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Boris Johnsons week in review.

RT @bellshillwilson: Boris Johnson: The dickhead who leaves the pub five minutes before it's his round.

that there bedford

Too right! "Our whole country paid the price for Boris Johnson's ambition" via @Independent

Bedford, England

BBC News - Boris, Gove and an 'act of treachery'

Bedford, UK

RT @Queen_UK: Text from Boris Johnson: "Buggered if I'm sorting out this shit!" #SeeYa

Bedford, England

RT @HillyFoz: Boris pops in to see how the #brexit plan is coming along

Marston Moretaine, Bedford

RT @SophiaCannon: Boris will go down in history for breaking the country and then not being man enough to fix it. Etonians are sending in white feathers

Bedford (UK)

Ouch! Not a polite article about Boris!

Bedford, UK

RT @liz_buckley: Completely wrecked the country and walked off expecting someone else to clean up & pay for it. This isn't an Oxbridge pub, Boris Johnson.

Bedford, UK

RT @BreatheSport: Monday: Roy Hodgson resigns as England manager. Thursday: Boris Johnson rules himself out of PM race. Coincidence?

Bedford. England

Keep seeing the UK trends and "Boris" is at the top... I have to keep reminding myself it's the total wanker, not the Japanese band.

Bedford UK


Vine by swiftlaura - Michael Goves human suit malfunctioned at conference today.


Time to let the world know. My next destination is @ManUtd
Time to let the world know. My next destination is @ManUtd