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#VIEWS Eve. @AppleMusic
Kris Jenner savagely drags Kim when the sisters get salty that she is paying for Rob's house 💀💀💀
Vine by Amymarie Gaertner - Honey's becoming a little diva.
I knew views would leak
Vine by Derek and Kevin - Views
A storm is coming.... #VIEWS
My grandma just sent me a video explaining what a dab is. Memes have officially destroyed my life and family.
Happy #NationalSuperheroDay!
Kris Jenner is a savage for bringing up Kim's 72 day marriage 😭😂
Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert with the best Running Man Challenge ever.
Vine by Bleacher Report - Views.
- Vine by David Minish
How you gettin chase down by a giraffe 😂😂
#ThisIsWhatYouCameFor APRIL 29 ⚡️
How tf zksjajsissbshf
I am crying at this entire video 😭😭😂😂
BREAKING NEWS: @TheEricYoung has arrived to @WWENXT!!!
Wtf did I just watch 💀💀
Vine by Ekm94 - When you first get to the beach
Vine by Derek and Kevin - Views
when you are playing in the nhl playoffs but remember that bees are dying globally at an alarming rate
Kris Jenner is a savage for bringing up Kim's 72 day marriage 😭😂
- Vine by aswad
Kris is savage af for bringing up Kim's 72 day marriage 😂😭
Patiently waiting... @Drake #VIEWS Tonight. Only on Apple Music.
This is hilarious 💀
she deserves to be heard😍
Best video I've ever found on the Internet💙
Drake haters trying to find something wrong with VIEWS
The only way to listen to Justin from now on😍😍
What do you mean you haven't tweeted #NHL17McDavid yet?! 🙄 Let's get @cmcdavid97 on the @EASPORTSNHL cover!
혼자만 즐기면 쓰나.. 쓰십니까..? 응? #불타오르네 #정국
A storm is coming... #VIEWS
When the BBoyz bust out ampme at the school cafe 😂
beyoncé brought two fans onstage and they knew the choreo perfectly
This is gonna be my whip for summer 🤔😭😂
Somewhere between tongue twister & legendary. You gotta hear this. #BalleTereBonino #PITvsWSH
Great Value #LEMONADE
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#VIEWS Now Available On iTunes
Waiting for #views to drop like.... @Drake #NHL17McDavid
The city is urging those who plan on purchasing #VIEWS to make sure your fire alarm is operational.
Toronto right now, 6 god is watching
Why this look like a GTA loading screen?
#VIEWS Tracklist
Damn, @Drake went a little inside baseball with some of these #VIEWS track names. #TOpoli
Everyone patiently waiting.
Toronto right now, naturally.
Over the next 5 years, we’ll invest $8.4B to improve health care, education and housing for Indigenous peoples.
Surprise "Thank You Followers" giveaway! Win the lovely Givenchy Live Irresistible! To enter follow @davelackie & RT
Its Twitter Thursday! RT to vote for @cmcdavid97 for the @EASPORTSNHL 17 cover! #NHL17McDavid
Listening to "Views" in Brussels.
Straight from the 6. 
Now, only on Apple Music.
I stand here before you not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, the people #cdnpoli #ottawa #toronto
Canadian beef *is* produced humanely, @earlsrestaurant.
Its locally sourced, and employs thousands of Canadians.
RT & follow @OriginalFunko for the chance to win a @BNBuzz exclusive Neville Longbottom Pop!
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RT @tbrown_2wavey: Weston Road, Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Weston Road Flows #VIEWS


RT @PalmerAhmed: Shout out to all my friends & family back home that I grew up with playing basketball on Weston Road with #VIEWS ?


RT @tbrown_2wavey: Weston Road, Toronto


Yall mericans know about weston road orrrrrrrrrrr #VIEWS #6ix

Toronto, Ontario

*Listens to Drake - Weston Road Flows* #dbzfusion

UK & Canada

RT @sujexvara: As if weston road isn't crowded enough, Drake had to put respek on it

Toronto, Ontario

Weston Road Flows @Drake #thanksdrake #views #westonandsheppardrepresent


Y'all Americans trying to go to Weston road ? LMAO

Toronto, Ontario

I've only listen to 3 songs but Weston road flows is definitely one of the best

When @MeekMill catch @NICKIMINAJ listening to #VIEWS


Grammy - Drake & Future
"They gon think I won a Grammy"