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Major hailstorm in #cambridge!
.Made a Brexit gif. @Brynmorbeer #Brexit #BrexitVote #EUref #EURefResults #remain
Post-#Brexit strategy session.
OK lads no joking we have definitely angered the gods
Centre of Cambridge about 45 mins ago. #hail #cambridge
girls understand this struggle
AJ showing true patriotism coming out to the London National anthem.
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Wake up. We do not have to do this. We can stop this madness through a vote in Parliament. My statement below
Oh my! Looks like Scotland and Northern Ireland may have a veto on #Brexit process - p 19
This is not the post Brexit Britain we want to see. Politicians from all sides need to speak out 
Daily Mail explains how Brexit will affect your holiday money, mortgages, passports, health cover. Comments tragic.
Make this go viral so Boris Johnson has to admit he lied about giving £350M p/w to the NHS #EUreferendum #lies
To every European resident here at #Pride2016 and across our amazing city - you are welcome here. #LoveWins
Respect to Dom for coming out to the Lions Den. UK we raised the roof ✔️ Thank you all! 🇬🇧 #AJBoxing
Interesting comment on FB. Think it might be spot on.
Return to Parliamentary Democracy? Interesting letter in the Guardian:
Take back control.

No you take it back.

No you fucking take it.

You touched it last.
Scottish & Wales parliaments hv legal right to VETO any UK Brexit says Lords @LordsEUCom rpt
Brilliant assessment, @CH_Cartoon
It is with a heavy heart that I have this morning resigned from the Shadow Cabinet.
Quite an image of a British Muslim Mayor speaking at a massive LGBT Pride event.
Amazing Guardian comment on the poisoned chalice of #Brexit.
Here is a message for all those who voted Brexit to stop immigration.
London is one of the most LGBT+ friendly cities in the world - & Im so proud to be your Mayor #Pride2016 #LoveWins
LOL. Many of those signing the Second EU Referendum petition are not even British.
So heres where were at.  This is the central post office in Belfast #brexit #EURefResults
IDS on the money for the NHS: "I never said that."
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So Corbyn needs MP in an English constituency to appoint as Shadow Scottish Secretary and Boris would need same as actual Scot Sec.

Cambridge, England

RT @PaulFlynnMP: Crisis ahead!...... If all the Blairites resign from the Shadow Cabinet who will be left to leak the confidential business to the press?

Cambridge, UK.

RT @PA: Seven members of Labour leader @jeremycorbyn's top team have left the shadow cabinet so far today

Peterborough & Cambridge, Engl

RT @BBCBreaking: Extraordinary day for UK Labour - 7 shadow cabinet members quit; 1 sacked

Cambridge, England

RT @cjthornton: Breaking: Baroness Warsi has resigned from the Shadow Cabinet. @IsabelOakeshott @toadmeister @IainDale

129 King Street, Cambridge, UK

RT @Frances_Coppola: Will the last person to leave the Shadow Cabinet please turn the lights out.

Cambridge, England

To add to our national woes, the #shadowcabinet is now a shadow of its former self.

Cambridge UK

RT @Maomentum_: Hearing that anyone who stays in the shadow cabinet will be given their own signed apple.

Cambridge, England

@glennwhite84 @Mark_govan @LaffK Jerome without a shadow of a doubt would be a better championship striker than lafferty

Cambridge, England

RT @KarenPBuckMP: 1. Respect to Labour shadow cabinet colleagues taking difficult decisions today. In midst of most seismic events of my political life..

Cambridge, GB