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RT @haveigotnews: We ALL fear being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like being in labour as your husband promotes a tour. #HIGNFY


RT @ComediansForYes: Labour eh? People have voted for them all their lives. What have they done for Scotland - EVER? VOTE THEM OUT NOW!

Dundee, Scotland

RT @bravemany: Labour is NOT A HERO for the Disabled. How DARE they.. They gave the DWP contract to ATOs that resulted in the SUICIDE of my BEST friend.

Dundee, Scotland

RT @mabonapgwynfor: Welcoming Alwyn Humphreys, former Labour Parliamentary & Assembly candidate, to @Plaid_Cymru

Dundee scotland

RT @CutbackMark: Last night Labour swigged Champagne and raised glasses to homeless folk in Glasgow and today Ed gives Homeless person 2p.. @labourpress ??

Dundee, Scotland

Councillor says debate is being ‘stifled’ at City Chambers: A Labour councillor has accused Dundee City Council of…

Dundee, UK

RT @patronsaintofca: @ThistleWeb @Sneekyboy Hymdo the DR seem to have every Labour exclusive? Nothing more than SLAB press office.

Dundee, Scotland

RT @AngrySalmond: This is me reading out really funny jokes about the Labour Party at a Halloween party. #SpookySexySocialism

Dundee, Scotland

RT @AngusMacNeilMP: Meanwhile, Milliband visit inspires my old friend Lord George Foulkes to stick the boot into Labour!! #3amigos

Dundee, Scotland




#tbt Cant believe its been 11 years. Happy #WickedDay!