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Liverpool shots: 13. Liverpool goals: 1. Arsenal shots: 5. Arsenal goals: 2.

#LFC "Was Brendan Rodgers right to say Liverpool's 2-2 draw against Arsenal was a better performance than last s...

ellesmere port

@arseblog nails it. "Ridiculous. If Arsenal was Jesus he'd turn water into wine, and then wine into hippo piss." Perfect assessment.


#LFC "Liverpool 2-2 Arsenal analysis: Reds start heading in right direction"

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RT @paddypower: Liverpool fan doesn't care about Arsenal having Sanchez. "Waste of friggin' money"


@jakebowman3 arsenal at home isn't a big game hahah

Ellesmere Port

#LFC "Jordan Henderson salutes Liverpool FC's never-say-die spirit after late leveller against Arsenal"

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#LFC "James Pearce's verdict: Martin Skrtel delivers some festive cheer for Liverpool FC in 2-2 draw with Arsenal"

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Girl: "Come over" Borini: "Sorry, Im about to be subbed on against Arsenal" Girl: "My parents are out" Borini:
Vine by GwladysStreet2 - When Ya mum sends you to your room