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Vine by @Gilology - Sepp Blatter wins the 2015 FIFA Election
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AYÚDENOS a localizar a los padres de niña hallada sin vida en Santa María,Dota. María Haydee M. Ramón Suárez E. -> RT
RT @Revista_EyN: Movistar #CostaRica ampliará su red 4G LTE…………………………
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The family structure of orcas is destroyed by captivity, and its time to return them to their world, the ‘real” sea world, instead of forcing them to live in ours. 

As a scientist for Humane Society International and a marine mammal scientist for the Animal Welfare Institute, Rose has spent her entire career studying whales and dolphins (cetaceans) in captivity and how society’s relationship with these animals needs to change. Rose travels the world, most recently to Russia and Singapore, to give presentations about the concerns related to keeping cetaceans in captivity and using them in performances. She brings scientific grounding to an often divisive and emotional topic. Her work has been profiled in the book “Death at SeaWorld” by David Kirby; she also consulted on the 2013 documentary film “Blackfish” by Gabriela Cowperthwaite.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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Odir Jacques seguirá como director técnico del @CS_Herediano por dos torneos. 

#DIPOL detiene a mujer por sustracción de menor de edad
@Ashton5SOS but why are you wearing a button up shirt
UH: Bebé de 7 días de nacido delicado tras ser lanzado contra una pared por su propio padre:
Supuestos jardineros podrían estar engañando a personas. Ya hay víctimas de este carro. Visitan casas. No les abra!
gfinancialcorporation - Empresas Costa Rica………
AYÚDENOS a localizar a padres de niña hallada sin vida en Santa María,Dota. María Haydee M. Ramón Suárez E. / DarRT
Youre on a roll, @taylorswift13! #BadBloodMusicVideo just went #VevoCertified!
The battle between Team Fruity & Team Cocoa finally ends with a wet and ultimate throw down between me and Hunter March. 

Watch Hunter’s Revenge:

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Hey hahaha I challenged @HunterMarch to a big show down 😂😂😂 @GoTeamFruity #ad #PebblesRox
Sporting Lisboa se adelanta para contratar a Bryan Ruiz
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