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Justin Bieber's post on Vine - My dangles were unreal.. did u see that shot? I'm number 20. #dangles #20 #iceicebaby #uthoughtthiswasagame #imadethatpuckmybitch - Justin Bieber's post on Vine
Behind a Photo By Bryant | ft. Nash Grier
AustinMahone's post on Vine - Check out my Instagram next week to find out what scares me! 💀👹 #5TruthorDare - AustinMahone's post on Vine
Slush 2014, 18.-19.11. Helsinki
Lady Gaga Daily's post on Vine - Lady Gaga brings Little Monster on stage and watches him propose to his boyfriend! - Lady Gaga Daily's post on Vine
RETRY Official Gameplay Trailer - Out Now on iOS and Android!
Gwen Stefani - Baby Don't Lie
I'M STILL ALIVE! (Update: Plans For Advanced Warfare)
Ryan's post on Vine - Hahahahh - Ryan's post on Vine
Spongebob Ruined's post on Vine - This is crazy talk... Follow our Instagram: Spongebob_Ruined - Spongebob Ruined's post on Vine
Vimeo - PhotoMath
DIY Halloween CAT Costume!!!!!!!!
Pekka the Design Fan in Lapland - FINLAND
derek salvatore's post on Vine - D'aw he likes you ☺️ Happy October errbody! #🎃#StopMotion #originalmusic #Halloween #ハロウィン #ハロウィーン #pumpkin - derek salvatore's post on Vine
"Shia LaBeouf" Live - Rob Cantor
Fall Out Boy - Centuries (Official Video)
Till I Find You - Austin Mahone | Just Dance 2015 | Gameplay
Alex Chaffer's post on Vine - GOAL! What a goal Marco REUS! - Alex Chaffer's post on Vine
One Direction - Steal My Girl (2 days to go)
[Episode] 'War of Hormone' MV & Photo shooting
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Wellies series.
RT @makeleasmile: gente essas caras da Lea são impagáveis sauhsuhaushauhsuahs
Track 12
The full track list.
I may or may not drop a song that me and Robert wrote in the next couple days 😁 be ready
Brasil 🌴
via: @megunder
On Sun, we asked a very handsome guard for a pic w/my friend visiting from Cali - RIP Nathan Cirillo
Rest in Peace Nathan Cirillo, the solider who sacrificed his life to protect and serve our country. He was only 24.
I would rather get Ebola then receive this
Olen huolestunut 🙈🙉🙊
Missing this lil squish today. 🐶
Confirmed: #LFC’s starting line-up and substitutes v @realmadrid
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بروسيا دورتموند 3 هدف رويس رااااائع - Almoj Alazra8s post on Vine




RT @smliiga: #Liiga RT @HPKKannattajat: 1-3 -> 4-3 JA. Huikeaa! #HPK #ArvosenPojat


RT @AnninaRajahuhta: @Nooraty41 sangollinen hommattu ens pelipäivää varten! #kyllätarttuu #kilpiliimaus
YouTube - Slush 2014, 18.-19.11. Helsinki
RT @kittikatti: B Holmström: Suomessa kaikkea pitää peilata digitalisaatiota vasten. Se on kieli, ei teknologia. #tulevaisuudensuomi