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When your favourite song comes on in the club
Vine by San Antonio Spurs - Selena knows what's up. #GoSpursGo
Vine by Alex Kennedy - Eli Manning is SO EXCITED for his brother, Peyton.
Vine by Xgsplif - Rassurez-moi je suis pas le seul à connaître cette bière ?
Justin on his flight home after watching Beyoncés in the halftime show (if u get this you've been here a while)
Vine by Little Mix - Do you like it?
What a night
Vine by Ben Rohrbach - Eli is FIRED UP!
Vine by Gerson tacos - I just had to 😂
if Beyoncé can save herself from falling during halftime wearing heels, you can do anything
That reminds us... Who's done their daily #BRITBLACKMAGIC tweet? LM HQ x
Monday’s don’t have to be 😞. You just need some #BRITBLACKMAGIC to make it 😍 👉 LM HQ x
- Vine by @World_Wide_Wob
Vine by Sparky - Betty White putting basic bitches to SHAME when she his the dab!
Finally it's Super Bowl time. Let's go @Panthers ... #SB50 #KeepPounding @nfl @NFLUK @LCFC #LCFC
Bientot la saint Valentin ... Perso je préfère rester celib OKLM 😂️
Naaaan mdr regardez ma Soeur elle ma rep quoi je pleure du sang
Super Plate
Vine by Savannah - Fun on the treadmill
Why did he go and have to ruin this song too?
😂 @Timtothewild
Vine by Bleacher Report - PEYTON! #dab
Vine by Sparky - Betty White putting basic bitches to SHAME when she his the dab!
Moi le 1er jour des vacances à 10h du matin
Bill Simmons talking about meeting Harry while at dinner following the GQ MOTY party last year Pt1 (© @TheHarryNews)
Vine by idkbutimleila - lunettes teintées, phare xénon, vitres teintées BENDO BENDO
Moi quand on me dit un dossier sur une personne que j'aime pas
Selena featured in a Grammy's commercial during the Super Bowl!
Vine by t.kyle - Lady Gaga killed it!
In 2017, Aarhus and Central Denmark Region have the title of European Region of Gastronomy.
MDRRR les chinois sont pret à tout 😂😂😂😂
lol oh my god
- Vine by @World_Wide_Wob
Vine by meechonmars - white people
this is how I expect my boyfriend to be when a girl throws herself @ him.
Peyton Manning right now
Dodging feelings like
Remember when Zayn was crying during his solo in little things because he knew it was the last time #1yearsinceOTRA
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Super bowl
#1yearsinceOTRA vienna/london @Louis_Tomlinson
YAAAAAY, CONGRATS ON 6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS @Joe_Sugg (yes I did sit and watch you hit it) IM SO PROUD OF YOU xx
No.7: #History by @onedirection. Lets just point out this is its 9TH week in the countdown😳
Hi 😊 I want to DM some of you cause Im bored...

M9 Bayonet SAPPHIRE ($1500+)

RT+Follow, more ways to enter here: 

Im not mad about this view at all.
@digvijaya_28 Me & @INCIndias #DOGVijay arranged escape root 4 Pakistan,ISI & "Hafiz Saeed SAHAB" : #DavidHeadley
Tænk hvilken forskel vi kunne gøre i verden, hvis Regeringen prioriterede bistanden! #dkpol #dkaid
This is me right now, Im having a fit
Latest painting drying- Nashville house size of a palm - wooden block n acrylics tiny tiny 🎨
A Look into my soul right now...but its all good we will be back!
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#Russia in #untergang mode via .@samuelrachlin .@SAISHopkins #dkpol


Færøerne halter kraftigt efter Danmark (og snart Grønland) i #LGBTdk rettigheder. Kan det virkelig passe? #dkpol

Copenhagen, Denmark

RT @jnkjaer: Nu forstår jeg #dyrmedicin. Industrien skal jo have råd til gyldne håndtryk. Ja tak til reform! #sundpol #dkpol

København, Hovedstaden

RT @PiaOlsen: Tænk hvilken forskel vi kunne gøre i verden, hvis Regeringen prioriterede bistanden! #dkpol #dkaid


@berlingske Søren Gade har netop forklaret hvorfor politikere har hund #dkpol


Så vi skal forstå at sammenhængen ml mio fra landbrugsorg. til regeringen og at samme org skriver lovene er *helt* tilfældig? #dkpol

Copenhagen, Denmark

RT @YildizAkdogan: Uacceptabelt og angreb på ytringsfriheden! Muslimsk forening kræver 10.000 kroner i erstatning fra debattør #dkpol


RT @PiaOlsen: Ytringsfriheden er absolut! Stop bøllemetoderne. Du har min opbakning Geeti! #dkpol

3730 Nexø

RT @MetteGjerskov: Damn. Nu bruger Islamisk Trossamfund samme metode som Bæredygtigt Landbrug!!! Ellers enig med @PiaOlsen #dkpol

3730 Nexø

RT @TheYellowPete: Det viste sig så ikke at være tjenester, de skrev selv hele lovgivningen.. #dkpol @EvaKjerHansen @baeredygtigt https://t…

Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi ???? I want to DM some of you cause Im bored...


loving the meeting room with a view in Copenhagen @MPI #EMEC16 with @Jessie_States and Gilbert. #meetingdesign
In to #CSR, #EMEC16? Check the lobby area where @MPI use #BeeSustain to share sustainable actions!
Ive heard of meetings in a box, but not meetings on a box! Loving the seats at #EMEC16 @MPI
Do you like Copenhagen, #EMEC16? Bring it home in a jar & prolong your sweet memories! #BeeSustain
Want to bring home the Taste of Copenhagen, #EMEC16? Check the City Bee shop in the @RB_CPH lobby! #BeeSustain