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Morris fuck off out of our club your #dcfc


Might call Billy Davies as my preferred new manager on @dcfcpodcast tomorrow. Fuck all to lose in PR stakes anymore. #dcfc

Derby, England

Would fans want powell if he wasn't a legend here on his track record as manager? I think no #dcfc #dcfcfans


Mr.October......Where are you? #GT 😍 #dcfcfans #dcfc https://t.co/61dBGErr7w


Obvs MM calls shots but this is Tyrrells area and again its a monumental own goal #dcfc #dcfcfans

Derby, England

So nobody wants to talk to @BBCDerbySport who gives a shit,get a grip you boring wankers #dcfc


As i said last week, if MM was a foreign owner we'd be protesting outside the ground. Outrageous. #dcfc #dcfcfans https://t.co/Ee9zXU1b8K

Derby, England

And we was laughing at forest Mel has lost the plot #dcfc #dcfcfans https://t.co/mYOygwE0t6


This club is getting fan alienation down to a tee! Sense they don't want to answer the difficult questions !#dcfc @BBCDerbySport

Ashbourne, England

Still don't want powell to get job if he wasn't a legend here and never played for us would we want him I think no so get better #dcfc



A few Nottingham Forest fans in Bristol today. #NFFC https://t.co/A1zee9jNco