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Everyone coming home from English today
Vine by Johantomte - Fra AFSK - Aurskog-Høland 2 i 5. Divisjon
"Balance it oan yer heed ye get a biscuit"
when the essay questions are on character and key incident
Firmino 🔥🔥
'It 100% won't be Mrs Midas' ......... Opens page aaaannnndddd
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Are ye sorry yer a goth?
In @TheSun Ive been accused of having morals, fighting for social justice and being alright at my job. Thank you.
Deadass spent 2 hours doing project on Youth in Asia then find out its supposed to be on Euthanasia. Summer wya 😭
Ye sorry yer a goth
My picture of the year-Highlights what we stand for as a Youth Academy.19 year old Scott McKenna and Ethan Ross 14
we’re back on tour in seven days // SLFL x
nat 5 close reading paper in one photo
What the fuck is wrong with this country
I love how angry people are over this
Not risking it with the English exam tomorrow!
So, Ive been using the "drift" feature on the Focus RS.....
Aberdeen Mental Health and Wellbeing Network - Youre Not Alone campaign launch 16 May, Central Library, 5.30-7.30pm
ICYMI we announced that well be joining our friends @Daydream_Frenzy at their EP launch 4th June @DownstairsUK
Amsterdam preparing for Putins arrival 😂🌈
why does this look like the poster to an ABC show about a family hiding the murder of their maid
HOGWARTS @unistudios #wizardingworldhollywood
KHAKI VIBES 🍃 head over to my blog for direct links to the clothes 💕
The North British News...its the only election coverage you need, frankly.
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RT @profp_edinsurg: Unbelievable turnout for the 6th Scottish Medical Education Conference. We're up and running. #NESSME16

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @JuliaHB1: Right, I'm bored with angry Scottish teenagers now. Who's next?

Aberdeen, Scotland

Looks like it was a great evening- well done to all (especially the Scottish contingent!)

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @JuliaHB1: Soooo many angry Scottish teenagers tweeting me because an article by me featured in their Higher English exam today. It wasn't *my* fault.

Aberdeen, scotland

Could gale force winds off the Scottish coast hold-up tonight's #ScottishElection count?

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @AbiWilks: If I had to entrust our country's future to either a load of Scottish teenagers or Julia Hartley-Brewer I know which I would pick

Obar Dheathain

I got totally confused at the Scottish Parliament elections and ended up voting for Zac Goldsmith to leave Europe. #ScottishElection2016


RT @DjFreeInvasion: Scottish grime @RansomFA

Aberdeen, Scotland

@Gaeliconsultant @Marcas_Mac ?? brilliant! I love being Scottish. We are pretty damn fantastic!

Aberdeen Scotland

Writing, camper vans & Scottish journeys, this book couldn't be more perfect. Can't wait to read! @suereidsexton

Aberdeen, Scotland


Getting ready for the night ahead in Aberdeen #SP16
First boxes from polling stations arriving at @Aberdeenshire count #SP16
BBC Aberdeen radio team all set for the Aberdeen City count. @BBCNorthEast #sp16
Our reporter @kirstingove is at the #SP16 election count at RGU in Aberdeen




GOAL!!!!!!!! #LFC


Are ye sorry yer a goth?
Ye sorry yer a goth


GOAL!!!!!!!! #LFC
Scenes on Anfield Road...


Scenes on Anfield Road...




My picture of the year-Highlights what we stand for as a Youth Academy.19 year old Scott McKenna and Ethan Ross 14