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Jurassic Park is on, and I cant not think of this. One of the funniest YouTube comments ever.
Should mickey and myself do a follow spree together? #jamesandmickeyfollowspree
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Wife got her postal vote through the door! Interesting first question though... #PatronisingBTLady #indyref
RT @jayjayrobertson: So this just happened ;) #indyref

RT @LawyersTogether: Ann Ritchie "being unwilling to engage with voters on the facts means they have no case" #indyref #nothanks

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @hamiltonwitch: Gordon gold finger Brown & Not Never Darling They cant even agree with each other! #indyref

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @halina1979: #EverydaySexism it appears we have regressed to the late 19th century. Get back in the kitchen ladies #indyref

Aberdeen, UK

RT @RadioGuyGlasgow: So, do Labour leaders in Scotland tell lies? Debate. #indyref

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @Shiny02: Uncertainty WITH power or uncertainty WITHOUT power. Say it with me. This is not rocket science. #indyref

London / Aberdeen

RT @GraceBrodie: @LabourEoin Darling claims it is going up - who is lying you or him ? #indyref

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @YsabelleStewart: Craig Murray video on shocking truth of UK foreign policy now up to 6500 views. Just keeps going up: #indyref

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @Caledonia_1: No campaigners on Deeside caught vandalising their own signs as well as removing #Yes signs #indyref #VoteYes

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @PatronisingBT: #indyref #PatronisingBTLady

Aberdeen, Scotland

RT @patronsaintofca: BBC has no credibility left #indyref

Aberdeen Scotland


How quickly will Glasgow City Council move on this latest Duke cone action?








Wife got her postal vote through the door! Interesting first question though... #PatronisingBTLady #indyref