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Vine by warriorsworld - Steph drops CP3
Vine by brit's edits - This is a new era. THIS is One Direction.
Vine by ❥Micky&Dani❥ - So Harry told everyone to throw anything they want on stage 😂😂
Vine by livsta - He is so cute oh my lord
empty arena edits's post on Vine - Vine by empty arena edits - (use headphones) happily
Vine by One Direction Vocals - No control (acapella)
Vine by lightning louis - why am i like this omf
Vine by kimmyofficial - WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF
Vine by YVNGSWAG - When the Gospel music is 🔥 but you only know black dances😂😂 Respectmyjays_, KHADI DON, Nike Boi
Vine by ret - LARRY AND NIAM ALL IN ONE #niallhoran #OTRATour #liampayne #larrystylinson #larry #niam #louistomlinson #onedirectionedit #1Dedits #otra
Vine by tmh tia - not sure how I filmed this without shaking tbh
Vine by 1Dxclusive Clips - but look how happy he was 😭❤️
Vine by Tomlinsun Edits - omg his face this is so cute #harrystyles #1dedits #edit
Vine by Bleacher Report - Magic can't believe Steph just did that to CP3 😂😂
Vine by HarryandLouis - #LouisTomlinson #OnTheRoadAgain cutest person ever! :D |C.Ling 11.03.15|
Vine by OTRA TOUR - Single ladies dance 😜
Vine by kimmyofficial - niall speaking spanish is so attractive
Vine by LouisandHarry - I SEE YOU LOUIS 👀
Vine by Niall Girls - one of my fave moments in Manila 😕😂👌 - Shay (03.22.15 cc|mine)
Vine by niallchumisfum¨̮ - naughty boy no swiping
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Buy "Dazed And Confused" on iTunes:
The "Dazed And Confused Tour" Dates: Sayreville, NJ - 7/8
New York, NY - 7/9
Boston, MA - 7/11
New Haven, CT - 7/14
Lancaster, PA - 7/15
Washington, DC - 7/17
Philly, PA - 7/18
Pittsburgh, PA - 7/19
Cincinnati, OH - 7/21
Charlotte, NC - 7/22
Orlando, FL - 7/24
Fort Lauderdale, FL - 7/25
Jacksonville, FL - 7/26
Atlanta, GA - 7/28
Pontiac, MI - 7/31
Cleveland, OH - 8/1
Milwaukee, WI - 8/3
Chicago, IL - 8/4
Kansas City, MO - 8/5
Phoenix, AZ - 8/8
San Diego, CA - 8/9
San Francisco, CA - 8/10
Los Angeles, CA - 8/11
Anaheim, CA - 8/13

Info on tickets, meet and greets, and on sale dates at

Music video by Jake Miller performing First Flight Home. © Warner Brothers Records.
Snapchat: Weekly-Chris
Instagram: WeeklyChris
Vine: WeeklyChris
They gave the birds laxatives lmao
"@5SOS: Check out that smiley dude"
Ethan and Grayson eat bad foods really fast and the winner wins. 

IG- EthanDolan
Twitter- EthanGDolan
Vine- Ethan Dolan

IG- GraysonDolan
Twitter- DolanGrayson
Vine- Grayson Dolan
“@yagirlmadsss: "@WorIdStarVideos: NOOOO LMAO THE END HAD ME CRYING"  😂😂😭💀”. 😂😩
Holy shit, what does this suppost to mean? 😍
“@5SOS: Mike laying a rap down” #TheyreTheOne #5SecondsofSummer @radiodisney
"@tropicolourry: “@_stylesss09: Stadiums have started to take Zayn out of OTRA promotion photos!”:(" hurting so much
"@halibuttharry: “@ZahrahAinunM: "@groaningharold: GUYS !!
I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney"”"
When youre librarian af
“@JackJackJohnson: All Love ❤️”
“@stylesftzjm: This is still the best thing to have ever happened dont even lie to me” OMFG YESSS
ตัวปลอมป๊าวววววววววววว "@IBGDRGN: #BIGBANG2015"
We spoke to rap duo @JackAndJackReal about touring, being labeled “social media kids," & more:
Et du côté de @google ça donne ça #AprilFools
변신중 ! 🙈🙉#까꿍 #TheEXOluXion
Ive never been more amused
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@JMachtelinck: "@NiallYouAngel: “@groaningharold: GUYS !! I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney”"”"
Vine by exhale styles - determination.
Vine by 1D is love 1D is life - One Direction as Disney characters ???? (ib: taylor edits)
"@Official1D_PHIL: Quote and RT to vote for #OneDirection “Steal My Girl” #XOXO @radiodisney"
Vine by fckn louis - hes suck a dork ????????
Rt: Steal my girl Fav: Steal my girl OneDirection "Steal My Girl" #XOXO @radiodisney Please rt were losing!!
Vine by Horan Syndrome - Prepare { ib: k editsss }
Vine by fckn harry - DAD
Vine by frisky styles - NOO | tysm for 7k & 1 mil loops ily !! ac: to me so plz give credit if you use (Ill rv)