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Vine by AA. - Can someone explain to me how planes fly backwards? #FrenchOpen
Dundee was class... @jasperjames_ on top form taps aff in the crowd having it! go on the boy!
#tbt to that time Sarah bottled me in liquid
When u don't know the words !
Vine by Big Brother UK - Your winner @ScottGShore has a message for you. He's buzzing! #CBB
Plenty quality in the Junior game
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GRAPHIC: TEAM NEWS | United team and subs today | #WeAreUnited
SIGNING NEWS | Edward Ofere signs, subject to International clearance, for the Terrors  | |
Today we remember the #flowersofmanchester:
*PREDICTION TIME* Who will win?

RT – Scotland
LIKE – England
Thank you to everyone @DundeeSNP who helped with campaigning today in Lochee and Dryburgh #BothVotesSNP @ChrisLawSNP
Man City fans were chatting shit. They duly got banged.
Forever remembered. #flowersofmanchester
ON THIS DAY 2010: Dundee defeat Ayr Utd 2-1 in the Scottish Cup at Dens thanks to goals from Hutchinson & Griffths
Raheem Sterling cost £50m. Riyad Mahrez cost £400,000. Just let that sink in for a moment.
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*PREDICTION TIME* Who will win? RT – Scotland LIKE – England

@StewartMcDonald @teuchtermac voting Tory in vast maj of circles in Scotland is seen like selling your granny. - socially unacceptable

road and the miles to Dundee

@UKCopHumour new headgear for police Scotland officers has arrived in time for the rugby lol

dundee scotland

usual then Scotland


Wouldn't be Scotland without a bit of hope at the end would it?

The North

@MitchyB69 lmao def Scotland for me


@MitchyB69 mon Scotland


Sake, Scotland are shite at everything. Football: pish. Rugby: Good but never win. Tennis: When we win its Team GB.

Dundee, Scotland

RT @WindyWilson88: C'mon SCOTLAND !!

Dundee, Scotland

Scotland and drop goals just don't mix

Dundee, Scotland

Come on Scotland

Dundee, Scotland








Out 4 a Chinese, keeping an eye the Six nations ???????? #socialmedia #SixNations #ENG #mandaringardens #6nations #Dundee


- Vine by MoLFC