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RT @Brian_R_Thomson: @HumzaYousaf says SNP a progressive party? Forgot to tell his MEP colleagues. #bbcqt

Dunfermline, Fife

RT @toadmeister: Great crowd on #bbcqt yesterday. Nasty opponents warned me to stay away from Glasgow, but everyone I met was charming, funny and welcoming

Dunfermline UK

RT @PeteWishart: Poor old @dannyalexander doesn't quite understand the Barnett formula. He's only Chief Secretary. He is though a 'proud highlander'. #bbcqt

Dunfermline, Scotland

RT @bbcquestiontime: .@HumzaYousaf says we all have a responsibility to say 'not in our name' when it comes to extremist views #bbcqt


. @ToryTottyOnline maybe you should check your figures. And we certainly wouldn't miss you. #bbcqt

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

Cracking #bbcqt from Glasgow

Dunfermline, Scotland

Not Half as simple as the people in Toryland! @ToryTottyOnline #bbcqt

Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland

RT @PeterSpeirsUK: Privately educated Humza Yousuff complains that David Cameron went to a private school #nationalism #bbcqt

Dunfermline UK

RT @AlmondEarn_SNP: JOIN THE #SNP NOW! From just £12/yr or £5/yr unwaged 0800 633 5432 or #bbcqt #VoteSNP #GE2015

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