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Curved Heart Ring  key to my heart ring  heart by JabberDuck
Large Red  Ruby on Sterling Silver Cuff by-- naoDesignsJewelry
Heart Shaped Natural Stone Adjustable Ring by- naoDesignsJewelry
My always #Gorgeous friend Kara Monaco @KaraMonaco , #Model and 2006 #Playmate of the Year!
للمزيد الاتصال ع  جوال  0550167990 
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RT @TheLuluLife: I wanted Henry 2 come to the next audition with the girl. ❤️ but then remembered he's only 12 &we have the highest teen pregnancy rate? #BGT

Birmingham, UK ;-)

RT @BGT: Another BRILLIANT show!! Who was your favourite act?! #BGT

Birmingham, UK ;-)
A devoted mother sheltering her baby from the rain.
Hunting is apparently justified by giving money to aid conservation of species? I Prefer @rickygervais interpretation
“@tbutterfield95: @rickygervais a real hunter would shoot idiots like you for the greater good of society”


"Prepared" Come on mi babis!! #UTV #AVFC #WEMBLEY #VTID


RT if you want to see what Jamie can magic up in the live semi-finals! #BGT
RT if you’re hoping huggable Henry makes it all the way to the live semi-finals. #BGT
Walk from Villa dressing room to Wembley pitch
"Prepared" Come on mi babis!! #UTV #AVFC #WEMBLEY #VTID
So the main room is singing in perfect harmony to Hold Back The River right now! @JamesBayMusic #jamesbae




"Prepared" Come on mi babis!! #UTV #AVFC #WEMBLEY #VTID