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If you read this, type Which one is Cara and which one is Troye?! I cant tell in the comments section below! ;)
que bonito es
@WSJ sudah jadi pendakwaraya.
DS @NajibRazak jadilah peguam bela.
Rakyat bakal hakim bicara.
The documents showing alleged transfers of almost $700 million to Najib’s bank accounts
"Awk merajuk dengan kita ke?"

All I want for summer
Igual no la reventaba xdxdxd #dontjudgechallenge
Masih ada harapan untuk Malaysia.
The fact that Cara remembers her fans is so cute 😍
Salam @ahmadmaslan. Ringgit makin jatuh. Makin menghampiri cgpa Dato.
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