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Super love 4 @Faydee Army in Poland, Moldova, France, Italy, Cyprus, Ukraine, Belarus, Belize, Mauritius, Hungary & every every everywhere!


@Purple_V1king nato doesnt care what turkey does,it invadec cyprus nato didnt lift a pinky


#HackingTeam delivery events for: Mexico, Chile, Vietnam, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, Cyprus in the calendar https://t.co/vUPh3U7zoH


@Swinbabwe @jess_smillie ben remember we are on a break while im in cyprus x


?????????Cyprus Government: Stop dolphin captivity - Sign the Petition! https://t.co/RS1aTbXjBA ?????????????????????????

*Some Tweets Are Graphic*

tomatoes, Belazu Balsamic Vinegar, a bit of Truffle salt, Organic EVOO, Cyprus flake salt #caprese #PantryChat https://t.co/UecJT7YMw3


Nazi propaganda #2 1. Greece June 29, 2015: http://t.co/5fiMf7xciG 2. Cyprus March 22, 2013: http://t.co/QM9ClLMReN http://t.co/PCEAJgEo90


Going to be so weird this year without @AlyshaNeville and @izzywizzyyyyx in cyprus??--salute???


Cyprus in a couple weeks ✈️

Insta-KingJaguar SC-JagWattley


#Cyprus President @AnastasiadesCY and #Greek Prime Minister @atsipras, #EuroZone Summit, Brussels, #Greece http://t.co/GD3y7HhSxZ








Every Tuesday in Ayia Napa! @CrankEvent In the Legendary Club Black N White The best of RnB and Hip-Hop http://t.co/xkhdu7JAwZ