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And I still remember the first day I spoke to you.

Darlington, England

My fitbit #Fitstats_UK for 7/23/2014: 18,185 steps and 8.2 miles traveled.

Darlington, Co Durham

Garry's Mod: 1244 hours. For comparison, I've played #TF2 regularly since Orange Box and it's at 670 hours.

Darlington, UK

Positivity is key

england - darlington

Oh wow, think I just uncovered how much time I spent making robots in Garry's Mod.

Darlington, UK

Red grapes are lyf

Darlington, England

RT @totalfilm: Comic-Con poster for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies #SDCC

Darlington, UK

RT @ElliottHulse: What can you potentially do better than anyone else in the world?

Darlington, England

Darlington Co Durham

Must have had about 10 questions blanked tonight

Darlington, UK