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vonstrenginho's post on Vine - - vonstrenginho's post on Vine
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I'm Sexually Awkward
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I would rather get Ebola than receive this
Nail on head from @PrivateEyeNews here #hernamewasreevasteenkamp
I would rather get Ebola then receive this
Won best solo act ! Thanks to wretch for presenting this. Ledge
Worst graphic ever? 1) Its two planes to London. 2) Thats not even London. 3) Just look at the UK. #NFL
I would rather get Ebola then receive this
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RT @bbcapprentice: All hail @Lord_Sugars one-liners. #theapprentice

Just spent 2 hours watching #TheApprentice and we only got 30 minutes in. @chaarliehouse

Bournemouth, England

Never shouted so much at my TV over these candidates @Lord_Sugar how you kept your patience I don't know #TheApprentice


RT @Miss_Space_Geek: “@bbcapprentice: All hail @Lord_Sugar's one-liners. #theapprentice”


You can't have a business partner who has no business ethics #TheApprentice

Bournemouth, England

The more I look at Bianca, the more she looks like Worf from Star Trek ??#TheApprentice


"James you need polishing" You can't polish a turd @Lord_Sugar @bbcapprentice #TheApprentice

Bournemouth, England

'Ethics isn't where Southend or Colchester is' ? #TheApprentice


"Stop with the like me, you're not like me" LOOL awks #TheApprentice

London to Bournemouth

The more I look it bianca, the more she looks like worf from Star Trek ?? #TheApprentice


Wait wait WAIT. Did she actually just fire herself? AND who even selects these candidates? A swimming instructor? ??? #TheApprentice

London - Bournemouth
@OfficialDamage @OfficialDamage @OfficialDamage LOVE YOU, PLEASE TWEET BACK????????????????








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