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"What is the best online sportsbook?" -  A question asked by so many sports bettors before they even begin to bet on sports online. Everyday, both professional and amateur players alike discover the benefits to betting on sports online vs betting on sports with a brick-and-mortar establishment or even a local bookie. But they are immediately plagued with the internet-aged-old question, "What is the best online sportsbook?"

The answer is not as straight-forward as one might think. The truth is, you can not simply Google "best online sportsbook" and expect to find the most reliable and trustworthy sports betting sites. What you will get is a list of ten webpages on the first page of Google that claim to hold the best online bookmakers and several adwords links from advertisers claiming the same. They will have short, catchy phrases such as "were the authority on online sportsbooks" or "discover who has the BEST bonuses and FASTEST payouts of ALL online betting sites." They will have bold letters and exclamation marks. And every description will somehow show sports bettors exactly what they want to read.

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But the truth is...take a closer look, do a little research. Most of these listings are partners of various online bookies, or they are direct or indirect creations by online sportsbooks themselves. 

These sites are getting PAID to tell you who the best online sportsbook is! And if you do the math, with the global industry of sports-betting currently being valued in the multi-billions annualy, theyre getting paid A LOT to tell you who the best online sportsbooks are!

So how can a sports betting enthusiast find truthful, valuable and precise information regarding the ever so popular question "what is the best online sportsbook?" Its simple. Talk to seasoned sports bettors who have years of experience in betting with most of the reputable, and not so reputable sports betting websites. Speak with professional gamblers about their experiences with the sportsbook you are considering. Read reviews from amateurs and experts alike that have either had positeve, or negative results from the most popular online bookmakers. Read real testimonies of players getting burned by the many online sportsbook scams. 

Out of the thousands of online sports betting destinations, there are truly only about a dozen worth considering. Out of these top online sportsbooks, there is probably only five that are absolutely 100% reliable and secure. Which site is the best online sportsbook for you can only be determined by what you need out of a sportsbook, and what your betting tendencies are. If you tend to bet on favorites, there are sportsbooks that usually hold bettor odds for the favorite in most sporting events. If you tend to bet on underdogs, there are online sportsbooks that payout greater for that. Some players prefer to bet on totals, and there are other online sportsbooks too that provide the best over/under odds. 

The list goes on and on for sports betting tendencies and preferences. But if you take your time in the beginning to perform just a tad of due dilligence in finding the best online sportsbook for your style of betting, you will reap the benefits and profits alike in the long run!

For more information be sure to read the real sports betting reviews at, a trustworthy watchdog of the online gambling community.

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From Tallinn with love. Especially for @shadrapa_ #tallinn #vanalinn #estonia #flowers #beautiful…


RT @estembassyuk: Did you know that there's unique & old pharmacy called Raeapteek in Tallinn? #FactOfTheWeek


4 more days and will be on my way for holidays in #Greece with @aegeanairlines flight from Tallinn. For the now...FRA

Tallinn, Estonia

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@The_JPhantom It wasn't, it was made in Tallinn, Estonia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Thanks for trying anyway lmao

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn airport lounge describes the country so well. Spacious, clean, tasty bread, no people in sight.

Tallinn, Estonia

I am honored to be 1st client of new #Siidrimaja #cider shop in Tallinn, Masina 20. Friendly…

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Pirita Special @ The Tallinn Collector #tallinn #thetallinncollector #pirita #summer #estonia

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[INSTAGRAM] 150726 redvelvet.smtown: #SMTOWN in osaka!!! 처음으로 룸메가 된 아이린 웬디!! 아름다운 밤이에요~...


[HQ] 150725 RED VELVET at Gimpo Airport to Osaka WENDY by Enigma_sw


[HQ] 150725 RED VELVET at Gimpo Airport to Osaka WENDY by Enigma_sw