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Switzerland is ruled by a secret system. A system of just a few individuals. They corrupt the media with money, they manipulate politicians with lobbying, and blackmail the Swiss public with threats.
But they are afraid. Afraid of you.
"Schmiert legal seit 1917": Die großartige Anti-Fifa-Werbung von Motorex
Tablas de Nutrición Gratis
link para acceder a la descarga:
Ich kann nicht aufhören zu lachen! #StarWars #Loreal
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Wir verneigen uns! - Vor der Remixkultur, vor Jimmy Fallon und vor allem vor dem deutschen Hip Hop und den führenden Funktionären der Gewerkschaft Deutscher Sprechgesangsartisten. Clap your Baggypants together, this is THE HISTORY OF GERMAN RAP!
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SWEDEN - watch on

Kung Fury is an over-the-top 80’s action comedy that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners. 

The campaign that was launched in December 2013 was backed by more than 17 000 people who together gave more than $630 000.

Watch official video for the single "True Survivor" by David Hasselhoff:

Download “Kung Fury” soundtrack:

Written & Directed by David Sandberg.
Full credit list will be available on in the next couple of days.
Thank you Dublin show 1!!! You ruled party people!! 🎸
Grossartige & brandaktuelle Werbung im @BLICK_Sport
The 65th FIFA Congress began on 29 May from Zurich. The focus was on the results of FIFA’s work in 2014, approval of the budget for 2016 and more.

More about the Congress:

More FIFA news videos:

10 things you dont know about FIFA:

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More videos from FIFA on YouTube:
RT Bandiee: #Fitness #Motivation #Diet #WorkHard
Countdown to the WEEKEND.
Heres the music video for one of our new songs called IM THERE!! XO hv

Directed by Jim Dziura 

RT: @McKenzieCNN: This graphic of FIFA leadership is extraordinary.
Neu #Opendata: Echtzeitinformationen zu freien Parkplätzen in Parkhäusern … #Zürich #realtime
#friendsandfamily #russia_ww Trypnaural #meditation - premier cb meditation program: Su
With the #FIFAWWC just 8 days away, weve published a FIFA womens football background paper.
Heute mal Mountainbiken am Rheinfall in der Schweiz! Macht Laune! 😄🚲
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Die vielen Gesichter des Joseph S. Blatter..? #FIFA #FIFACongress

VIDEO: Post-Congress interview with FIFA President Blatter #FIFACongress #blatter

Zürich, Switzerland.

RT @phossli: Paraphrasing @GaryLineker: "Football is a simple game. 209 men vote for 200 minutes and at the end, @SeppBlatter always win" #FIFACongress


RT @phossli: Paraphrasing @GaryLineker: "Football is a simple game. 209 men vote for 200 minutes and at the end, @SeppBlatter always win" #FIFACongress


RT @phossli: Full disclosure: #FIFA offered me a sandwich, two apples, some grapes, an espresso, two bottles of water. I paid for lunch. #FIFACongress


RT @fifamedia: #FIFACongress Joseph S. Blatter reelected as FIFA President

Bern, Zürich, Schweiz, Suisse