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- Vine by FutMomento
Vine by @Gilology - Sepp Blatter wins the 2015 FIFA Election
Vine by Gustavo Vega - Kanye Smile for a Second #kanyewest
Vine by CASEYWEDGIES - u can
@TommoMuller's post on Vine - Vine by @TommoLFC_ - Rafa Benitez is a magician
The last thing I see before I go to sleep. #Murdersoccer - Vine by Soccer Guy - The last thing I see before I go to sleep. #Murdersoccer
Vine by Skepta - DJ MAXIMUM.
Vine by artballin - Driver wouldnt let her on the bus lmaooo what a child
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"@Arsenal: AND THERES THE FINAL WHISTLE! #FACupFinal #WeAreArsenal" via @tv_mauricio
The World Cup sponsors must be furious with that Qatar deaths graphic thats going round. Hope this version helps...
The Golden Boy of London.always proud of you
GOLLLLL!!!! Per Mertesacker! 3-0 (62) #FACupFinal
Silent Pain Game
Kerb Dwellers - Scent of the Sewer 
Featuring 2Wild, Buddy Nuggets & Mighty Mandroid
arranged by 2wild & mevz
produced and mixed by mevz for E.B.R 2015.
taken from the forthcoming album "the gutters finest" out later in the year.
Happy 35th birthday to #LFC legend, Steven Gerrard! #ThanksStevie
GOAL! Olivier Giroud! 4-0 (90) #FACupFinal | Twitterで話題のA
“@JackPittBrooke: The Zenit St Petersburg photo wed all been waiting for, even if we didnt know it.”

So cold
2 Wild "Exclusive Bars"
Vocals and Bass - 2 Wild
Dopple G - Cuts
Produced by - Mevs
Filming and Editing - Luke Morgan
Mighty Mandroid - (LIVE BARS)
Instrumental - To The Top by - Bluntedbeats
Filmed and Edited by - Luke Morgan
(yes the camera is on a dash cam ) there are 1000,s video of cyclists video showing "bad drivers" .
this video shows  how cyclist behave on the roads and pavement from peoples point of view .
just check this video how the cyclist hit a 3 year old and didnt even stop for yourself ,love to see how the cyclist pressuer group will spin this one.

 this is how most cyclist ride and behave in Bristol, although there are rules and regulation ,they choose to ignore it . 
this video is not about them speeding or not wearing  helmet, but is about how they ignore regulation, put their own and other lives in danger and call it FREEDOM OF CYCLING !!!
cyclists  want everything done for them for free and how we should respect them but wont respect others.
more and more people ask for new laws for cyclist over 15 to have  insurance and registration of cyclists as well as pay towards their cycle lane upkeep , their excuse is most of us pay council tax or have cars !!! is like me saying I pay ppl, prs,vat,biz rate and council tax therefore i should paying road tax on my car  !!!!!
so enjoy watching .
Salah seorang pertahanan terbaik #mufc. Selamat berjaya di atas persaraan @rioferdy5:
RT + follow to #WIN this Kirei Ombre Dress, £170 Ts&Cs:
TWO tickets left for ROBOT JOX at @GrainBarge on 10 June! #Bristol
Bristol, beer destination. And its only going to get better ...
If we held 1 min silence for each worker killed in Qatar, kick-off would be delayed 20 hours.” chilling thought
Saw this and thought of you @im_totes_rad
Four more days until I head out to New York to gather dating tips! #DateExplorer
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Which Arsenal player is going to put his dick in the FA Cup? #FACupFinal


RT @BBCMOTD: And thanks to Arsenal... good news for Southampton! #afc #saintsfc #FACupFinal #getcarriedaway


FA CUP WINNERS 2015 get in arsenal #arsenal #gooners #wembley

chipping sodbury, bristol

RT @Moyo_Adey: Arsenal and Chelsea only teams in England's top division to win silverware this season! ENGLAND IS LONDON ?


RT @jackwhitehall: Every Arsenal player has been phenomenal. Cazorla is world class and as for Sanchez... *mops his pants*


RT @JustEatUK: Congrats Arsenal for winning the #FACupFinal and Aston Villa for winning Sweet FA


RT @One_AFC: Arsenal have won 12 FA Cup trophies and half of them (6) have been won by Arsene Wenger. #Legend #OneArseneWenger


RT @bet365: Aston Villa European Cups – 1 Arsenal European Cups – 0 #AVFC


RT @bet365: Aston Villa European Cups – 1 Arsenal European Cups – 0 #AVFC


RT @BreatheSport: Giroud finishing the match off Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa



- Vine by FutMomento




The team receives a tremendous welcome from the Bath supporters as they arrive at Twickenham. #AvivaPremFinal
We couldnt have asked for a better reception at Twickenham today. #BringingTheNoise


GOAL! Olivier Giroud! 4-0 (90) #FACupFinal