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Vine by The DigiTour - DEMI LOVATO can't wait to see you at #DigiFestNYC on June 6th at Citi Field! Get tix NOW at 👈
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Vine by YouFunnyB - Washing your car & your shit come on #youfunnyb #comedy #whenyourshitcome #awshit
Vine by YouFunnyB - Washing your car & your shit come on #youfunnyb #comedy #whenyourshitcome #awshit
Vine by cjzero - LeBron X Fetty Wap - My Way
Vine by Hip Whip J - GOT THE WHOLE SCHOOL🔥🔥💸💸💯💯💯 #WorldStarVines #HitThatWhip WORLDSTARHIPHOP®, Wahlid Mohammad
Vine by joe jonas - when you're early on the beat drop.
Vine by happyforshawn - that note omG I'm screaming Shawn Mendes
Vine by OMG It's Stephen Pendleton!! - A DOG THAT LOST HIS VOICE!! TOO CUTE!!
Vine by Robert Söderlind - Victor Hedman's pre-game routine is pretty wicked! #HKYSGREATEST
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قصه حب تتكلم عن كتاب حاول أن يسرد قصه جديده إلي أن تصبح القصه حقيقيه وليست من نسيج الخيال بعد أن تعايش مع قصص الحب والخيال لتكون جزء من روايته الواقعيه !!!
Love story talks about a book that lists tried a new story to the story become a real and not a tissue of fiction after that coexistence with love and fantasy stories to be part of the novel realistic !!!
Love Story parle un livre qui répertorie essayé une nouvelle histoire à lhistoire devienne un réel et pas un tissu de la fiction après que la coexistence avec amour et histoires fantastiques à faire partie du roman réaliste !!!
#thestoryoflove - #قصه_حب
Samo Zaen & Kenza Morsli - Love Story ( Official Clip ) قصه_حب#
سامو زين & كنزه مرسلي ( قصه حب ) الفيديو الرسمي
شركه أس زد ميوزك هي المالك الوحيد في جميع دول العالم لهذا المصنف وتحذر من نسخه أو تداوله من غير تصريح لعدم التعرض للمسائله القانونيه .

إخراج : إسماعيل الأبرص
كلمات : السيد علي
ألحان : أحمد يوسف
توزيع : أكرم عادل
Samo Zaen & Kenza Morsli - Love Story 
Booking Artist : 00201005395500
Directed By Ismail Al Abras 
Composer: Ahmed Yousf
Song Writer:El Said Ali
Composer: Akram Adel
Mix & Master : Akram Adel
© & (P) SZ MUSIC LABEL 2015
To license this music contact us at

SZ Music TV is the channel where All about good Music!
SZ MUSIC TV is new in music industry; SZ Music already earned its position in the top of the most important labels in Middle East.
Starting with 2015,the artists we represent are one of the most successful in the Middle East and also were a huge breakthrough in the international market, topping radio and sales around the world. SZ Music is home of artists such as Samo Zaen, Kenza Morsli, Chadash Cort, Badrou Eddine, David Vendetta and many more.
We post new amazing videos and hits at least twice a week. Some of our playlists are updated weekly. We update "Fresh" playlist every Tuesday while "Weekend" is updated every Friday. Our music is available here so, tune in and enjoy it!
FINALLY ♥♥♥😘😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😍😍
"Así queeee @ShawnMendes ¡tan envuelto! ¡WOW! 💘" #FOMA
@CHlLDHOODRUINER: "That camera man fast as shit 😂😂" #1 in #World
Hearty congratulations to @CH_Cartoon, winner of the national newspaper award for hands down the image of the year.
I was very nervous in this photo.. Today was amazing. Thank you @taylorswift for this! #1989TourBatonRouge
Well deserved #NNA2014 award for @CH_Cartoon for editorial cartoons.
Fala galera, espero que gostem do video, se inscreva no canal, compartilhem com os seu amigos e me siga no instagram e no twitter! @allymak08 Curtam minha Página no facebook!

Hey everyone, I hope that you like the video, subscribe to my channel, share with your friends and follow me on instagram and my twitter @allymak08! Like my facebook fan page!
Hes done it again! @CH_Cartoon wins his 4th National Newspaper Award.
Lmao wasnt planning to post this but I have to because of you, my second photo @zoee_janoskians
ياطير خذني معاك يا طير 🎈
مهموم واشغلني التفكير 😔
#FlashbackFriday: On this day in 1970, Vancouver was awarded an #NHL franchise. This was the #Canucks 1970.71 roster.
EBONY Cover.
Supernaturals, Dean Winchester, struggles with the effects of bearing the Mark of Cain.  Until Sam and Castiel find a cure, Dean has no other choice but to just "Shake It Off"!  The Hillywood Show® brings the SPN Family a parody of epic proportions, that includes, Angels, Demons, Crowley, the Chevy Impala and fan favorite moments from the CWs Supernatural!  

Starring, Osric Chau as "Sam", Rob Benedict as "Cain"and special guest cameos from the Cast of Supernatural, including Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and more! 

View in 720p, 1080p or 4kHD for the full Supernatural experience!  Enjoy and God bless!


The Behind The Scenes:
Dean Winchesters Video Diary:


E-mail For Business/Press Inquiries: 


Jared Padalecki:
Jensen Ackles:
Misha Collins:
Osric Chau:
Rob Benedict:
Richard Speight, Jr.:
Matt Cohen:
Timothy Omundson:
Mark Pellegrino:
Sebastian Roche:
Gil McKinney:
Tahmoh Penikett:
Lauren Tom:
Travis Aaron Wade:
Tyler Johnston:
Samantha Smith:


Vine: @HillyHindi



• Executive Produced by 

• "Shake It Off" Cover by Twenty One Two:

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Bruce MacKinnon from Halifax Chronicle Herald wins #NNA2014 for editorial cartooning - tribute to Cpl. Nathan Cirillo
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Another Hit by Smurf Hicks giving you that real money music to get money to instagram @smurfhicks soundcloud @smurfhicks bayarea stand up real richmond
Abegi "@MensHumor: TRUTH BOMB!"
RT @ShaunaRempel: And Bruce MacKinnon wins the first journalist of the year award at #NNA2014. #cdnmedia
we had like $800 that 6 of us put together in order to see the lengths that people would go to for $100. I can confidently say, no one stepped down when it came to winning that money
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