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Atletico Madrid 0-0 Chelsea
50+ to announce tomorrow. #RandL14
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RT @SonsofPutnoe: “@lozzaaaG: Gonna go all out tonight and take a whole £20 out in sop, you heard it here first #bankhol” £20 of sop you'll be off your nut


RT @Swinny89: How Angry Birds started #NeverGiveUp #GameDev


RT @BabyAnimalPics: me right now

Bedford, UK

Who wants to meet me in a dark alley


RT @RecommendableUK: Love the idea of @iw_expo's #startup15 - please RT to get us in! We're something brand-new and exciting, and we want to show everyone!


RT @TeenageCancer: BREAKING: you've done it! £1 million! We really can't thank you all enough!! #stephensstory


Having to pretty much down 500ml of milkshake twice a day is starting to mess with my stomach ???? on the plus side I gained a stone In 3 weeks


RT @TheVineBible: "You can keep your job if you can get the ball!"


@halnr3 @YoungsTeflon Scholes #Genius They Asked Zidane What's It Like 2 Be The Best MidF In The World He Said I Dno Ask Paul Scholes #SNM


RT @chlo_rtmx: “@Drug_porn:”

RT @TeenageCancer: BREAKING: youve done it! £1 million! We really cant thank you all enough!! #stephensstory


Manchester United fans unveil a new banner in support of Ryan Giggs #mufc