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I think Baird is going to be the best signing we’ve made ???? #dcfc #DCFCFANS #everywhere ??

Derby, UK

@Shacks83 thanks for having a picture with my son & nephew.welcome back to all the best for the season #dcfc


Thank god we've got Shackell and Forsyth to come in at the back. Weimann looks like a tremendous signing #dcfc


Mr Grant making the decision for 1st choice keeper pretty straightforward #dcfc ??

Derby, UK

Andreas weimann is gonna be a fan favourite at this rate #dcfcfans #dcfc


Weimann looking very lively! #dcfc


Forsyth is twice the left back Warnock is #dcfc


Poor from Grant with the save, Poor from Keogh and Baird for not following the player. Luckily only a friendly #dcfc


I'm one of those fans who love Keogh, but he's already given the ball away so poorly twice in 15mins here. Pearce having a solid game! #dcfc


Got the match on at metro #dcfc #dcfcfans