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RT @cnni: 24 hours after Beijing’s massive #VDay parade, the pollution is back (along with the traffic). Via @willripleyCNN


RT @tomphillipsin: Beijing before and after military parade

Great Firewall, Beijing

Unglaublich:24 Std. nach blauem Himmel bei Parade hat Smog Peking wieder fest im Griff

Peking, Beijing

Excellent video. Please talk a little slower. Pomp and Power at China Military Parade via @nytvideo

Beijing, China

Nanjing massacre: how a simple bycicle told me more than a bunch of books. Have a look to my video in these days of parade and pride.


MT @DavidMooreSCMP: China's cutting-edge weapons- only half were seen on parade via @SCMP_News


A thought on the whole 'military parade for peace' angle. If Japan held such a parade, what would Beijing's reaction be?


Today´s quiz: When did China´s military parade end?

Peking, China

阅兵之后,北京马上就雾霾了,现在美领馆的空气污染指数为 156,中度污染。Look at the awful air pollution in Beijing, just after the "big parade".

Guangzhou/Beijing China

RT @tomphillipsin: Beijing before and after military parade

Beijing, China


Snapshots: Chinas #VDay parade offers rare aerial photos of Beijing
LIVE #VDay parade: World leaders, representatives to take their seats at the Tian’anmen Rostrum to watch #VDay parade