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Mi primer tweet ! / My first tweet !!!
When you actually get out of bed and go into uni for an hour
FACT: You are more likely to be bitten by Luis Suarez (1 in 2000) than a shark (1 in 3,700,000)
"We dont have a clapper!"
"Sorry, cant hear you, Marge. Im clapping!"
Ladies & Gentlemen, Dr. Bridgeen Barbour! The less fuzzy-faced owner of Established just passed her PhD Viva! An incredible, inspirational woman who has balanced opening a new business, being a mother of two amazing boys and writing a PhD over the last year and more. Give her a big high five next time you see her! (Photo Credit: @photosbysi)
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RT @BelfastHourNI: Thank you to all of you who took part this evening! Happy Halloween to you all! Be safe and take care #Belfasthour Thanks @EdwardsandCo_

Belfast, Northern Ireland

RT @BenMallon_NI: Great to see #Belfasthour go from strength to strength! Showing what's great about our city! @BelfastHourNI

Belfast, Northern Ireland

RT @happydayscrafts: A late post #Belfasthour but could we all wish @DanannCrafts happy 1st birthday

Belfast, Northern Ireland

RT @peterlennon1: #Belfasthour next week is a nature/flowers week .stay tuned

Belfast, Northern Ireland

RT @ulsterquartet: #belfasthour Come down to Folk/Transport Museum tomorrow. We will be down there with @UlsterOrchestra playing SPOOKY tunes! #NotesforUO

iPhone: 54.602322,-5.947629

Great to see #Belfasthour go from strength to strength! Showing what's great about our city! @BelfastHourNI

Northern Ireland, UK

We're on the countdown to Malloween at #TMIF! Who's joining us for some devilishly good food & drinks? #Belfasthour


#DidYouKnow you can hire DVDs from @BelfastCentLib for a small fee? ?? #WatchingFromBehindSofa #BelfastHour

Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1EA

@edeld @EllvenaGraham finishing desert & ready for @LyricBelfast Great evening so far! #Belfasthour @BelfastFestival

Northern Ireland

Missing her #Belfasthour pals! @CrawfordDorcas #BelFest

Northern Ireland
@barrabest Watch out for the scary pumpkins tomorrow night ????
@barrabest @angie_weather great fireworks in cookstown tonight! happy Halloween ????


RT if YOU want @BBCNews to #invitetheGreens! Simple really! Its called #democracy! #bbcqt
@barrabest @angie_weather great fireworks in cookstown tonight! happy Halloween ????


Well done @hillstownfarm @_HeavenlyBites_ #Belfasthour #Hillstownfarm


Next up, is ‘Medicine’ from @the1975. You’ll hear more of this later. #R1Drive