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Tolong tweetfamoussss, tolong zebarkan kejadian berbahaya di UKM niiiii. Bangi dah tak selamat!!1!
Jasa melukis sketsa & karikatur ( Hitam putih & Berwarna)

Pin bbm : 27509139
Aman & murah :)
this is bloody adorable
“@Ashton5SOS: If youve woken up feeling down today.... PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK IT UP and” 💃❤️
Hmm..adakah faktor jantina ?
Kalau nak ptong kuku , potong je la xpyah nak kira2
Babi la ni siapa pulak terfollow aku ni. Lain kali peka la sikit.
Ada peniaga online perangai sampai macam ni? Kejam nau ni.

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