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Stuart Breadner's post on Vine - No Voters Surrounding Young Girls - Stuart Breadner's post on Vine
Bambers's post on Vine - We have actually spent our Friday night delivering raw fish to people - Bambers's post on Vine
Scum intimidating Austin Sheridan
Peter Adam Smith's post on Vine - This is George Square. - Peter Adam Smith's post on Vine
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tie la misrepresentation @fquintay e la BBC
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RT @timerousbeastie: Since @BBCNews is ignoring #unionist disorder in Glasgow, I'm ignoring its news App. Removed from all my devices. RT if joining me.

Rosyth, Scotland

Off to Glasgow, gonna be a riot!


RT @RealLabourVoice: This is my last tweet. Labour has betrayed its roots. Glasgow, Dundee,West Dumbartonshire, North Lanarkshire. Today I joined the SNP. #the45


So fun being stuck in traffic in the middle of Glasgow...????????


RT @jenbean00: So apparently all No voters are responsible for the commotion in Glasgow tonight. Get a grip. It's just scum looking for trouble.

Dunfermline, Scotland

RT @keren_mcginty: This happened too someone's car in Glasgow because of a yes sticker? Fucking joke man.


RT @louisevelochi: I think it's time for @policescotland and Glasgow city council to discuss banning all orange walks. And this isn't just due 2nite #enough


RT @ProfTomkins: So HM the Queen urges respect and "Loyalists" take to Glasgow's streets. Loyal to whom? An utterly shameful disgrace.

Dunfermline UK

RT @lynne_2003: Does anyone know how many areas are disputing their results? I would dispute the turnout for glasgow and dundee #the45

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

They actual being serious. The media trying to cover up as usual. All the pics/vids I seen were clearly Glasgow!!

Dunfermline, Scotland


RT @RichardlyleSnp: : "The dream shall never die." - Alex Salmond. RT if you agree. #indyref #the45”


No Voters Surrounding Young Girls - Stuart Breadners post on Vine


RT @jonfaec: Nazi salutes from the #No side at #GeorgeSquare. #indyref




RT @SMarwickYes: "The dream shall never die." - Alex Salmond. RT if you agree. #indyref #the45




RT @SLFIScotland: Poor deluded Gordon thinks hes still PM. @labourforindy @huckfield @citizentommy @IndyLabour @theSNP @The_SSP_