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Vine by Beyoncé - Queen of interrupting interviews
It's a WHOLE NEW GAME!! @FightOwensFight is the NEW @WWE #UniversalChampion, thanks to COO @TripleH! #RAW
who is responsible for this😂😂😭😭
we don’t want this tour to end x
"IT'S MY SHOW!" shouts @FightOwensFight as he celebrates becoming the NEW @WWE #UniversalChampion on #RAW!
Vine by House of Highlights (Official) - Jamal Crawford has a new trick in his bag 👀 (via IG/balldontstop)
NA PT 5 // Stay tuned
my kids will sing this nursery rhyme
This is probably what Jason Garrett meant to say during his news conference about Tony Romo.
getty images stock video "beautiful young woman counting" is my favorite movie of all time
How me & my daughter going to be 😂 that's why I don't want one😩😭
Well said, Stan @stanverrett
when you aren't all that into anime but still you want to encourage and support your weeaboo friends
So our neighbor is trippin cause we didn't give him a drink of water. He must be drugs 😳😂
Muslims show this woman what they think about her rights. Western feminists will pretend this didn't happen.
Hey @Danielfloyd1981, look what we found...
"Kylie Jenner has no talent" okay explain this
Finally it's time to announce I've signed for @Arsenal! Can't wait to play for this great club! ⚽🔴⚪ #GunnerShkodran
HOWWWW can my boys foot get run over and he is still tryna catch the whine 😳😩😭😂
Low kick demonstration gone wrong...
This made me appreciate Hey Ya 10x more...
Here is the part of Colin kaepernick's speech the media didn't show you. #colinkaepernick
WHAT A RIDE @halsey
Y'all, look at Kanye stanning and making everybody else stand up for Rihanna. Lol!
Live look at Tebow's MLB workout 😂😂😂
Vine by OAKLAND RAIDERS - Better throw or better catch? 👀
Vine by Beyoncé - Queen of interrupting interviews
Kanye was making the crowd stand up for Rihanna, I love him
.@JoeyBats19 is too strong 💪! @budcanada #OurMoment
"Feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all, nothin' at all! Nothin' at all!"
Me one minute into class
You're spot on @VintageBrady - and here's the man himself! #BienvenidoLucas
Vine by MLB - Minor League, major play.
i love wisdom teeth videos 💀😂😂
You know why I'm here. Let's talk about this Smash V.I.P. Stuff
Toronto's period of rapid post-war expansion, animated (1945-1975).
EXCLUSIVE: A furious @WWERollins questions @StephMcMahon & @RealMickFoley moments after #RAW's shocking main event!
You like that?! @BlueJays take down the Orioles, 5-1! #OurMoment
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Under a month until illuminate is out guys 😊
When your city rises and shines better than you do. 📷 @boravsbora
Yall, me choosing to be makeup free doesnt mean Im anti-makeup. Do you! 😘😘
Reports of #TPPs demise have been exaggerated. We still have to finish the job. @idltweets
my grandparents have been married for 52 years and they match outfits every day.
Lauders Pure Color Envy Eye Palette offers great neutral shades. Win it! To enter follow @davelackie & RT
평화의 파아-크
3 years ago.
*How to Harass Women Who Dont Want to Be Approached

This is scary & dangerous. Male-entitlement + hypermasculinity
Congrats to @FightOwensFight 
We have been through it all together. 
Ive no doubt we will go through it all again
"Aye blue dress, can I walk witchu?"

"I have a man."

"Your man dont let you have friends?"
Missing:Cheyenne BEARDSWORTH-HYNES,13 yrs,L/S in Riverdale Park, wrg grey top, grey leggingsx @TPS41Div 
1535115 ^AG
When my friend sees costume racks labelled "Boys" and "Girls" at Value Village.

Just. Bloody. Brilliant.
.@justinbieber sings his way into the new #GWR2017 book with a set of 8 record titles!
"Your honor, we have decided that I am the victim in this case even though it doesnt involve me in any way"
Yiddish curses do not fuck around
My twin brother not long ago. From being pronounced dead to carrying me  at my grad. Dont tell me God is dead 😭❤️
My thanks for the warm welcome in Beijing today at the start of our 6-day visit to China and the G20 Summit.
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RT @murphPPress: Bad scene. Bridgewater down in pocket grabbing left knee. Players freaked out, swearing and praying. Immobilized. Practice halted #Vikings

Vancouver, BC

💔💔 #Vikings

Ontario, Canada

@WWERollins hey Seth please pass this on to my boy @teddyb_h2o #worstdayever #vikings


And right when the #Vikings look great #Bridgewater goes down with a knee injury. The drinking a starts now


@Vikings you're doing this all wrong,supposed to rip out our heart in playoffs,not preseason! #teddy #why #Vikings


RT @JamesD_Hogan: Sources: #Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was taken to the hospital shortly after practiced and I'm hearing it's a compound fracture.


Manziel sobered up yet? #Vikings #NFL

Prince George, BC, Canada

And the Vikings just became irrelevant .... #NFLPreseason #Vikings

Winnipeg, Manitoba

RT @JamesD_Hogan: Sources: #Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was taken to the hospital shortly after practiced and I'm hearing it's a compound fracture.

ÜT: 43.8280419,-79.5607157

#Vikings just started trending with 15435 tweets. More trends at #trndnl