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Gargarisme III - Sheldon & Sopico (Feat Di-Meh)
Football Reactions's post on Vine - Vine by Dee Patmore - When you get out the friendzone.
thetopcorner's post on Vine - Vine by thetopcorner - Leo Messi at 19 in 2006. Roberto Carlos' ankles are probably still sore today.
Un Enfant, Un Cadeau - Servette FC au Coeur des Grottes
je me baladais tranquillement quand tout a coup : Rihanna veut des calins - Vine by Quentin G - je me baladais tranquillement quand tout a coup : Rihanna veut des calins
The most adorable Taekwondo take down you'll ever see ???? - Vine by Leap Sports - The most adorable Taekwondo take down you'll ever see 😂
5 Seconds of Summer - 5SOS Retirees Go Rogue (Target Prank Pt. 2)
I'm in love with the coco ???? ???????????? - Vine by Best Vines - I'm in love with the coco 🎶 😂😂😂
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Concours #PetitPapaTopAchat 

Cest parti pour le #lot17 à 1458 € !

Pour participer, RT + Follow @TopAchat :-)
@_MatteoSolari tu critiques mais toi tu confonds "sa" et "ça"
Google gives insights to the four major religions.
[#Justice] Marco Reus a été condamné à 540 000 € damende pour avoir conduit 7 ans sans permis !
Twitter cest cool..
Jarrive pas a faire une tulipe sur snapchat et lui il fait ca sans pression
Jai volé le tampon de mon lycée et je me fais mes propres retards. Qui dit mieux ?
Angelina Jolie elle porte bien son nom. 🙌
when i see bae
Roxane in action at Urgence Disk Records, Geneva. @phazyluckers @DavidMeister @materard
Quand ta mère fais une blague pas drôle mais que tu veux lui demander de l’argent
Moi au nouvel an
Ill be the happiest girl
if u follow me
I wish I could meet you😔
come to Switzerland pls
Mdr il a cru cetai un Cornetto ou koi
Quand tas bossé 23 ans et demi sur un devoir et que le prof tannonce que cest pas noté ...
Qui dautre a lemoji qui se tape une barre en 1er ?
关于埃博拉需要知道的事实 #埃博拉 #中文
Vintage @UN_Radio - #TT to 1958 interview with French singer & actress Line Renaud at the Palais des Nations #Geneva
Your four basic religions
My retro2014: support to Keysaney and Medina hospitals in Moga, #Somalia, through supplies, training and maintenance.
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New #job: Procurement Officer,Geneva .. #CERNjobs #Purchasing #Procurement #Officer


Delayed out of Geneva on @KLM but it isn't showing delayed on the @Delta application?! Will @Delta still rebook Platinum members? #takeme2ga

ÜT: 40.742372,-73.982958

RT @Kempinski: In Geneva for Christmas Time? Find out what there's to do this time of year

Geneva, Switzerland

@ashfurrow That’s pretty standard price for Geneva. I bought it at the train station.


RT @BNCommodities: Crude’s worst slump since the financial crisis means profits for Geneva’s army of oil traders |


RT @thinkingmuseum: Excited to be speaking @MuseumNext 2015 in Geneva with @GundyvanDijk. Roll on next April!

Geneva, Switzerland

Almost missed my flight from Frankfurt to Geneva. Stupid #lufthansa , you're a German airline. Be punctual!✈️?

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva, baby! The 10 most livable global cities for balancing work and play by @jessleber via @FastCoExist

Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva’s Army of Oil Traders Embraces the Profits a Crash Brings via @business


9AM, off to a shoot already! In Geneva I'm most efficient and productive, I squeeze so much in one day it's crazy.

Geneva, Switzerland








Mdr il a cru cetai un Cornetto ou koi






My retro2014: #Eritrea: village of Adi Gedesho during a livestock anti-parasite campaign.