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If our owner had handled it differently would people call 13 mill for an unproven 19 y old, (not played 1 season) poor business? #nffc

Beyond the Thunder Dome

Come on then, who has checked out RB Leipzig to find out who the f##k they are?? 😂😂#NFFC


Nicolao Dumitru - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://t.co/ztRWNgH6Lo 😕 prolific...😣#nffc

Chaddesden, Derby

#nffc #meltdown 😳 https://t.co/mEoNvU81vM

Derby, Derbyshire

RT @FL72Transfers__: Up to 8 First team players are set to hand in transfer requests at Nottingham Forest #nffc #nffcfans https://t.co/TP6TPyCkyr

Chaddesden, Derby

So 4 Premier league managers ask Dougie about Burke, but he still ends up going to Germany. Not convinced it's a good move for the boy #nffc


That burke mush who forest sold is fucking shite anyway,#dcfc #nffc


had the weirdest dream last night that forest sold Burke for13m to some German club that no1 herd of and all behind the managers back #nffc


🤔 🐑 @e_derbycounty #dcfc #dcfcfans #nffc https://t.co/LgmorE14NY