Its too early. Its too fucking early for this
Stampeders mourn the death of Mylan Hicks →
This is not photoshop
This is not a painting
This is not from a movie
This is Syria
See more photos from todays trip to Rogers Centre at #OurMoment #WCH2016
Rest in peace to the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer. 

He was 87.
British press asking me who is the lady in red who got booed. #bcpoli
I thought I was weird but then I saw this
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