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@StuElyF1EFC @Markthablue your not wrong mate, but expect lots of kopite behaviour and not what Everton do.

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Why are the kopites buzzing I thought they didn't care about everton they are just as bitter as us


@scousemouse1982 that Everton make us do things we shouldn't.

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Only thing worse than Everton is Walter Whites skills at web design.

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Losing my verve for Everton. Didn't think that would ever happen. Breaking my heart at the moment.

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RT @JacquiOatley: "@oilysailor: Everton have 28 pts from 28 games. Wigan had 30 from 30 two seasons ago”. When they got relegated. Worrying times for #EFC.

Chester Cheshire UK

Everton ?



the boosh

Come on Everton. Please, I'm begging!!!!

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How anyone can talk about Everton as not being serious contenders for the drop this season must be in denial. We are in serious trouble!



Ander Herrera on De Gea: "I think we have maybe the best goalkeeper in the world & he showed it again tonight." #mufc