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RT @hannah08C: Me after watching #CBB #CBBUK

Coventry, England

@KimberlyKWyatt Is gorgeous love her on #CBB bit on the side

Coventry, England.

Granted #CBBJames looks like an absolute bellend going in but watching this show years i know he will come a good'un mark my words #CBB

Mayo, Ireland- Coventry

RT @ChrisMoyles: "At one point Atomic Kitten were the biggest girl band in the world.." I must have blinked at that point.. #CBB


RT @therealdeekelly: #cbb @bbuk FUCKING GUTTED SPRINGS TO MIND

Coventry, UK






Lionel Messi is crowned the 2014/15 #UEFABestPlayer in Europe! Congratulations!